10 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India

If you are planning on buying a washing machine now, it is advisable to go for a best fully automatic washing machine that you can afford. This will not only save time & energy for you but will also be more water efficient. This is why I looked at over 50 machines available in India to bring you the 10 best fully automatic washing machines in India.

I wanted to cover a wide variety of needs our readers would have. This is why we have two sections to this review. The first section compares the 5 Best front loading Washing machines. While the second list would contain the Top 5 best top loading machines in India.


Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India:

If you ask me to suggest just one machine out of the 10 I selected. I would suggest you go for the Bosch 7 kg WAK24168INI have considered, quality of the machine, capacity, features and usability while suggesting the same. You can read the detailed review on the same below.


Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines (Front Load)

I will first review front-loading washing machines. Front load washing machine is preferred more by India women these days due to their washing efficiency. The biggest advantages of a front load washing machine are that the clothes do not get tangled as much, are washed delicately & thoroughly and the machine uses less water.


1. Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL

Samsung is amongst the best-known brand in kitchen appliances. This machine has a wash capacity of 6 kg. This is a really good machine for couples or a small family. Listed below are key features of the washing machine:

Samsung Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine WW60M206LMW TL

Check live price – Flipkart | Amazon

  • It is equipped with a diamond drum, which reduces damage to clothes while washing.
  • This machine also comes inbuilt with volt control. This feature helps the machine function well even if there are minor fluctuations in the voltage of electric supply
  • This fully automatic washing machine also has silver wash functionality.  This technology by Samsung uses electrolysis to form silver ions. These silver ions are used during the wash as well as rinse cycles. This makes your clothes germ free. You need not use hot water, this technology also works efficiently in your regular cold water wash cycles.
  • The only drawback of this machine is that it uses a belt drive to connect the motor with the drum. This makes the machine slightly less efficient compared to direct drive machines. This also results in the machine making more noise over the period of time.




LG is one of the best selling washing machine manufacturers in India. This machine has a load capacity of 6 KG and is ideal for a small Indian family. LG washing machines are known for their direct drive technology. This makes them more energy efficient.

Best Fully Automatic washing machines in India - LG FH0H3NDNL02

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The direct drive technology also helps reduce the amount of noise and vibrations the machine makes while washing clothes. Key highlights of the washing machine are as below:

  • This machine has a higher spin speed compared to the machine by Samsung. This machine operates at 1000 RPM. This is a very important factor if you stay in cities like Bangalore, where it rains frequently and it is very difficult to dry your clothes.
  • This washing machine has an inbuilt smart diagnostics system. So if your washing machine does get into some problem, it is very easy for you to identify the problem and have it fixed.
  • The product comes with multiple wash modes and a child lock system.
  • It also has a tub clean function. You need to add the tub cleaner provided by LG (You can even buy the same online – Link in the section at the bottom of the article) and run the machine in this mode. It will remove all residue built up within the washing machine.

If you are planning to buy a 6 KG load machine, you should definitely go for this machine by LG. 



3. Bosch WAB16060IN

Bosch as a company is known for manufacturing premium products.  The quality of the finish of the washing machine is really good. This is also a 6 KG load machine like other two we have reviewed so far.

Check actual user reviews on  –  Amazon

 Key observations are as below:

  • This washing machine has the most amount of wash cycle options out of the machines I have reviewed so far.
  • The machine has separate wash cycles for kid’s clothes, cotton, hygiene wash etc. This gives you lot of options with the wash cycles.
  • The machine runs very efficiently and saves a lot of water and electricity compared to other regular machines. This is due to Bosch’s active wash technology that this washing machine uses.
  • The prewash functionality gives you an option to soak heavy clothes like Jeans, Bed sheets etc for a proper clean wash. The product also has a foam detection system, this prevents any excess foam being formed in the machine during the wash.
  • The biggest drawback of this machine is that it does not have a LED indicator. Which means there is no easy way to find out the time left on the wash cycle.



4. Bosch WAK24168IN

This machine fixes the minor drawbacks that the previous Bosch washing machine that we reviewed. It sports a LED display which shows the time left on the wash cycles. This is also the biggest machine in our review of the best fully automatic washing machines in India.

Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine WAK24168IN

Check actual user reviews & live price in India –  Amazon

This fully automatic washing machine has a load capacity of up to 7 Kgs. This is perfect for a family of 4. The larger wash capacity also helps you easily wash bedsheet or curtains easily, without running the machine multiple times.

  • This machine can operate at 1200 RPM. Which means that your clothes come out really dry.
  • The wash quality is really good and the machine operates very quietly (compared to other washing machines). This machine also has fewer vibrations. It is suggested that you do not use a washing machine stand. This helps the machine remain level.
  • This washing machine also has a super quick mode – This gives you an option to wash your slightly dirty clothes in 15 minutes.

As suggested at the beginning of the review. This is amongst the best fully automatic washings in India (Front Load). I suggest you buy this product for your home.




This list would have been incomplete with an IFB washing machine in it. Every since IFB launched their kitchen appliances, they have grown their market share. The product that we are reviewing has a capacity of 6 Kg load.

IFB 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine White (EVA AQUA VX LDT)

Check live price – Flipkart

Key highlights are as below:

  • This machine has a ball valve technology. This helps the machine retain much of the detergent in it through the wash cycle. This increase the cleaning efficiency of the machine and you need to use less amount of detergent.
  • This machine has the most amount of wash cycles. This gives you flexibility in choosing the right one as per your need.
  • The drawback, however, is that the washing machine has only 800 RPM spin speed. This makes it the slowest of the 5 machines that we have reviewed.


This completes my list of Top 5 best fully automatic washing machines in India (Front Loading). If these do not fit your budget or if you have a smaller space at your home. You may want to consider top loading washing machines in the next section.



Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India (Top Load)


I will now be covering the list of Top 5 best fully automatic washing machines in India that are top loading. The review will now detail out 5 top-loading automatic washing machines that I have selected in India.

You will find a detailed summary of each washing machine along with pros and cons. This should help you select the washing machine to buy.

However, if we just had to select one best fully automatic top loading washing machine, we would suggest you go for the Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL


1. IFB TL- SDG Aqua

This washing machine from IFB is one of the best sellers in top load fully automatic washing machine category.  This simply because the performance of the product is really good. The noise is lesser compared to other similar products.

IFB Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine TL SDG Aqua

Check live price – Amazon

This product has a 7 Kg tub which is good enough for a family of 4. Key highlight being:

  • This machine uses a  triadic pulsator cleaning engine. This ensures you get clean clothes without any damage to the fabric.
  • This product has a tub dry functionality as well. This ensures your washing machine remains dry and hygienic after the wash cycle. This also reduces any odour formation inside the machine.
  • The drier has 720 RPM max speed.
  • The main drum is made up of stainless steel but has a few supporting plastic elements too.


2. Haier HWM58-020-R

If you are looking for a cost-effective washing machine. You can surely go for this machine. This is a perfect machine for the first time uses. The capacity of the machine is 5.8 Kgs, so this is perfect for bachelors or small family of 2/3.

Check User Reviews on – Flipkart 

Key highlights:

  • You must remember, you get what you pay for. So even though this machine is brilliant for the price that you pay. You should not compare them with the expensive machines.
  • Both the body and the drum are made out of plastic.
  • The machine works well but you will find some noise and vibrations. You must keep in mind that the spin cycle works at 1000 RPM
  • It has a digital display panel and comes equipped with 6 wash programs.


3. Mitashi MiFAWM58v20

The USP of this product is that it even cheaper than the Haier washing machine. We will really surprised to see the efficiency of the machine. You will be surprised to know that this is a 4+ star rated product on both Flipkart as well as Amazon (At the time of writing this review)

Mitashi is not the first washing machine brand that comes to one’s mind while shopping for one. However, this is one of the top-selling top load washing machines online in India.

Mitashi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine MiFAWM58v20

Check live price – Amazon

Key points to note:

  • It operates at a lower speed during the dry cycle at 600 RPM.
  • The entire machine is made out of plastic as expected. The finish quality is ok.
  • One of the negative aspects we found about the machine is that it is not completely covered at the bottom.
  • This comes with a lot of inbuilt features like child protection, auto power cut off, overload protection etc

However, if we had select just one machine between Haier and Mitashi – We would go for Haier, simply because it is better made and has a higher spin speed.



4. Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL

This is one the best fully automatic top load machine we tested. The machine looks really good. The finish of the outer cover is good as well. It comes with a LED display panel on top. This machine can handle a load of 6.2 Kgs, this is sufficient for a small family.

Check live price – Amazon

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine WA62M4100HY TL

Key highlights:

  • The drum is made up of stainless steel.  It operates the dry cycles at 700 RPM.
  • This machine comes with an eco tub clean technology. This helps keep your washing machine fresh and odour free. The machine will also alert you when you need to run a clean cycle.
  • This washing machine also comes with a diamond drum technology. This helps clean clothes efficiently while not being too harsh on the fabric.



5. Whirlpool WM PREMIER 702SD

This machine from Whirlpool is the last washing machine that we would be reviewing in our list of best fully automatic washing machines in India. This is also a really good product. If someone is not keen on the Samsung washing machine, they can go for this product.

Check user reviews & live price in India – Flipkart

This washing machine can handle a load of 7 Kgs. This machine should really do well for a family of 4 people. This product was also recently featured in my list of Best Washing Machines in India under 10000

Key highlights are as below:

  • The drum is made out of stainless steel. The tub has a max speed of 740 RPM
  • This washing machine is equipped with Whirlpool’s 6th sense technology.
  • The product is equipped with 8 different wash programs. This is sufficient for an average Indian family needs.
  • The machine with rat mesh protection as well as a child lock.


I hope this review article would help you select the right automatic washing machine for your home. I will now try and answer some of most frequently asked questions by the customers before they make their buying decision.


If you are still not convinced about what type of fully automatic machine you should be buying, You can read our comparison post between Top & Front load machines. Also, if there a particular brand of washing machine you are looking for, you can read our post on all washing machines brands in India.


How is a fully automatic washing machine different compared to a semi-automatic one?

These two types of washing machines are very varied even though they still do the same job of washing clothes. For simplicity of understanding, I will break down the differences as bullet points below:

  • Technology/Drums used – The fully automatic machines have only one drum. This drum performs both activities, wash as well as dry. However, the semi-automatic machines have two different compartments.drum. You have to manually transfer the clothes over to dryer once the wash cycle is over
  • Manual Intervention  – If you go for a semi-automatic machine, you will have to be available to shift the clothes once the wash cycle is done. This is not a problem in automatic machines. You just add your clothes, select the wash cycles and the machine will signal you once they are ready to be set out to dry.
  • Water Usage – The water usage in semi-automatic machines is slightly higher. However, the advantage of these machines is that you do not need a fixed water fixture. You can easily add water to the machine using a bucket. While if you use an automatic machine, this is not an option. You need to have a permanent space for your machine with water inlet facility.
  • Electricity Consumption – Fully automatic washing machine generally use a little higher electricity compared to semi-automatic ones. This is because they generally have a slightly more complicated wash cycles and option to use heated water.
  • Costs – Semi-automatic machines are cheaper compared to their fully automatic counterparts (Comparable machines)
  • Easy of Use –  Again, automatic machines have their own advantages in this department. You dont have to do much once you start the automatic machines.
  • Fixed Water Connection – Fully automatic washing machines need a fixed and a constant supply of water. A semi-automatic washing machine is more flexible. You can even add water over the top manually if required. So, if you do not have a constant tap water, you should opt for a semi-automatic washing machine.
  • Wash Cycle Options – Fully automatic washing machines generally have a lot of wash cycle options for different types of clothes. Semi-automatic products would normally have only a couple of options
  • Wash Duration – The wash cycles for fully automatic washing machines are longer. However, most machines will have an option for a quick wash cycle.


How many clothes can I wash in a 6 KG automatic washing machine?

This question gets asked many times. What does it mean when they say this particular washing machine can handle 6 kg load. Simply put, this is the weight of clothes that you can wash in a single cycle without overloading the machine.

Well, the next logical question would be 6 Kg of dry or wet clothes? Everyone knows wet clothes are heavier. The simple answer is dry clothes. Now, practically thinking, we cannot weight clothes before washing them every time. Therefore we have come up with an approximate number of clothes you can wash at a time.  This will give you a rough estimate.

In a 6 KG washing machine, you can wash approximately 30 shirts in one go. Or around 6/7 jean pants (Depending upon the size and make). In terms of standard bath towels, you can wash around 10 to 12 bath towels in a go. Do not stress a lot about getting your wash load exactly 6 kgs. You can start off with lesser clothes, to begin with, and see how your machine performs.

But do not overload your washing machine in any circumstance. The clothes won’t wash properly if you do so and there are chances you will damage your motor or the drum.

Basis this, you can now calculate the number of clothes that you can add in a 7 KG or an 8 KG washing machine.


Why buy a Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India?

It is not necessary for everyone to go only for fully automatic washing machines. There are scenarios where a semi-automatic machine makes sense. Below are some of the factors:

  • You are a first time user and don’t expect the usage to be really high.
  • You have a limited budget. Instead of going for a small & not so good automatic machine, you might want to go for a good semi-automatic one.
  • You have a water issue at your home. Automatic machines only work if you have a constant supply of water in your tap.
  • You are looking for a temporary and an inexpensive solution to wash your clothes.

However, for an average family, I would suggest you go for a fully automatic machine. The company representatives come and train you on how to use the machine correctly. If you looking for a machine that will serve you for years to come, you should definitely go for the best washing machine in India.


How long does it take to wash clothes in a fully automatic washing machine?

This is an important question that is often asked. People who buy automatic machines (first time buyers) without doing a lot a research are in for a rude surprise when they wash clothes for the first time. Automatic machines can easily run for 2+ hours depending upon the washing load (Amount of clothes added) and the washing mode selected.

If you are in a hurry, you simply select the “Quick wash” option available on most machines. This mode generally takes about 30/35 minutes to wash the clothes. Most people don’t realize that you don’t need to select the default mode every time. Select the mode as per the requirements and you will be happy with the wash times of your machine.



What is the care to be taken while operating fully automatic machines

You will be investing a significant amount to buy your new washing machine. So we have compiled a list of things you can do to take care of the machine. This will keep it running without any issue for years to come.

  • First and foremost, do not overload your machine. Read the service guide to check how much load your machine can handle. Also, we suggest you do not put any rubber mats, carpets etc for wash inside your machine. If in doubt, call up your customer care to check with them
  • Once your wash and dry cycle is done, we suggest you keep the door open for a few hours. This will help the moisture inside the machine to escape. This will help keep your machine hygienic and odour free.
  • Every few months, use the descaling powder and run a regular wash cycle. If you do not have the descaling powder, you simply buy it either on Amazon or Flipkart.
  • If you face issue with hard water at your home, you should read my guide on dealing with the same.
  • You can wipe the outer surface with a damp cloth every few days.
  • You need to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation available for the machine. To ensure you do not drop any water on panels & knobs of your machine.
  • While installation, ensure that the machine is perfectly balanced on all four legs. If not done correctly, the washing machine will move out of position during the dry spin cycle. (And will make a lot of noise too)
  • Ensure your tap has enough water flow as per the requirements of the machine. If the machine does not get enough water, the cleaning will not be effective and will also cause performance issues with the machine.



The idea behind this review was to help you select the best fully automatic washing machines in India based on your requirements. Do share your purchase experience on Flipkart or Amazon in the comments below to help other users with their future purchases.



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