How to Clean a Coffee Maker

If you are amongst the coffee lovers in India, you know for sure that a fresh good tasted cup of coffee in the morning is priceless. So a coffee maker is the household appliance you should have. To enjoy unrivaled moments with your coffee, cup after another, and to maintain the quality taste of your coffee, you should be keen on cleaning your coffee maker often.

Cleaning the coffee maker will reflect on the pure taste and enrich the flavor of the coffee used to prepare a cup of coffee for yourself or your guests. It is the time to give your coffee maker a little of your attention to keep on the freshness of your coffee maker and to remove the stains and sediments which appear improperly on the surface of the coffee cup after being prepared.


How to clean a coffee maker


Make sure that not caring about the cleanliness of the coffee maker will affect the coffee taste very negatively and you will be in a very embarrassing position especially in front of your guests. This sediment inside the machine and the dirty outer appearance of your coffee maker, is not enough to ignite your enthusiasm to move immediately to clean up this unhealthy mess?

The good cleaning of the coffee maker from time to time is considered essential as the coffee taste will change and decrease over time if the machine is not cleaned continuously.

Follow these simple steps below on How to Clean a Coffee Maker:

1 Start by removing the water pot and any other removable parts of your coffee maker. These parts can be washed separately.

2 Wash them with warm water and soap using a dish rag. Then rinse them well with water.

3 If the water pot contains some lime, mix a small amount of sodium bicarbonate with vinegar and rub the lime until it disappears.

4 Repeat this process with water and soap then rinse again with warm water.

5 Before you return the water pot to its place, use an old toothbrush and wipe it with a small amount of white vinegar and rub the base where the water pot is placed. Also, rub the place of the cups as the vinegar will drain all the suspended deposits. Do not this process with a sharp object like a knife.

6 Filter the machine, soak it in a cup of white vinegar, and then clean it from the coffee residue, also using a toothbrush.

7 Dry the machine thoroughly and then keep it in its place.

8 Fill the tank with 1 cups of white vinegar and 2 cups of water.

9 Run the machine to get a few glasses of vinegar and leave the remaining solution in the machine for 30 minutes to two hours of time.

10 Repeat the process with plain water by running the machine until you get rid of all the solution.

11 Remove the tank, wash it again, and then fill it with water.

12 Run the machine for the last time with water to get rid of all the residual effect of the vinegar.

Now you have a clean, ready-to-use machine. You can also read the manual’s instructions or search online for the model of your coffee maker and check if its attachments can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


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