How to select the right Refrigerator for your needs

We get asked this question frequently by our readers – How to select the right refrigerator? So, we decided to write this detailed guide on they type of refrigerators available in India. Pros and Cons of each type of them. This will surely help you select the right fridge for your household.

This is the age where we carry technology in our pocket. Anywhere and everywhere, technology options are made available. In fact, all our activities are connected to technology hence increasing the workload on technology and limiting human load. Perhaps this is a major reason why we do not think much about spending money on technology. As long as it satisfies our needs and wants, we are satisfied with the price. But still should we not be more careful about the purchases we make since it may cost us a fortune?


Refridgerator buying Guide India

One such electrical appliance which we use daily is refrigerators. Go to any house, you will always find a refrigerator there. From the oldest types that make a cranky sound when you open them to the latest models that shine with a sleek outline. No household can survive without a refrigerator, especially if you live in a hot climate area. The roles of a refrigerator do not need to be mentioned but the most common ones are food preservation and yes freezing stuff. Be it water or beer or thin sheet blankets during summer.

So playing such an important role in our lives, isn’t it a must to know the few important types of refrigerators? Well, this is the way we can know which kind of refrigerator best suits our choice and purchase accordingly in future. Similar to the several kinds of fishes found in the sea, there are several kinds of refrigerators too. Therefore here we have shortened the list to the most common ones.


1. Top Freezer Refrigerators

These have a freezer at the top and a refrigerator at the bottom. The freezer is smaller in size compared to the size of the refrigerator.

Pros: as this is the stereotype for refrigerators, it is the cheapest and most affordable. The latest models might cost a bit but otherwise, this is the most common and affordable one. Perfect for the household where you have more to store and preserve than freeze.

Cons: these refrigerators usually are bulky and it can be a hindrance if you have space issues.


2. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

These are like siblings to the top freezer refrigerators as these have the freezer on the bottom and refrigerator on the top.

Pros: not the cheapest but they are economically priced. It is more convenient to reach the refrigerator and the freezers usually come with separate doors or drawers. Food goes on the top which is why you don’t have to bend low for food.

Cons: having the freezer on the bottom, it can be hard to lift the heavier frozen items especially for old people or people with back problems.

If you wish to buy bottom freezer refrigerators, do refer my guide on Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators in India.


3. French Door Refrigerators

These have two refrigerators side by side with a freezer at the bottom.

Pros: at any glance, these are very stylish and appealing. The dual refrigerator option makes it easy to store more stuff and also easy to arrange them.

Cons: their aesthetic look can be heavy for the wallets as they are on the pricey side. These can also take up a lot of your space.


4. Counter Depth Refrigerators

These are top freezer refrigerators or bottom freezer refrigerators which are designed to have a shallower profile to give off a seamless look.

Pros: these are best for a household where space is limited. These look good as they usually blend in with other furniture surrounding them.

Cons: due to their shallower profile, these do not have much storage capacity. These are usually more expensive than the other types.


5. Compact/Mini/Bar Fridges

These are miniature refrigerators with both freezer and refrigerator available and usually are smaller in size.

Pros: these are cheap, convenient and do not take much space. Perfect for smaller households.

Cons: due to their small size, it may be inconvenient to arrange stuff inside and it also does not have the capacity to fit more items.

There are a lot of other refrigerators like freezer fewer refrigerators, refrigerator drawers, wine and drink coolers, etc which are specifically designed to perform a particular function.


While selecting a refrigerator one must put into consideration some other factors like energy efficiency, special features, brand quality and all as sometimes the price depends on these factors. Due to the several kinds available, one should make the best use of this opportunity and choose the best for them. Refrigerators usually have long lasting and it might even last a lifetime if you make the right choice!


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