Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I

In this post, I will be comparing Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I Dishwashers. These two are amongst the top-selling Dishwashers online in India currently. However, these websites don’t make it easy for you to find out differences between these models.

This post will surely make your life easier.

I understand that a lot of people might not want to go into technical details. So, I always add a summary section right at the top of my post which gives out my recommendation. This post is no different.


Summary – Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I

For most Indian families, I would recommend opting for this model by Bosch. Although there is not much difference between the two models, I have my reasons for recommending this model. I will go into details of the same in my post below.

However, before you hit the buy now button, I also recommend comparing prices on Flipkart by clicking here too.

However, if are a more value-driven customer, you should opt for this model.




We will now begin with a comparison of the two models. To things simpler, I have made a comparison table below.

Comparison Table
Feature SMS66GI01I SMS66GW01I
Capacity 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting
Wash Programs 6 6
Water Consumption 9 Litres 9 Litres
Power Consumption 1.45 Kilowatt Hours 1.45 Kilowatt Hours
Express Wash Yes Yes
Adjustable Racks Yes Yes
Colour Metallic Finish/Silver White
Stain Proof Coating Yes No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Reviews Click Here Click Here


I assume the differences between the two models is clear with the help of the table above. I will still go ahead and summarize them as:

The main difference between SMS66GI01I & SMS66GW01I is that the model SMS66GI01 comes with a metallic silver finish to it. It also has an anti-stain/fingerprint coating on it. This helps you keep your machine clean and spanky with ease.

Especially since the price difference between the two models is not that high (At the time of writing this review), I would surely like to opt for SMS66GI01I.


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Appliances such as the dishwasher are an investment for years to comes. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a better product.

If you haven’t yet seen this product up close or need to understand its features and functions, then make sure you watch the video below. Again, do remember that both these models are exactly the same. So whichever model you are planning to buy, the video below is still relevant for you.


Features of SMS66GI01I & SMS66GW01I

Functionality-wise both these dishwashers are exactly the same. This section will help you understand their features and functionalities.

  • Both these dishwashers come with a 12 place setting capacity. To view the capacity, make sure to watch the video above. If you think you need a bigger dishwasher, click on the link and consider IFB dishwashers.
  • These machines come with 6 different wash cycles. Including one with an auto mode. This modes senses the load automatically and adjusts water temperature, wash duration etc according to it.

Bosch Dishwashers SMS66GI01I & SMS66GW01I - Review in India

  • Have only fewer utensils to wash, worry not. These machines come with a half load wash cycle as well. Which uses lesser water and electricity.
  • Comes inbuilt with an intensive kadhai wash cycle. This wash cycle has been specially made keeping in mind Indian cooking needs.
  • The racks are easily adjustable. Which means the machine can easily accommodate bigger utensils if need be.


This brings me to the end of my review comparing Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I. I hope I was able to help you select the right dishwasher for your home.

So, which model did you opt for? Do you have further question or wish to share your experience with Bosch machines? Do feel free to use the comments section below.



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