Bosch SMS60l18IN vs SMS60l12IN dishwasher review price

Bosch SMS60l18IN vs SMS60l12IN

Bosch Dishwashers are the currently the best option that you have if you plan to buy one in India today. SMS60l18IN & SMS60l12IN are amongst their best selling models online and buyer often gets confused which of the two models to buy. I have hence compiled this article on Bosch SMS60l18IN vs SMS60l12IN to help you make that choice.



There is hardly any difference between the two models. However, If I have to choose one between them, I will surely go for this model (Amazon). Do read some more reviews by actual users of the product here on Flipkart.


Comparison: SMS60l18IN vs SMS60l12IN

Both these models were launched in the latter half of 2016 in India. They were targeted at the upper middle class and are positioned as premium products in the dishwasher category.

Bosch has made several changes to the design, features & programs so that this dishwasher works perfectly for Indian utensils.

Indian cooking uses a lot of oil and masalas. The stains left after cooking on kadhai can be difficult to clean. But surprisingly, these machines work really well on them too.


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Similarities between the two DishWashers:

  • Both dishwashers come equipped with 6 wash programs. There is a specific program for tough to wash utensils like Kadhai, Pressure cookers, Saucepans etc. This program is called the “Intensive Kadhai” and washes your utensils at 70° C
  • The 6 programs are Intensive kadhai – 70° Celsius, Auto – 45-65° Celsius, Express Sparkle – 65° Celsius, Eco 50° Celsius, Quick at 45Celsiusus and pre-rinse
  • Comes with easy settings which can help you manage the time and water temperature of the wash cycle
  • The washer has 12 different place settings. This gives you enough space to wash all your utensils in one go
  • Dishwashers come with Eco Silence drive motor. This motor is extremely silent and washes your utensils without any noise or vibrations
  • Digital display which also shows the amount of time left on the wash cycle


Difference between SMS60l18IN & SMS60l12IN

  • The main difference is the colour of the machines. The SMS60l18IN has a more premium silver finish to it while the SMS60l12IN has a regular white colour
  • When they were launched the SMS60l12IN used to consume slightly higher water compared to SMS60l18IN. But the latest models don’t seem to have any difference. Even if there is still a difference, it hardly matters to most people if one of the machines uses a couple of extra litres of water. These machines still save a lot of water compared to regular hand wash.
  • Price – The SMS60l18IN is priced a bit higher compared to SMS60l12IN


Does Bosch DishWasher work well on Indian Utensils?

Absolutely,  You can nice warm, dry, clean and sterilized utensils out of the machine once the wash cycle is completed.

You need to pre-wash the vessels. You only need to remove any excess food from the utensils before arranging them inside the machine for a wash.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at the video below:


Which one should you Buy?

So, as you would have already guessed by now,  I recommend buying the Bosch SMS60L12IN as there is hardly any difference between the two machines in consideration. I might as well buy one that is cheaper and save some money.

However, there can be an exception. The only reason you may want to buy the SMS60l18IN is for its look. If you silver appliance looks good in your current home setting, you may as go for it since the price difference is not very high.


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This brings me to an end of my review on the Bosch SMS60l18IN vs SMS60l12IN. I hope this article helped you finalize the dishwasher you wish to purchase for your home. Which one did you opt to go for? Do let me know in the comments section below.


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  1. Useless and un-informed article. SMS60|12IN is made of iron with white powder coating but 18IN is made of steel and coated in silver model. How could you miss such a big point.

    1. Hi Vidyasagar,

      I am very confident about the research that I have presented above.

      I have already covered the difference in the colour in the article. Also, the same is very evident in the pictures of the two machines.

      Also, both are made using the same metal. The SMS60L18IN weights 44.046 kg while the SMS60L12IN weighs 43.146 kg. There is a huge difference in the weight of Iron and steel, hence what you state above is not possible. I don’t think any company would make any water consuming machine using Iron knowing it is prone to rust.

      Hope this clarifies your doubt. Do share any reference if you still think this is incorrect.

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