IFB Neptune Dishwasher VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX - Comparison and Review

IFB Neptune VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX

After washing machines, if there is an appliance that can free up significant time for an individual, then it has to be the Dishwasher. Manually washing utensils is only very time consuming but also wastes a lot of resources, especially water. This post compares IFB Neptune VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX. These four are the best dishwasher model that IFB has available in the Indian market currently.

Now, before I get into the detailed comparison, I wanted to give out my recommendations in the summary section below. I know that a lot of people do not wish to spend time reading through the boring details. The section below is ideal for them.

IFB Neptune VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX - Review and Comparison of Dishwashers


Summary – Which IFB Dishwasher to Buy?

For most Indian families with 4 or more members at your home, I strongly recommend opting for this model by IFB (Amazon). It has enough space for you to clean all your utensils in one go. You can also opt for a flexible half load option on days when you have fewer utensils to clean.

This same model is also available on Flipkart, so do click here and compare prices on both these marketplaces before you buy this machine online.

But if you have a smaller family or if you are a bachelor, you can safely opt for this model (Amazon). It gives you the same features and washing efficiency as the one above. The main difference between this model and the one above is the capacity of the machine.

Again, do click here and compare price on Flipkart before buying.

The last model on my recommendation list is for people with a tight budget or for someone who loves to buy value for money products. You should consider this model. This model does not have all the modern features that the two models I recommended above but it does the job fairly well. You should also check the price of this model on Flipkart by clicking here.



Comparison – VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX

Ok, so now that you already know which models I recommend buying. Its time for actual comparison between these 4 models.

To makes things easy to comprehend, I have made a comparison table below.

Comparison Table
Feature VX SX1 FX WX
Capacity 12 Place 15 Place 12 Place 12 Place
Wash Programs 8 8 7 5
Steam Wash Yes Yes No No
LED Display Yes Yes Yes No
Quick Wash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Body Colour Silver Silver White White
Price Expensive Expensive Moderate Cheap
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Reviews Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here


As you can see from the table above, the SX1 model offers the most capacity and functionality. So, if budget is not an issue, SX1 is definitely the model that you should be buying.

IFB Neptune SX1 Review

However, if you have a very tight budget and only need a basic dishwasher, then the model IFB Neptune WX will work well for you.

Do remember that this model does not come with advanced cleaning functionality like a steam wash. It also does not come with a lot of user-friendly features like the LED screen. So make sure you are aware of these things before going for this model.

This concludes my overall comparison between all these four models. However, if you are still looking to compare individual models, then you can continue reading the article further.


IFB Neptune SX1 vs VX

The main difference between these two dishwashers is the capacity and the looks. SX1 comes with 15 plate settings, while the VX one comes with 12 place settings. Functionality-wise they hardly differ. Both machines come with 8 wash programs and a steam wash facility.

If you are wondering what “plate settings” mean then worry not. It is just a term used to show the number of areas/racks where you can keep your utensils during the wash cycle.

To have a closer look at these machines and also understand their functioning have a look at the video by Flipkart below. The machine shown in the video is the VX model. However, as stated above, features of both machines are almost identical (Apart from wash capacity)


Do not be worried if you think these models might be too big for your household currently. Both these machines come with a feature that allows you to run a “Flexi load cycle”.

You can use either the top or the bottom rack to load up your soiled utensils and the machine will do the rest. It will select the energy, water and temperature based on the number of utensils you have loaded in it.


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IFB Neptune VX vs FX

This comparison is similar to comparing David vs Goliath.

There are numerous differences between IFB Neptune VX & FX. The two main differences are the lack of Steam Wash functionality and lesser wash cycles in the FX model.

IFB Neptune FX is a very basic model and is priced accordingly. So if you have a very tight budget or if you not cook very exhaustively (Read if you utensils do not get soiled heavily), then you can opt for this model.

IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher Review India

Check out More Reviews of IFB Neptune VX – Amazon India | Flipkart

However, for most Indian families, where you use kadhai, pans, make chai etc, buying the IFB Neptune VX makes more sense. It is surely the expensive model of the two but it cleans more effectively.

I hope you have already watched the video above. If not do it right away to have a look at the VX model.

The video below will explain to you the features of Neptune FX.

My recommendation between these two models would be to go for the Neptune VX.


IFB Neptune VX vs WX

There two major difference between VX and WX. One is the absence of steam wash facility in WX and the second one being lesser wash cycle options in WX. The difference in the looks between the two machines is quite evident as well.

Neptune WX Review - Dishwasher by IFB

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VX looks and performs in a much superior way compared to the WX and hence it is not surprising that there is a huge difference between the price of the two models.

If I have to recommend one, I would surely go for the VX model. Having said this, the WX is not a bad model considering the price. People with a lower budget can opt for the same.


This brings me to the end of my comparison post on IFB Neptune VX vs SX1 vs FX vs WX. I hope this review helped you select the right dishwasher for your home. If you have any further queries or would like to leave some feedback, do feel free to use the comments section below. I will surely respond to them.


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