Bosch WAB16060IN vs WAK20166in

Bosch WAB16060IN vs WAK20166in vs WAB16161in

I recently did a post comparing two leading Bosch washing machines. A lot of users found it very helpful and requested more such articles. One of the most frequently asked questions is to compare WAB16060IN vs WAK20166in and WAB16060IN vs WAB16161in.

I hence decided to do this three-way comparison post between these machines.



If you do not have any budget constraints, you should opt for the Bosch WAK20166IN. You get a better machine with more wash cycles and capacity for just a little extra price. However, if you are not a tight budget, opting for the Bosch WAB16060IN makes more sense.

Check out some critical user reviews – WAK20166INWAB16060IN

If you are interested in going through the details, keep reading the review below.



Comparison Table:


WAB16060IN vs WAK20166in vs WAB16161in
Washing Machine WAB16060IN WAB16161in WAK20166in
Wash Capacity 6 KGs 6 KGs 6.5 KGs
Dimensions 848 x 598 x 550 mm 848 x 598 x 550 mm 850 x 600 x 600 mm
Spin Speed 800 RPM 800 RPM 1000 RPM
Display Inlay Indicators LED LED
Inbuilt Heater Yes Yes Yes
Colour White White Titanium Grey
Door Open Depth 984 mm 984 mm 1,014 mm
Offers / Discounts Flipkart Amazon Amazon


The summary table above gives you a brief idea about the major features and differences between the three machines. I will now proceed with an individual comparison.


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Bosch WAB16060IN vs WAK20166IN

There is a stark difference in the appearance of these two washing machines itself.

WAB16060IN has a nice clean white colour body, while the WAK20166IN has a more classy titanium greyish finish it.



Similarities Between WAB16060IN & WAK20166IN:

  • Both these machines similar type and number wash cycles available with them
  • They have antivibration technology and bodies
  • Both machines come with standard Bosch technology like the Active water, Vario drum, Prewash & Reload functionality.
  • Option for speed wash as well as the ability to select the different temperature to wash clothes with.


Differences Between WAB16060IN & WAK20166IN:

  • The main difference is the capacity of the washer. WAK20166IN can wash up to 6.5 Kgs of laundry in one go while WAB6060IN is limited to a 6 KG capacity.
  • The WAB6060IN has only indicative LED lights, they do not show you the amount of time left on a particular wash cycle. While the WAK20166in has a regular LED display with standard functionality.
  • WAK20166in also looks much better with a silver greyish body and the black colour lid.
  • It also has a wider opening door which enables you to easily add and remove your laundry from the washer.
  • However, the WAK20166in is priced much higher compared to the other machine.


Which one do I Recommend?

WAK20166in will be the washing machine of my choice. You not only get additional laundry capacity but a lot of other premium features and looks.

Opt for the WAB6060IN only if the above machine goes beyond the budget that you have set aside for your self.


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Bosch WAB16060IN vs WAB16161IN

There is actually hardly much difference between the two machines. So selecting a product between the two machines is more of individual preference.

There is just one difference between the two machines that are worth pointing out. The same has been covered below.


Similarities Between WAB16060IN vs WAB16161IN:

  • Both these machines have a wash capacity of 6 KGs
  • They offer similar wash cycles & functionalities
  • Both look very similar and also operate with the same efficiency


Difference Between WAB16060IN vs WAB16161IN:

  • The WAB16060IN only has an inlay display, this is only useful to show the wash cycle, mode etc selected. It does not provide any information on the time remaining during a wash cycle
  • On the other hand, WAB16161IN does show the time information and has a basic LED display
  • As expected the WAB1616IN is slightly more expensive compared to its counterpart

Check the Latest Price Difference – WAB16060INWAB1616IN 


Which one would I buy?

One would get tempted to buy the cheaper machine of the two and save a couple of thousand rupees. However, I would surely buy WAB16161IN. Why?

  • Time the machine would require, is an important information for me. Once I add my laundry, I can plan the time in between to finish off my other chores before I will have to take the clothes out to hang them to dry.
  • Since the WAB16161IN is the newer model, Bosch might have made some minor adjustment to make the model better based on user feedback (Hunch)
  • Since the machine I would buy will serve me for years to come, I would not want to sacrifice on an important feature for a small amount of money (Personal choice)


So, this brings me to an end of my comparison of Bosch WAB16060IN vs WAK20166in vs WAB16161in. I hope this helped you make up your mind on which washing machine is best for your household.

Which one are you planning to buy? and why? Do let me know in the comments section below.

Also, if you do have any further questions about them, do feel free to comment below and I will try my best to answer them at the earliest.


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