Bajaj 16 Litre 1603T Oven Toaster Grill

Best OTG Ovens for Baking in India

Who doesn’t like a good, homemade cake? ūüôā In this post, I will be reviewing the best OTG ovens for baking in India.

OTG is the best type of oven you can use for baking. If someone wants a microwave too. I would recommend buying two separate appliances. OTG and a Microwave.


OTGs or “Oven, Toaster and Griller” are one of the oldest types of electric ovens in existence. These ovens use electricity and convert them into heat (Microwaves work very differently). Some of the biggest advantages of OTGs are:

  • They cost less compared to equivalent convection ovens.
  • They use less electricity.
  • OTGs are lighter in weight. So they are more portable.
  • The simplicity of use.
  • Amazing baking results.

If you need more details about OTG and how they function, browse towards the end of the article. I have answered a few questions for someone who has not used an OTG before this.

I will now jump straight into the results. The ovens are listed in ascending order of capacity.

This first three products are good for someone who is buying OTG for the first time and want to experiment with Baking.  These products are good for a small family baking once in a while.
However, if you have a larger family or if you like to bake for your friends often. You should select a product from the last three options listed on this review.



1. Bajaj 1603T Р16 Litres

If you are looking for a basic OTG for your occasional baking, you can go for this product by Bajaj. This is easily amongst the bestselling OTG ovens in India. It is very compact and light so can be stored easily. It does not block a lot of space in your kitchen.

Bajaj 16 Litre 1603T Oven Toaster Grill

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Key Features:

  • Oven capacity is 16 Liters (Enough for a small family of 2)
  • All the controls are mechanical. The oven comes with three knobs. First one for temperature control. Second one for coil selection (If you want only one of the coils to heat up or both). The last knob is the timer.
  • Does not have a rotisserie option.
  • Maximum temperature you can set is 250 degrees. Power usage is 1200 W
  • 1-year warranty by the company



2.¬†Morphy Richards 18RSS –¬†18 Litre

If you are looking for a better finish and design. You can go for this product from Morphy Richards. The oven slightly more powerful compared to Bajaj 1603T.

The black and chrome finish on the product looks really good. It is also easier to clean.

Morphy Richards 18RSS - Best OTG Ovens in India

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Key Features:

  • The capacity of the oven is 19 Liters. Slightly higher compared to Bajaj 1603T. Ideal for a family of 2.
  • Operating range of temperate is 100 to 250 degree centigrade.
  • Controls are similar to Bajaj OTG discussed above.
  • It has a motorized rotisserie.
  • Power consumption is 1380 W
  • Comes with a year comprehensive warranty by the company


3.¬†Prestige POTG¬† –¬†19 Litre

It is very difficult to talk about kitchen tools and appliances and not talk about Prestige. A well known and trusted brand in India. This product, like their name, is built to last. It bakes really well and is the reason for getting featured in our list of best OTG ovens in India.

Prestige POTG 19 PCR OTG for Baking

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Key Features:

  • Capacity is the same as the Morphy Richards product above – 19 Liters
  • The control knobs are the same. However, prestige does have a couple of extra operation modes.
  • Power usage is 1380 Watts (Same as Morphy Richards 18RSS)
  • You get a¬†1-year warranty on the product



4. Morphy Richards Besta 40

Now we come down to slightly bigger products. You should consider these products if you enjoy baking different food items on a regular basis.

This first in this list is Morphy Richards Besta 40.  This product has a black metal finish.

Morphy Richards Besta 40 OTG

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Key Features:

  • Has a capacity of 40 Liters. Good enough for a large family or if you need to cook for guests coming to your home.
  • Power consumption is 2000 Watts
  • Has a motorized rotisserie mode.
  • Comes with three well-designed knobs to select your cooking mode, temperature and time.
  • This product also has a keep warm functionality built in.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty by Morphy Richards.
  • Dimensions of the product are:
    • Width – 47.4 cm
    • Height – 45.4 cm
    • Depth – 58 cm
    • Weight – 9.7 kg



5.¬†Borosil¬† BR 00A 42 –¬†42 Litre

To be honest, Borosil is not known for its OTGs. However, this product is too good not to include it my list of best OTGs. This is easily one of the best looking product on the entire list.

If you are looking to buy a Convection Microwave, You may refer to this article on the Best Convection Ovens in India.

This OTG also has a convection functionality. This basically, helps circulate the hot air inside the oven. This helps the food cook more evenly and quickly compared to regular OTGs.

Borosil Prima 42-Litre BR 00A 42

 Check Live Price РFlipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • The total capacity of the OTG is 42 Liters.
  • Power consumption is 2000 watts
  • Comes with convection mode and motorized rotisserie.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty from the company.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width – 32 mm
    • Height – 55 mm
    • Depth – 47 mm
    • Weight – 9 kg


6.¬†Morphy Richards¬† 52RCSS –¬†52 Litre

This is the last product in our list of best OTG ovens in India for Baking. If someone is just in love with baking, this is the perfect product for him/her. There is absolutely nothing in this world that you cannot bake in this OTG. Literally, It has a huge capacity.

The performance of the product is also really good. You expect the same with Morphy Richards products (Specially ovens)


Morphy Richards 52-Litre 52RCSS OTG OVen

Check Live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • The capacity of this oven is 52 Litres (You can easily bake for 6 to 8 people)
  • The power consumption is 2000 Watts
  • The product also comes with equipment for kebabs (Two discs and 10 rods) along with rotisserie rod and tongs
  • The product has a 2-year warranty from the company.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width – 37 cm
    • Height – 34 cm
    • Depth – 41.1 cm
    • Weight – 13.6 kg


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use an OTG Oven?

If you haven’t used an OTG oven. You can watch the video below check how to operate an OTG. Please do keep in mind that each model is slightly different, so do refer the user manual that comes along with the product


Which are the Leading OTG Brands in India?

Well, I have already covered some of the Top Brands above. However, if you still wish to know about all the brands retailing in India, you can find them in my list below:

  1. Bajaj
  2. Morphy Richards
  3. Prestige
  4. Borosil
  5. Philips
  6. Panasonic
  7. American Micronic
  8. Wonderchef
  9. Portronics
  10. Tefal
  11. Westing House
  12. Usha
  13. Inalsa
  14. Pigeon
  15. Lifelong

There are obviously more brands on the market. However, I have filtered down some of the top and most well-known brands. Do let me know if I missed any.


Can I use glass bowls in OTG oven?

You need to use glass which is specially designed for use in the Oven. If you use normal glassware, it will crack in the heat. You can find baking bowls easily online on sites like Flipkart and Amazon.


What vessels can you use in an OTG Oven?

You can use baking trays and moulds safely. They are made specifically for baking in the oven. The common material used in them is either ceramic, glass, aluminium or silicon. A lot of baking trays come with Teflon coating, making them non stick.


Can I reheat my food using OTG oven?

Technically yes. It takes time to heat food in an OTG.  You need around 10 minutes for the coils to warm up. Also, there are chances that your food will get crispy from the outside.

It is better to use a microwave for this job. You just need a minute or two with microwave to het up your food.

Ideally, you can buy an OTG for baking and small microwave for reheating your food.


How much time do I need to preheat an OTG Oven?

Takes a little longer compared to convection oven to preheat the OTG. This is because OTG uses coils to raise the temperate of the oven. The coils require some time to get heated up

It takes around 15 minutes for OTG to preheat as against 5 minutes fora convection oven.


What are the Factors to look for before buying an OTG in India?

Below I will list down some of the main factors that you should consider before buying this product for your kitchen.

1. Capacity:

This is the first factor that you should consider. You need to first decide how big OTG you need based on your usage. For a young couple, an OTG with capacity under the 20 Liters would suffice.

However, if you have a large family and you bake often for a large group of friends, you may need to consider a large OTG with 40 Liters of capacity.


2. Price:

The second thing that you need to consider is your budget.

Fix up a budget and then start looking for brands that fit your budget. However, if you find you can buy a leading brand like Morphy Richards by extending your budget by a few hundred rupees. I would surely recommend you to do that.

Such brands would last longer and bake really well. Spending that extra budget will be really worth it.


3. Warranty:

The third thing that you should look at is the warranty that the brand offers on the product. The amount of warranty that they offer also reflects indirectly on the quality of the product they offer.

So say if brand A is offering 1 year of warranty, they expect their product to work without any issues for at least one year. This is the amount of confidence that they have on their product.



How to clean an OTG Oven?

You can refer to our earlier post written here. The article is written for a microwave oven, however, most of the points remain the same. Also, do refer your user manual for more details.


This brings me to an end of my Review of the Best OTG Ovens for Baking in India. So, which one did you decide to buy? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. How is American micronic 36-litre Otg as I am confused between Morphy Richard 40 Besta black and this? Plz, suggest.

  2. Hi I have a bajaj oven n I’m planning to buy a bigger one above 40 for baking …the issue I’m facing with the present one is that the cakes get burnt on the top no matter what cooking option I hv used …The technician said they can’t do anything its factory settings

  3. Hi, The morphy richards OTG range comes with 2 year warranty. and they are the leaders in OTG segment in India.

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