Best Knife Sets in India

If you want to cook anything in your kitchen, the chances are that you will need a knife to start off with. As someone has rightly said, “A kitchen without a knife is no kitchen at all”. To help you select the right one, we have compiled a list of Best knife sets in India.

To make it easier, we have divided the results into three sections:

  1. Budget Knife Sets
  2. Quality Knife Sets
  3. Premium Knife sets

We also further selected one set with stand and one without stand in each category. The idea is to make it easier for you to select a set as per your requirements and budget.


Best Budget Knife sets:

1. Best without stand – Pigeon Steel Knife Set (Pack of 3)

Check Live price – Flipkart | Amazon

A  good quality knife set that you can use on daily basis. You get three knives as a part of the set. The first is  8″ chef knife. The second being 5″ utility knife and last a 3.5″ paring knife. The handle is nicely shaped for you to get a comfortable grip.

Pigeon knife set - Best budget knife set

These blades have been made up of stainless steel. The company also offers a one year warranty of the product.



2. Knife set with stand – Capital Soft Grip Stainless Steel, Plastic Knife Set  (Pack of 6)

Check Live price – Flipkart

If you looking for a budget set along with a stand, we suggest you go for this. Even though the company may not very well know, the products look good quality. Perfect for regular use in the kitchen.

Since this is a budget product and you get 6 knives, the stand and the handle has been made out of plastic. Even after this, we find this product good value for money.

Capital soft budget knife set with stand

However, if you not constraint by budget, we would strongly suggest you go for the Prestige knife set (Knife No 4) listed below in the quality section.


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Best quality knife sets:

3.  Set without stand – Godrej Cartini Stainless Steel Knife Set  (Pack of 3)

Check Live price – Flipkart | Amazon

If you are fond of cooking, we are sure you would have heard of the brand name Cartini. Their knife sets are amongst the best that are available in India. We have selected this knife set of 3, which is enough for your regular usage.

The blade is made up of stainless steel. The grip is nice and comfortable. The company also gives you a 1-year warranty on the product.


Cartini - best knife set in India

If you do not have a lot of time to research, we can easily ask you to close your eyes and go for this product.



4. Set with stand – Prestige Stainless Steel Knife Set  (Pack of 6)

Check Live price – Flipkart

This is one of the best knife set we found which comes along with a stand. Prestige is already a very well know brand. Although they are know better for their kitchen utensils, this product from them also looks and performs top knotch.

Prestige Knife set with Stand - Best knife sets in India winner

As you can clearly see from the image above, the set comes with 5 knives and one pink coloured stand. The knife handles are elegantly crafted and match the stand in colour. This product will surely add a lot of colour and charm to your kitchen.



Best premium knife sets:

5. Set without stand – Victorinox Stainless Steel Knife Set  (Pack of 6)

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If you spend most of your time cooking and enjoy doing the same, then this is the knife set that you would cherish. A set of 6 knives from one of the most known brand in the world – Victorinox.

Victorinox - Best premium knife set in India

Although the seller does not offer any warranty in India. We would seldom find any issue with the product. Flipkart does offer a 10 replacement guarantee if there is any defect in the product you receive.



6. Set with stand –  Clytius Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set (Pack of 6)

Check Live price – Flipkart

This is one of a kind knife set. You need to have some experience handling the knives with proper care if you plan to use this product.

The knife is made out of ceramic & ABS.  Mind you this has one of the sharpest blades we have worked with. However, you will need to take care of this knife to make it last long:

  1. Use a wooden chopping board. Do not use it on stone or any hard surface.
  2. Make sure it does not fall out of your hand
  3. Do not use it on meat with bones in it. You might damage the blade
  4. Do not grind garlic etc using pressure on the blade as shown in TV shows 🙂

Ceramic Kitchen Blade Knife Set

If we had to choose only one. We would surely go for this blade.

We hope this article on “Best Knife Sets in India” helped you select the right tools for your kitchen. If you have any feedback do leave a note in the comments.

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