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Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN – Review

In this review, I will be comparing two of the best selling Bosch Washing Machines. The article will be comparing Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN.  Both the machines have a load capacity of 7 KG. These machines are perfect for a family of 3 to 4 people.

The table below will give you a quick comparison between the two machines on important parameters. Do remember to check the user reviews at the bottom of the table.


Summary Table:

Product Feature WAK24168IN WAK24268IN
Capacity 7 Kgs 7 Kgs
Drier Speed 1200 RPM 1200 RPM
Wash Programs Similar Similar
Temperature Control Not available as a separate function A separate button to set temperature for every wash cycle
RPM Control NA Similarly, a separate button to set RPM for any wash cycle
Display Smaller Display Bigger display with extra controls
Warranty 2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor 2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor
User Reviews Check on – Flipkart | Amazon Check on – Flipkart | Amazon



Detailed Comparison: WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN


Both these machines by Bosch are amongst their best selling washing machines in India. Both these products are really good as you would have seen from the user reviews above (If not, suggest you at least look at the overall rating – Link in the table above)


Common Features:

  • Both these machines have a load capacity of 7 Kgs. This is good enough for a small family of 3 or 4.
  • These machines have dryers with a rotation speed of 1200 RPM. It works really well. On top of that, they also have a “Monsoon Mode”. In this mode, the clothes are rinsed in hot water and then spun to dry. This helps the clothes dry faster.
  • These machines have a specially designed stainless steel “VarioDrum”. The design of the drum is such that the clothes are not damaged during the wash cycle, but get cleaned thoroughly,
  • They have built-in protection for low and high voltage fluctuations
  • The ActiveWater functionality regulates the water level by sensing the load of the clothes. This not only saves water but also electricity.
  • The super quick 15 mode gives you an option to quick wash the not so dirty clothes. This not only saves energy & water but also your precious time.
  • You can also schedule the washing machine to wash the clothes with up to 24-hour delay. This helps you plan your day and work.
Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN
Bosch WAK24168IN
WAK24168IN WAK24268IN Review Price in India
Bosch WAK24268IN


Check Live Price – Use the links in the table above to check the latest price.


There are a lot of other interesting features which are common to both these machines. You can watch the video below. You will be able to see the actual machine and features closely. The washing machine shown in this video is the Bosch WAK24168IN.



What are the differences?

  1. So the biggest difference between the two washing machines is the big LED display that the Bosch WAK24268IN sports. It certainly makes your machine look better but also adds a few functionalities to this particular model.
  2. The second difference is the addition of a temperature control button on WAK24268IN. This allows you to set the temperature independently while using any wash cycle. This functionality is not available in WAK24168IN
  3. Another similar difference is a separate button to control the dryer cycle RPM. You can independently set the speed while using any of the pre-programmed wash cycles.
  4. The WAK24168IN also has a wash cycle called AllergyPlus + ECARF. This mode gives your clothes a super hygienic wash. This might be useful if you have a baby. This also might be useful for people with severe allergy problems.


So, Which one should I buy?

Most people should be happy buying the Bosch WAK24168IN. It will give you more value for your money. You have all the features that you need on a daily basis and this model is cheaper compared to WAK24268IN 


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People with specific requirements like allergies, baby wash etc can go for Bosch WAK24268IN. If you need the additional control over your wash cycles, you can go for this machine.

(Use the links in the table above for current price in India)

I hope this review comparing Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN, helped you select the right model for your home. Which one did you select and why? Let me know your choice and reasons in the comments section below.


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  1. Thanks for review. Really helpful review.
    Is there any other way to control temperature on pre programmed settings on 24168 model ?

  2. Thank you for a super review. Just wanted to know in Model WAK24268IN can i select the temp to min zero C or is it Min 20C,

    1. Hi Abhi,

      There would be minor differences between the two. However, I would recommend buying the more popular model, that is, WAK24168IN (Between these two models)

    1. Hi Ami,

      If budget is not an issue, I recommend this model. It is the latest of all the models in question.

      However, if you are on a budget, consider the model I recommend in the article above.

      Hope this helps!

  3. very nice work.
    I order the Bosch 7 Kg WAK24168IN from Flipkart but its specifications from that listed on Amazon for some reason.
    My queries:
    1) Does the Bosch 7 Kg WAK24168IN have a stainless steel tub?
    2) Does the Bosch 7 Kg WAK24168IN work on Tumble wash principle?
    3) Does the Bosch 7 Kg WAK24168IN has a built in heater?

    Expecting a response.

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