Best LG Refrigerators in India

LG is one of the best and top selling refrigerator brands in India. Everyone buying a kitchen appliance would want a reliable product. A product that can serve them well for years. This is what LG is know for. Hence we bring you “The Best LG Refrigerators in India“. A detailed review with price and feature comparison across product categories.

We will be dividing this article in 3 sub sections. If you are looking to buy a specific category of refrigerator, just skip to the relevant section in the article below.

The first section would review the best single door refrigerators in India. This products are suitable for someone who stays alone or has a small family. These refrigerators can easily serve a family of 2 or 3. The second section shows you the best double door products and lastly we review the side by side door fridges.


Best Single Door LG Refrigerators in India:

The table below will summarize the best single door fridges that we have shortlisted from LG.


LG 215 Liter Single Door Refrigerator GL D221ASPXLG GL B221APZX Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star RefrigeratorLG Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator Amber Steel GL B221AASX
Check Live PriceFlipkartAmazonFlipkart
Capacity215 Liters215 Liters215 Liters
UsageSmall Family of 3Small Family of 3Small Family of 3
Compressor TechnologySmart InverterSmart InverterSmart Inverter
Energy Rating4 Star4 Star4 Star
Height1338 mm1230 mm1230 mm
Depth638 mm638 mm638 mm
Width591 mm591 mm591 mm



Best Double Door LG Refrigerators in India:

The table below will summarize the best double door fridges that we have shortlisted from LG. You can read detailed review of each machine further below in this review.


 LG GL I292RPZL - Best LG Refrigerators in IndiaShiny Steel, GL C322RPZU LG Double door fridgeLG Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator Black Steel GL-T402JBLN
Check Live PriceAmazonFlipkartFlipkart
Capacity260 Liters308 Liters360 Liters
UsageSmall Family of 3Family of 3/4Family of 4
Compressor TechnologySmart InverterInverter Linear CompressorInverter Linear Compressor
Energy Rating4 Star3 Star4 Star
Height1470 mm1675 mm1780 mm
Depth671 mm703mm600 mm
Width585 mm585 mm685 mm


Best Side by Side Door LG Refrigerators in India:

This will be the last sub section. This is where we will be showcasing the best LG Side by side / French door products available in India right now.


LG Side by Side Refrigerator GC B247SLUVLG Aria White GC C247UGUV - Best LG Side by Side RefrigeratorLG Side by Side Refrigerator Luminous Black GC M247UGLB
Check Live PriceAmazonFlipkartFlipkart
Capacity687 Liters675 Liters675 Liters
UsageLarge FamilyLarge FamilyLarge Family
Freezer TypeTop FreezerTop FreezerTop Freezer
Door in DoorNoYesYes
Height1790 mm1790 mm1790 mm
Depth738 mm715 mm738 mm
Width912 mm912 mm912 mm




Best LG Refrigerators in India:

We will now start of with individual review of each of the product we showcased in the tables above. Read on to find out which on these appliance would suit your requirements.


Single Door LG Refrigerators


1. LG GL-D201ASOX – 190 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

LG GL D201ASOX Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


This particular model was made in 2017 by LG. This makes it older compared to the other models we have chosen. However, the performance of this model is still really good. It gives great cooling and still has a energy rating of 4 stars.

It uses a relatively older compressor system. All the other model have the latest smart inverter technology, This product still uses the reciprocatory compressor.  This amongst the smallest fridge we are reviewing today. It is suitable only if there are a couple of people living in a household.


2. LG GL-B201APZX – 190 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart | AmazonLG GL B201APZX - Best LG Refrigerators in India

For those of you who dont like a lot of designs on their refrigerator, you can go for this option. The specifications of this product are almost similar to first one discussed. The major difference is that it contains a smart Inverter compressor. The colour is really nice and will go well with most home decors.


  3. LG GL-D221ASPX – 215 Liters

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LG 215 Liter Single Door Refrigerator GL D221ASPX

This refrigerator is slightly bigger then the first two that we reviewed. You will need this if you are a family of three. This is last year’s model. The selves are made of toughened glass. Thus making it durable and easily to clean as well.


  4. LG GL-D221ASPX – 215 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

LG GL B221APZX Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator

A solid steel grey coloured refrigerator. This is a 4 star rated energy efficient product. It comes with a 1 year warranty on the product and 10 year warranty on the compressor.


  5. GL-B221AASX – 215 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

LG Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator Amber Steel GL B221AASX

What we really liked about this product, apart from its great performance, is the colour of the product. It is unlike any other product available in the market. This will really stand out in your kitchen. This comes with a smart inverter facility and all other standard features in the other fridges we discussed above.


Important Tip: All single door LG refrigerators we discussed use direct cool technology. So even though they are very energy efficient and cool really fast. They have to manually defrosted.



Top LG Double Door Refrigerators in India:


1. LG GL-I292RPZY – 260 Liters

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Double Door 3 Star LG Refrigerator GL I292RPZY

Here is a product that you can call value for money. This product can be useful for moderate use for a family of 3. It works frost free, so you do not have to worry about ice build up. The energy rating is 3 star but the product cost less compared to all other products reviewed in this category. It is suggested that you buy a separate voltage stabilizer along with this refrigerator.

However, if you can spend a little more – We strongly suggest you go for product number 2 below:


2. LG GL-I292RPZL – 260 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

LG GL I292RPZL - Best LG Refrigerators in India

This is certainly a better product to buy if you can spend a couple of thousand extra rupees. The energy rating is much better at 4 Star – So this will save you electricity bills. It also has a built in voltage stabilizer in it.  So if you add the cost of buying a new stabilizer, the cost is almost the same previous product. However, with this one you get better electricity savings.


3. LG GL-C302RPZU – 284 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

Best LG double door fridge in India

If someone is looking for a slightly bigger refrigerator, they can go for this one. This is a three star power rated product. It comes  with toughened glass shelves, built in stabilizer. The biggest attraction of this product is high gloss finish.


4. LG GL-C322RPZU – 308 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

Shiny Steel, GL C322RPZU Best LG Double door fridge

If you have a moderate to high usage of Refrigerator, you will need a higher capacity product sooner. You might want to spend a bit higher and get this 308 Liter capacity fridge for you needs. It is a 3 star energy rated product.


5. LG GL-T402JBLN – 360 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

LG Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator Black Steel GL-T402JBLN

This is the best product in this category. You might think that a smaller capacity product is sufficient for you need right now, but eventually you will need a bigger refrigerator. This is a 360 liters fridge, which more then fulfills the needs of a small Indian family.

It is a 4 star rate product, with inbuilt stabilizer and auto defroster. The product also sports a unique door cooling+ functionality that cools your refrigerator faster. You can also easily convert your top  freezer compartment into a regular fridge. The freezer is converted into a fridge within 68 minutes. This gives you additional storage capacity for your regular food items.



Top Side by Side Door Refrigerators in India:


1/2. LG GC-B247SLUV – 687 Liters

Check Live Price – Top Freezer | Bottom Freezer | Prices on Amazon

LG Side by Side Refrigerator GC B247SLUV

The first and second products on our list of best side by side door refrigerator are the same with a minor difference. First let us talk about the common elements. The capacity of this fridge is 687 Liters. This is the most in our entire review.  Apart from the regular features, this product has multiple digital sensors inside them to maintain the air temperature.

This product is also equipped with smart diagnosis system. You can check the performance of your product over your connect smart phone. This also helps in troubleshooting if there is anything wrong with the product. You can also easily control the temperature of your refrigerator with your smart phone.

Now coming to differences, the first product has the freezer on top while the second model has it at the bottom. Apart from this the product is almost similar. The bottom freezer is slightly costlier.


3. LG GC-C247UGUV – 675 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart

LG Aria White GC C247UGUV - Best LG Side by Side RefrigeratorGC-C247UGUV Door in Door

This product comes with the much talked about the door in door feature of LG. This is the first generation model and has only small space for frequently used products like water bottles or juices in the smaller door. This door in the door can be easily opened by pressing on the top area.

This product also has all other functionalities mentioned above like Multi Digital Sensors, Smart Diagnosis, Refrigerator Interior Light: LED, Freezer Interior Light: LED, Home Bar, Hygiene Fresh+  etc


4. LG GC-M247UGLB – 675 Liters

Check Live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

LG Side by Side Refrigerator Luminous Black GC M247UGLB

This is the last product we are reviewing in our list of the best LG refrigerators in India. This is also one of the best looking product that LG currently has on the market in India. The door in door facility is much better compared to the the fridge we reviewed above.

The finish of the product is really premium and it has all feature like temperature control on mobile phone, digital sensors, multi air flow, smart diagnosis etc – So it is not surprising that this is also the most expensive product on out list.

However, if you do have the budget, we would strong recommend you to buy this product. Performance + looks are the best we have seen, compared to any other brand in India.



What are the factors to consider before buying a Refrigerator?

These are the top question you should try and answer to come up wit the right refrigerator to buy for your self:

  • How high will be my current usage?
  • Will my usage be going up in the next year or two?
  • What features do I require? (Do I really need the fancy new auto water dispenser feature?)
  • How much space do I have in my house? Will the product fit in that area?
  • Which brand should I buy? Does that brand have a good service history? Do they service in the city that you live in?
  • Will you be shifting your house regularly?
  • Do I need a certain design? Does the refrigerator have to match my house decor?
  • Considering the points above, what type of fridge will best serve my needs? Single door, double door, Side by side door?

You can also refer to our detailed guide on How to select the right Refrigerator



About LG Brand

LG is a south korean electronic company.  LG is the brand that is Delightfully Smart. Their slogan is “Life’s Good”. LG Electronics has four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Air Solutions, and Vehicle Components. The company has 128 operations worldwide, employing 83,000 people – Source


Why LG Refrigerators?

There are two main reasons why you should always consider LG while buying kitchen appliances.

a. Quality of products: The quality of LG products is simply the best available in India. They are constantly developing and designing newer products of the Indian consumer. They also win multiple award globally each year for the most innovative kitchen appliances.

b. Service Quality: We have heard and experienced the quality of their after sales team. You just call their call center and their team will instantly fix up an appointment. The issue/service is taken care of promptly. They also operate in multiple cities across India and not just the metros.


LG Customer Care:

The simplest way to reach out to them would be over their toll free number 1800 315 9999 Or
1800 180 9999. They are available 24×7 and 7 days a week (Only closed on national holidays). IF you want to experience their products, you can check their store locator to find the nearest store to you.


We hope you were able to find the product you were looking for in this review of the best LG refrigerators in India. Do let us know your feedback below.


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