LG vs Samsung Refrigerators – Which is the Better Brand?

In India, the refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury item to become an absolute necessity. This is especially true for the average Indian household. Today, there are many refrigerators that come loaded with features and styles. The key lies in choosing a refrigerator that is best suited to your needs. LG & Samsung being the top brands are amongst the top choices of many. Hence, I compiled this review of LG vs Samsung Refrigerators in India.

To make a perfect choice can be an uphill task when there are so many brands to choose from. To make your life easier, I will compare two of the best-known brands LG vs Samsung today. For a fair comparison, I am comparing two products from LG and Samsung with a capacity of up to 260 litres.


Summary – LG vs Samsung, Which one to Buy?

Based on my personal experience in refrigerators, I would recommend this Refrigerator model by LG. Here is a double door refrigerator that is a perfect blend of precision, power and performance. With an inbuilt smart inverter compressor, this is one of the best energy-efficient refrigerators that saves energy up to 48%. Further, there are many modern features such as an anti-bacterial gasket and moist balance crisper along with a humidity controller.

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However, if you have a keen eye for design, this Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator may be the product to consider instead. This refrigerator has many modern features such as a digital display that allows you to control setting, recessed handles that provide a touch of elegance with minimalism and is a perfect fit for the modern home.

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Samsung vs LG Refrigerators in India - Comparison & Review


Progress of South Korean Giants in India:



When LG, a South Korean manufacturer of electronics entered India about two decades back, nobody realised that it had the capability to beat Godrej, the number one manufacturer of refrigerators in India. The first range of products, however, met with unprecedented success thanks to the perfect combination of innovation, design and aggressive marketing.

It opened its first factory in India in the year 1998 in the city of Pune. Soon it opened up another manufacturing unit in Greater Noida. To establish ground as a serious player, LG worked relentlessly on its service network that went a long way in providing the best after-sales service to its customers. Today LG boasts of a robust network of 1000 service centres and over 40,000 employees. With almost a 20% CAGR in volume, LG is a dominant player today with close to 40% share in the refrigerator market.LG Refrigerator GL-I292RPZL Review and comparison with Samsung



Samsung, one of the best-known brands in mobile phones globally, made an entry into India in the year 1995. Over the past two years, the company has grown from a one-room two employee start-up to a trusted consumer brand in India with three R&D centres, two factories and one design centre. Over the last two decades, Samsung has established new benchmarks in innovation especially for the Indian market that has delighted its loyal customer base.

Samsung RT28M3424S8 HL Refrigerator Review & Comparison with LG

With the intention of proving its inherent “Indianness” Samsung has associated itself with the Indian Government’s “Make in India” campaign and has thus designed several product innovations indigenously. Samsung has time and again reiterated that India has grown to be a global hub for Samsung. The Indian R&D team of Samsung thus has the largest number of engineers in South West Asia next only to its home country Korea. Samsung that has already attained the number 1 position in the smartphone market is keen on attaining the top slot in the refrigerator market in India as well. But for now, LG is providing it with some stiff competition.


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Comparison of Product Features:

Star rating

The first thing that comes to mind while buying any home appliance is energy consumption. While both the LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator and the Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has four-star ratings officially (the more the number of stars the more energy efficient your refrigerator is), based on my own experience and that of the users who have reviewed the product online, I can tell you that LG is the least energy consuming of all and can save up to 48% of your energy consumption on refrigeration needs alone.


Both LG and Samsung do not have a normal compressor. LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor is capable of adjusting its power of cooling depending upon the amount of food that is being stored in the fridge. This alone can bring down the power consumption by about 40%. Samsung, on the other hand, runs on a Digital Inverter Compressor that is capable of running on 5 different cycles depending upon the usage pattern and level of humidity. This compressor is an improvement over the conventional start and stop-cycle and is very effective in maintaining consistency in temperature. Additionally, it has greater durability and keeps noise at a minimum.


LG has the following in the interiors:

  • One pull out tray
  • Two shelves
  • One convertible box
  • Vegetable Box
  • Huge bottle space for regular and bigger bottles

Samsung on the hand has played around a bit in the interiors for better customisation. You will find the following in the Samsung refrigerator:

  • Two shelves
  • An easy-slide tray in the middle
  • A convertible box
  • A vegetable box
  • In the door space apart from the water bottle space, you will find one multipurpose box with three different compartments. So, for instance, if you want your refrigerator to serve as a spice box, your Samsung will come in handy.

Cool pad technology

Both LG and Samsung have the “cool pad technology” inbuilt. This refers to a gel plate inside the freezer. Just in case there is a power cut that may last up to 10 hours or more, this technology will still keep your food fresh. This is a feature that is especially helpful in non-metro cities where long power cuts are frequent.


Both refrigerators are available at a price of approximately Rs 25,000 (Use the links provided above to check the exact price). You may, however, get a discount during a sale if you decide to purchase it online.

Customer Service

LG has distinguished itself and captured a lion share of the refrigerator market based on its superior after-sales service. Though Samsung is trying hard to catch up, with more service centres and responsive technicians, it still has a long way to go to match up to the service standards of LG.


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Noteworthy Technology in Use:

Some of the technology highlights of the LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator are as follows:

  • Ice Beam Door Cooling:

    • The vents provided on the door ensures that cold air is circulated in every corner of the fridge ensuring that there is uniform cooling throughout.
  • Moist Balance Crisper:

    • This ensures that an optimum level of moisture balances out condensation and evaporation thus keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • Eco-Friendly refrigerants:

    • LG is a responsible manufacturer and realises that every one of us must play our part to save the environment. The refrigeration gasses used in LG refrigerator thus are eco-friendly and does not harm the ozone layer.

Further, if you reside in an area where power cuts are frequent, you can rest easy thanks to Smart Connect Technology. Thanks to this technology your refrigerator will operate even during a power cut. All you need to do is to connect your inverter to the refrigerator and it seamlessly connects to the power source, without causing any damage to the hardware. Lastly, the high gloss shiny steel colour gives it a very chic look and is a perfect fit in any modern home.

The technology highlights of the Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator are as follows:

  • Toughened glass shelves:

    • Samsung presents toughened glass shelves that are capable of holding the weight of up to 150 kgs. Thus, even if you need to cool down a heavy-bottomed pot or a pan, you can do so without any worries.
  • Power Cool:

    • The Power Cool feature is capable of faster chilling of up to 31% when you need to cool down something really fast.
  • Digital Inverter Technology:

    • Samsung refrigerators are powered by digital inverter technology that keeps food fresher for a longer time frame.
  • LED Lighting:

    • Samsung features LED lighting that is slimmer, cooler and more power-efficient. Besides, it lends an element of style to your refrigerator as well.


The last word  – LG vs Samsung Refrigerators

Although both products that I have reviewed above may seem similar given the fact that both are top-notch South Korean manufacturers who have been in India for more than two decades, my verdict is that LG is ahead of Samsung in the area of refrigeration. LG features the most energy-efficient model among refrigerators. Its non-conventional compressor is what is responsible for its energy efficiency.

From my personal use, I can confidently say that you will experience a change in power consumption if you decide to purchase the LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. Besides, as mentioned earlier, the one thing that truly sets LG apart is it’s superior after service and customer sales standards. I would thus recommend the LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator.


I hope this post comparing LG vs Samsung Refrigerators in India, helped you select the right brand for your home. So, which one did you decided to buy? Do let me know in the comments section below.


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