Best Single Door Refrigerators in India – Review & Price

A lot of people might find it surprising but Single Door Refrigerators are still some of the best selling machines in India. These products provide most small families and bachelors means to store their food in a cost-effective way. Hence, I have come up with this list of the Best Single Door Refrigerators in India.

In this review, I will be comparing single door fridges of leading brands in India. The comparison will be done basis the features they offer and the price at which they are selling online.

However, if I had to suggest just one product out of the few that are listed below, I would recommend you to buy the Haier HED 20FDS. This is a 4 star rated fridge that uses direct cool technology. It also consistently features amongst the top-selling single door refrigerators in India.


Review & List of Top Single Door Refrigerators:

Single door refrigerators are the most basic, smallest & budget friendly fridges that you can buy. These are perfect appliance for small families, bachelors or people who wish to have an additional smaller refrigerator at home to store “not so frequently” use food products.

These appliances are available with as small as 50-litre space. These smaller refrigerators are called Mini or Bar fridges. If you are looking for a mini fridge, don’t forget to check out the 6th product on this list below.

Do note that most single door refrigerators will require manual defrosting. Products with frost-free mechanism will have it separately mentioned on the product page.


1. Samsung RR22M272ZS8 – 212 Liters

This is easily the best-looking product in my entire list. This refrigerator has a steel grey finish and a nice round curve design on the top. This product will surely enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

This product not only looks good but has some impressive functionalities as well.

Samsung RR22M272ZS8 NL - Single Door 212 Liter FridgeSamsung Best Single Door Refrigerators in India

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Key Features:

  • The product is priced around/under the Rs. 15,000 mark.
  • A 3 Star rated product (In energy efficiency)
  • The refrigerator uses a digital inverter compressor. This ensures that your refrigerator works well even with minor fluctuations in power supply.
  • Has a built-in Stabilizer. The product has an auto power cut off safety feature. This feature shuts down the power supply to the product in case of a power surge. Hence, protecting your device.
  • Low noise compared to regular fridge.
  • Uses toughened glass which is easy to clean and very durable (Can hold a weight of up to 150 Kgs)
  • Biggest door shelves that hold larger bottles (Watch the video below)
  • Has a cool wave technology which helps keep the fridge cool even during power outages.
  • Samsung provides a 1-year warranty on the product and 9 years warranty on the compressor.


You can watch the video below made by Flipkart. You can view the product demo as well as features of the same.



2. Haier HED 20FDS – 195 Liter Refrigerator

As I said at the beginning of this review, this is one of the best selling single door refrigerators in India. It has a storage capacity of 195 Liter (Slightly lesser compared to the Samsung fridge above)

However, this has an energy rating of 4 stars.  A really good product considering that it is priced well under Rs. 15,000 in India.

Haier HED 20FDS - 195 Liter RefrigeratorHaier HED 20FDS - Best Single Door Fridge in India


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Key Features:

  • Uses energy efficient direct cool technology.
  • Does not require a separate stabilizer to operate. The inbuilt mechanism that helps this product operate on a wide range of power supply (From 135V  to 290V )
  • Uses toughened glass as the shelves.
  • Has a 1-hour icing feature – The feature reduces the freezer temperature to – 5 degree Celsius for 60 minutes to form Ice quickly.
  • Uses an anti-fungal gasket that is easy to remove and clean.
  • Haier provides a 1-year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on the compressor.


3. Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S – 190 Liter

This is a good refrigerator for some with a budget around the Rs. 10000. It is an energy rating of 3 stars and a storage capacity of 190 Liters.

If you are looking to buy 190 Liter refrigerators then you can also consider some good options from LG. Check out my other article on the Best 5 Star Rated, 190 Liter LG Refrigerators in India.

This model has standard looks and comes in a dark colour.

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S 190 LiterBest Whirlpool Single Door Fridge India


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Key Features:

  • 190 Liter storage space.
  • Uses wire shelves. All other products on the list so far use a better quality toughened glass. However, this helps cut costs and hence the lower price of the product.
  • The product can retain cooling for up to 9 hours during power cuts.
  • Does not require an external stabilizer
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the fridge and 5 years on the compressor


4. LG GL-D201ASOX – 190 Liter Refrigerator

LG is the amongst the best known and top-selling brand of kitchen appliances in India. Their model GL-D201ASOX is the 4th product in my list of Best Single Door Refrigerators in India. 

This product has an energy rating of 4 stars and comes in a distinctive scarlet orchid colour and graphics.

Best LG single door Refrigerator in India 15000

LG GL-D201ASOX - 190 Liter Refrigerator

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Key Features:

  • Similar to the Samsung refrigerator discussed above, this product also comes with a smart inverter compressor. This helps in providing better and uniform cooling with power savings.
  • Has smart connect functionality. This feature helps you connect the refrigerator with an inverter. This functionality is useful for people who have frequent power cuts and have or plan to have an inverter at home.
  • You can also run this fridge using solar power. Reach out to your nearest LG dealer to get a demo of how it works.
  • Uses anti-bacterial gasket. The airtight gasket seals in the freshness and keeps out the bacteria and dust particles accumulated in the door seal. You can easily remove it to clean your fridge.
  • The most useful functionality of this product is the base stand. The base stand of the fridge can be used as a drawer to store food items like onion or potatoes that do not require cooling.
  • Uses toughened glass shelves.
  • The product comes with 1 Year LG warranty on the Refrigerator and 10 Years on the Compressor


5. Godrej RD 1823 – 185 Liters

This is so far the smallest refrigerator in my list. The capacity of this product is only 185 Liters. This is a good product for bachelors or a small family of two.

RD 1823 Godrej single door refrigerator RD 1823 Godrej Small Fridge



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Key Features:

  • 3 Star energy rated product.
  • Uses a reciprocating compressor
  • Uses direct cool technology, making the fridge economical.
  • However, it requires manual defrosting.
  • Needs a stabilizer if you have voltage fluctuations at your home.


6. Mitashi MSD090RF100 (87 Liters) – Best Mini Fridge for Homes

If you need a small fridge for additional storage at your home or if you need a mini bar fridge for your bedroom, this is the perfect product to have.

Priced well under Rs. 10000 it is a great value for money, especially for bachelors staying alone.

Best Mitashi Bar Refrigerator (Mini) Mitashi MSD090RF100 - Best Mini Bar Fridge








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This ends my list of Best Single Door Refrigerators in India. Do let me know in the comments below your thoughts and feedback on the same. You can also refer to my Refrigerator Buying Guide for more details on the right product to buy.


Factors to consider before buying a Single Door Fridge:

Below are some of the factors to evaluate before you finalize the product that you wish to buy for your home.

  • Capacity – Decide how big a fridge do you need. If you need be consulted friends or relatives on their fridge capacity to get an idea about your needs. There is no harm however in buying a little bigger product.
  • Brand – Go for a good brand that has service stations in your city/town.
  • Shelf Material – Toughened glass is good to look at and easy to clean. However, products with toughened glass are generally more expensive compared to one with wire mesh shelf.
  • Warranty – Warranty provided by a brand shows how much confidence they in their own product. Always but a product with competitive warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Compressor – Product with the latest Smart/Digital inverter compressor perform much better compared to older models. However, these are more expensive too.
  • Stabilizer – I would always recommend you to buy products with built-in voltage stabilizer and auto power cut off during a surge. This will ensure you buy a product with a longer life.
  • Price – Always compare prices of different brands that offer similar features. Sometimes you might be able to buy a product with great features at a very competitive price as the brand might not be a leader in this particular category and are giving away discounts to capture the market.


What Capacity of Single Door Refrigerator should I buy?

This is a common question and the table below should give you a rough estimate of the capacity that you require.

Do note, however, that these are average numbers. You should factor in your usage and amount of additional storage capacity you might need for additional food items like dry fruits, flours, masalas, pickles etc

Family size (Approx) Refrigerator Capacity
1-2 people 200-400 litres
3-4 people 350-550 litres
5+ people 440 litres +


If you have any further question, do feel free to use the comments section to ask them. I will try my best answer them.


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