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Best Silent Kitchen Chimneys in India

Personally, for me, kitchen chimneys stop working for me when they need the most. Imagine giving tadka while cooking out standard Indian food, you switch the chimney to max power. You cannot even hear your own thoughts. I am not going into mental health hazards due to prolonged use. This is why I thought of reviewing the best silent kitchen chimneys in India.

To be honest there is not really a “Silent kitchen chimney available in India”. The ones that are available haven’t been tested for performance over a longer period of time.  Although these silent versions of the product to cut down on a lot of noise. Maybe this is because India still is a very price-sensitive market and not many people are willing to pay for quality. Things are changing for better sure.

However, we do strongly suggest going for the chimneys below, as they drastically reduce the noise in your kitchen. This gives you a peaceful environment to work in and also does not add to your mental stress levels.

If you are looking just for a summary, have a look at our comparison table below. We suggest you opt for either of the Faber kitchen chimneys based on the space available in your kitchen.


If I had to recommend just one model, this is the model I will opt for (Use the links below)

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Best silent kitchen chimneys in India:


Elica Spot NG EDS Faber Glassy SIL-K BKL LTWElica Deep Silent Glace EDS HE LTW
Check Live PriceAmazonFlipkartAmazon
Width60 cms90 cms60/90 cms
Suction1010 m³/hr1000 m3/h1010 m3/h
Filter TypeRound Filter Mesh3 Layer Baffle Filter3D Filter
Noise LevelNot Mentioned48 db(A)21 db(A)



We start off this review with two products by Faber. Faber is a very well known brand in the field of kitchen appliances world over. Their noise-cancelling technology is called Sil-K. You can watch the video below for more details:


1. Elica Deep Silence Glace EDS HE LTW

If I had to just recommend one product on my list, this would be surely the product of my choice. The entire Deep Silence range of kitchen chimneys by Elica is really good. However, I like this model the best.

It is available in both 60 as well as 90 cms size. So, you can easily choose the one that fits your kitchen.

Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology Glace EDS HE LTW Review

Check the Latest Price & More User Reviews – Amazon India | Flipkart


2. Faber Stilux SIL-K DD SEN LTW

Both products we shortlisted by Faber use this same technology. The technology used is called “Sil-k” as shown in the video above. The noise output is 47 dB(A), which is really low compared to regular kitchen chimneys.

Check live price – Amazon

Stilux SILK Best silent kitchen chimneys in India

This model has a width of 60 cms. The looks of the product are very premium. It comes with an electronic touch control panel with backlights. This kitchen chimney comes with 3 speed + one intensive mode of operation. The intensive mode switches off automatically after 10 mins. The speed then reverts to the actual speed in use before activation of intensive mode.

This model also comes equipped with led light, which gives better performance with low energy consumption. This light does not heat up like regular lights on other chimneys.

This chimney uses a 3 layer aluminium baffle filter. This makes it easy to clean and gives the filter a longer life. The performance of the filter is also very good and easily separates oils and odour.


3. Faber Hood Glassy SIL-K BKL LTW

This chimney uses the same technology as the one above to reduce the noise. So performance on that front is almost similar. The noise output of this chimney is 48 dB(A)

Check live price – Amazon | Flipkart

Hood Glassy SIL K BKL LTW 90

This kitchen chimney has 90 cm width. So do check if there is enough space in your kitchen before ordering this product. This product along with the one above comes with a comprehensive warranty of 1 year and 12 years on Motor and Rotor.

The suction, filter and buttons used are similar to the kitchen chimney we discussed above. The main distinguishing change is the glass available around the product. This makes the product look better and gives a higher coverage. However, this also means extra cleaning for you on a regular basis as oil might get deposited on the glass.


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4. Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB

This is the last chimney in our list of best silent kitchen chimneys in India.  This product is also from a famous brand known for their kitchen appliances – Elica

Check live price – Amazon

Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB silent kitchen Chimney

Although this chimney is silent compared to your regular kitchen chimneys, we could not find an official number of the noise output of this product. Their technology to suppress the sound is called EDS 3 (Deep Silence). You can watch an advertisement mentioning the same below:



This chimney has a bit higher suction compared to the two reviewed above. Although the difference is so small that you would hardly feel any difference.  The controls on the chimney are of a push-button type.  There is also a difference in the type of filter used. This product uses a round mesh filter.

If we have to choose one, we would suggest you go for one of the silent kitchen chimneys by Faber depending upon the space available in your kitchen.



Kitchen Chimney Installation Costs in India:

This is where people buying online generally get a rude shock. Unlike buying a washing machine or a refrigerator,  installation of kitchen chimney comes at an extra cost (Unless very clearly mentioned on the website). You should add a minimum of Rs. 500 to 2000 to your purchase price to factor in this expense.

There is also a valid reason for these additional costs. Installing a refrigerator or a washing machine is easy and there is no extra work required. While installing a kitchen chimney would take substantial work. They will mark your wall, drill holes, install the exhaust pipe etc.


We hope you like the review on the best silent kitchen chimneys in India. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us in the comments section. You can also call up their customer care teams to more details about the product before ordering online.

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  1. Thanks for your review. I hate the sound that chimneys make…i appreciate that at least someone (you) thought of such a specific point that may influence some buyers.

    1. Hi Snigdha,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I write based on my experience and research. I can hence connect with the problems faced by fellow consumers.

      Have a good day!

  2. Hi, thank you for your informative blog. I am considering buying a straight line ductless chimney for my kitchen. Checked the 602 Touch BK model [ http://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Wall-Mounted/60-cm/602-TOUCH-BK%5D in store and was quite silent. My only concern was suction of 670 – most models appear to have 700 and above. – should this be a concern?
    – do you have any recommendations wrt straight line chimneys or this one in particular? Thanks.

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