Best Mixer Grinders in India (2018)

Mixer grinder is an essential item in the household of all families. In this article below we have reviewed the Best Mixer Grinders in India for the year 2018. This meant spending hundreds of  hours going through the specifications of 100s of mixers, their user reviews, customer support quality etc

Mixer Grinder helps in performing various functions such as blending, grinding, powdering, etc. There are various types of blenders. However, the mixer grinder is a multipurpose machine, which helps in performing the works of a mixer and sometimes serves as a mini-grinder. It runs on an electric motor that uses less than one horse power or 746 watts.

By choosing the right mixer grinder, you can get your work done in record time, especially when you have to finish cooking, cleaning and go to work. There are various mixer grinder brands and models available in the market. The Indian household requires a tough mixer grinder that can handle grinding tough ingredients such as coconut, spices, pulses, etc. by choosing the best mixer grinder you can have your cooking made simplified. It makes cooking much easier and fun to do.

Having a compact mixer grinder to suit the size of the kitchen is preferred. Some Indian women even have a preference that all their kitchen appliance including their mixer grinder go well with the decor of their kitchen . The mixer grinder is most suitable for the Indian kitchen, where women powder all sorts of ingredients in several ratios to keep up the secret flavor of their cooking.

Below the Top 5 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2018


1. Eveready Glowy 500-watt mixer grinder (White/Blue)

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If simple tasks like grating and grinding are prolonging the time taken for preparing your meals, it means that you require a good mixer grinder. You have handy equipment at hand. Eveready has been in India for more than 100 years and has been one of the most preferred brands by the Indians. It holds around 50% of the market share in India. In the flashlight market, it has been holding 75% of the market share. The brand is preferred not only in India but around the world.

Eveready Glowy 500 W Mixer Grinder

The mixer comes with three jars of different sizes that can be used according to the need. It comes with a 1.8m cord to fit into the plug point right in the kitchen. There are three blades which can be used according to the ingredients to be ground. The mixer comes with a two year guarantee card and a user manual. The mixer is used to blend, grate, mince and for dry grinding purposes. The mixer weighs 3.5 kg. The body of the mixer is made of plastic while the jars are made of steel and are durable. It is most economically priced and already exists in many Indian homes for its robust performance.


  • Contains 3 multi function jars of different sizes for performing multiple functions such as liquidizing, blending, grinding, etc.
  • Contains e stainless steel blades that are robust and can handle tough work with best results.
  • The Glowy Mixer has a compact body with a sleek finish that saves up on space and can fit onto any kitchen counter by using minimum space
  • Has overload protection for its motor. It comes with a protection feature against over-heating. This is a red button that is present on the base of the mixer. By pressing on this button, the machine can be restarted, if the machine gets over-heated.
  • Has a liquidizer jar along with an handle
  • It has a three level speed regulator by which the blade speed can be regulated. It also contains a pulse control feature that is used for brief pulsing only
  • The mixer is easy to clean and can be maintained easily. It has a locking mechanism to hold the jar firmly on to it.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty on the product


2. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Blue/White)

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The mixer has a powerful motor and can be used to grind tough ingredients easily. The blades have a well polished look that is machine-ground to suit all types of works. They are reliable and sturdy with high performance and good quality. The mixer weighs 6 kg and comes under the model name Blue Leaf Diamond. It is one of the most important kitchen equipment that saves on time and space.

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 W Mixer Grinder

The body is made of a rust proof and shock proof ABS plastic material. The jars are tested for their durability and stability through a water load test and salt spray, before distributing them to the customers. It consumes a power of 750 watts and has a pulse function. Preethi Kitchen Appliances are manufacturers of home appliances both in India and around the globe.

They manufacture home appliances such as pressure cookers, induction cook-tops, mixer grinders, tabletop wet grinders. They are a trusted brand in India with good sales facilities as well as service facilities across India.


  • It contains stainless steel blades and jars. It uses 750 watts electricity of 230 volts. They blades are polished and are machine-ground to give a superior performance while grinding.
  • They can be use with varied speed settings to guide the powerful motor and the blades to provide fine powders and pastes. With these varying speeds, it provides the desired flavor and texture to the ingredients. It hastens the cooking process with its easy-grinding facility.
  • The mixer grinder jar contains a flexi lid which can utilize its 3 jars to 4 capacities. The flexi lid helps in increasing or decreasing the capacity of the jar.
  • It is a very easy and quick method of grinding all types of ingredients I your house. It saves on energy and time to make tasty dishes as fresh pastes can be prepared every day according to the recipes.
  • The body of the mixer is of ABS plastic which helps in providing shock resistance. It also protects from fluctuations in voltage, from overload and from over-heating.
  • The three jars are of stainless steel. The stainless steel material is of high quality and is of good precision to help in good performance. The stainless steel helps it to stay rust proof. The jars are tested with salt spray to make sure that they remain rust proof. The jars are tested with water load, to test for endurance and stability.
  • The blades are also of stainless steel made of high quality. They provide good grinding performance by being machine grounded and later polished to give it the best quality.


3. Philips HI1645 750 watts 4 Jar

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The Philips mixer grinder is considered as the best in Premium Category. Various reasons for being the best in this category are summarized her. The mixer grinder from Philips comes with 4 jars and comes in shades of white and blue. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. The Philips mixer grinder is best for preparing all types of batter, purees, for fresh juices and for other purposes too.

Philips HL1645 750 W Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder comes with a chutney jar, wet grinding jar, blender jar and a multipurpose jar along with a spatula. The jars can be used for various purposes. The suction base helps to keep the device stable when being used. The rubber gaskets on the covers of the jars are removable and can be cleaned separately.


  • Its unique feature is its silent performance while at work. It is compact and sleek looking. The power consumption is 750 watts but does its work powerfully without much nose. It uses 230 V.
  • The blades have lift and grind techniques that ensure consistent performance. The stainless steel blades perform well and are robust in their work.
  • It comes with a three speed setting as well as a pulse. They are used according to the ingredients used and to increase or decrease the speed of getting the work done. The pulse is for instant work and is release immediately.
  • The Revers Quadra Flow technique helps in making the jars non-sticky. This technique ensures that the ingredients do not stick on to the walls of the jar and can be removed from the jar easily.
  • It comes with a product warranty of 24 months.
  • It has a power indicator and non-slip feet.


4. Preethi Zodiac MG-218 750 W Juicer Mixer Grinder (Black/Light Grey, 5 Jars)

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The Preethi Zodiac MG-218-750 W has various characteristics that have made it the Best with 5 Jars. The high performing mixer grinder juicer is well known for its good performance and robust work. The package comes with a grater, kneader, grinder, chopper and juicer.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750 W - Best Mixer grinders in India

The power required is 230 volts and its revolutions are 18000 rpm. The motor has a fast cooling property that runs on 750 watts. It comes with a 2 year guarantee on the product and a 5 year warranty on its motor.


  • Its 2.1 liter Master Chef plus Jar is a multipurpose jar that performs many tasks such as dough making, meat mincing and chopping. It also helps in blending, pureeing, nut grinding, etc. the work is completed within minutes. The Citrus Press is an additional accessory that helps in extracting the juice without an additional bitter flavor. The pusher can be used as a measuring cup. This special jar helps in making soft chapattis.
  • The product comes with a juicer jar for fresh fruit extraction without adding water. It helps to separate the pulp from the seed. It can extract juice from tamarind and coconut too. It helps in making tasty lassi and milk shake.
  • The blades are perfected by making them machine-ground and well-polished. This helps them to perform well while grinding.
  • The appliance is of high quality with superior performance.
  • It comes with a 2 year guarantee. It is also provided with a lifelong service for free.
  • The shock proof body is made from ABS plastic. It has a heat cut-off sensitive system. It also protects from overload and fluctuations in voltage.
  • The stainless steel blades and jars are of high quality and come with best precision. The salt spray test conducted on them ensures that they remain rust proof. They undergo a water load test to make sure that they remain robust in their work.


5. Billion Power Grind 750 W Mixer Grinder  (Black, 3 Jars)

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A special mention has to be given to the Billion 750 W mixer grinder. This mixer grinder is durable and efficient. It makes cooking much easier. It contains 3 jars and two lids. The liquidizer and dry jars have one common lid. The mixer grinder has several functions that provide it a special mention among its customers.

Billion Power Grind 750 W - Best Mixer Grinder in India

It is easy to use and can be used for grinding, for both thick and thin pastes as well as for powdering. The jars are made to serve for a number of years and have various features that are in-built. If used rightly, they can serve for much number of years.


  • The mixer grinder comes with a powerful motor that is most durable. It works with a 750 w motor that runs fast and grinds finely. It performs well for both large and small quantities. The motor can run continuously for 30 minutes.
  • The jar and the blades are designed uniquely. The three-blade system is most useful for tough grinding. The jars have flow-breaking designing to keep the ingredients within its center. This makes it easier for grinding. The blades have a lift-and-grind facility for consistent work.
  • The jars are large and all ingredients can be ground easily. The jars come in various sizes. The 1.5 L size is the liquidizing jar. The 1.2 L jar is for grinding. The 0.4 L jar is for chutney grinding. The three jars contain 2 lids. The liquidizing jar and the dry jar have one lid in common.
  • The power cord is long, with a length of 2 meters. They help to plug in the equipment. Even if the plug point is located at a distance. The cylindrical design helps it to stay shock-proof.
  • The mixer grinder is made of ABS plastic, to help it to stay durable and stable. It gives a sleek look to the product. It can perform all types of heavy tasks, which is especially useful for the Indian kitchen.
  • The motor contains shielding beads that helps in preventing distortion of signal by preventing static interferences.
  • The jars are bigger in size and have large handles that are easy to hold.
  • The latest model of Billion grinder has a unique 6 blade system. This makes grinding, mixing extremely more efficient compared to your regular grinders.

The Winner – Best Mixer Grinders in India

There are many mixer grinders available in the market. Buying the best product is necessary, to help in performing fast work. On an analysis of various mixer grinders, some of the best models have been listed here. The various features of these products have been studied. It is found that the overall winner is Eveready Glowy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder.

It has various unique features that make it stand above the rest of the crowd. The jars are of the right size to be used for Indian cooking and the body of the appliance is durable and strong. The Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 watt Mixer Grinder comes next in line, in terms of quality and performance. Having a good mixer grinder, will help in making the grinding and grating process easier. By studying various features, a buyer will have to choose between various features, to possess the best equipment that would make his life easier.

Through this analysis, for the best in Premium Category, the model selected is Philips HI2645 750 watt 3 Jar, for its good performance and best features. The Best model with 5 jars is the Preethi Zodiac MG-218 750 W Juicer Mixer Grinder. The extra jar helps in blending juice, lassi and milk shakes within minutes. Special mention has been made to Billion MG101 500 W Mixer Grinder that is available in a black shade.

Choosing the best mixer grinder is the option of the buyer. Buying the best product that is best suited to fit the budget and the requirement, should always be given the first priority, while buying any product. The short review on various products and their features, will give a better understanding to customers, who have a number of products, brands, models and colors, available in the market. Choosing the best products, by giving preference to price, should also be considered.

As a handy kitchen appliance, the mixer grinder plays a most valuable role in the kitchen. Unless cooking is made easier, the entire job of cooking, cutting, mincing and grinding, will become tiresome. The Indian kitchen uses various spices and ingredients that are mixed in various dishes in various forms. The invention of the mixer grinder has replaced the traditional stone-grinder which was a tiresome and heavy work though it gave an additional flavor when the stone-grinder was used.

Efficiency and durability have been the chief characteristics of the mixer grinder that have made it most popular in the kitchen. The jars come in various shapes and sizes to suit the ingredients such as dry grinding, wet grinding, grating, extracting juices, etc. ingredients of various textures can be made according to the need of the food and by using the right jar, the ingredients can be ground to thick or thin consistency.


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