Bosch Mixer Grinder Review

I have always been intrigued by the array of mixers and grinders on display when I set out to buy one for my home. All the models and features with their alarming price ranges can confuse anybody, just like it confused me. That’s when I decided that I will focus on one brand and choose 3 best models to narrow down my choices.

I chose Bosch as my preferred brand because it is known for its style, class and durability. This article is about Bosch Mixer Grinder Review & the top 3 mixer grinders from Bosch that impressed me during my research.


Summary – Which Bosch Mixer Grinder to Buy?

Though I had narrowed down my choice to three  Bosch mixer grinders, I was still unable to pick the best one. All three were good in their own ways. After a lot of thinking, I decided to invest in this model of Bosch and I am quite happy with my decision till now.

I am happy to recommend the same for most Indian families. Yes, it is a bit costly, but its features and performance justify every penny charged for it. The same model is also available on Flipkart, so do compare prices on both (by clicking here) before you decide to place an order on one.

Note – Bosch Mixer Grinders do come with their own flaws (they are not perfect). If you are willing to sacrifice on looks but want a mixer that performs really well. This is the product that will opt for. Hint – It is an Indian Brand.

You can read my detailed review of this brand by clicking here.


The Bosch Brand – An Overview

Robert Bosch GmbH, Bosch, a German engineering and technology company was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch. The company has its headquarters in Stuffgart in Germany. It was during 1951 that Bosch started its operations in India.

Bosch Mixer Grinder Logo

Today, the company boasts of 18 manufacturing sites and 7 development & application centres across India. As of the last couple of years, the sales revenue of the Bosch Group in India stood at a whopping 2.6 billion Euros. The main products and services of Bosch in India are:

  • Mobility – Online mobility solutions for all automobiles, auto parts & accessories, car service and workshops
  • Home – Heating appliances and Home appliances
  • Industry & Trades – Energy & Building solutions, Engineering technology, Packaging, Power tools, Security Solutions and Software Solutions

Here, I will tell you more about the top 3 Bosch mixer grinders that form a part of the home appliance solutions from Bosch.


Top 3 Bosch Mixer Grinders in India

1. Bosch Truemixx Pro – 1000 Watt


Are you looking for a mixer grinder that gives you the traditional pounding effect in the latest sophisticated technology? If yes, the Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder is the right choice for you. The tagline of this model stands true to its features – When Tradition Meets Technology!


  • Comes with a powerful 1000-watt copper winding motor that delivers the traditional pounding technology with high speed and precision
  • Active Flow Breaker helps in making fine and fluffy idli/dosa batter because it guarantees a uniform movement of the ingredients on the grinding blades
  • Comes with a rare kind of pounding blade with a thick edge, that doesn’t cut but actively pounds the dry ingredients giving more aroma and texture to the spices
  • Come with good quality lid locks, thereby enabling hands-free operation; jars are seated properly automatically without you having to do anything
  • Concealed bush below the jar prevents messy issues such as leakage
  • Comes with a Maxxjuice Extractor, which helps you in extracting juices and coconut milk easily
  • Nylon couplers come with sturdy metal inserts, lending durability and efficiency

Bosch TrueMixx Pro MGM8842MIN 1000 Watts Review in India

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  • Two-year manufacturer warranty provided
  • Very less noise produced while in use
  • 30 minutes of continuous run time of the motor
  • Comes with an overload protector to ensure safety while using it


  • Quite steeply-priced
  • Cleaning the jars is not as easy as you would have liked it to be

To have a closer look at this model, do watch the video below:


Who should buy this model?

If you don’t mind spending upwards of  Rs. 5000 on a mixer grinder, this model is the right choice for you. With its almost noiseless and hands-free operation, it will give you a blend of traditional and technology.


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2. Bosch Truemixx Radiance – 600 Watt


If you want the stylish Bosch technological sophistication in your mixer grinder but cannot pay a huge price for it, you should check out the Bosch Truemixx Radiance 600-Watt Mixer Grinder right away. It is priced at almost half the price of the Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000-Watt model, but has some interesting features such as the following:


  • 600-Watt powered motor with nylon copper windings to give you effective high-power grinding performance
  • Comes with a pounding blade with a thick edge to pound the dry ingredients instantly
  • Hands-free operation enabled, thanks to the lid locks and suction feet in the appliance, thereby lending a lot of stability to it

Bosch Radiance MGM4341RIN 600 Price & Features

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  • The motor has a running time of 30 continuous minutes
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel jars for powerful dry and wet grinding purposes
  • Well-hidden bush below the jar to prevent leakage
  • Stone pounding technology gives you a blend of tradition and technology at the same time
  • Priced quite attractively


  • Sometimes jars make a lot of noise when in use

To have a closer look at this model, watch the video below:


Who should buy this model?

The Bosch Truemixx Radiance 600-Watt Mixer Grinder in its bright red shade is not only visually appealing to the eye, but also quite impressive when it comes to its performance. The price is also quite affordable when compared to other Bosch models. So, I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a quality product at an affordable price.


3. Bosch Truemixx Style Mixer Grinder 750-Watt


Like all other Bosch mixer grinders, the Truemixx Style 750-watt, too, is known to deliver the perfect balance of technology and tradition to its customers. If you are looking for authentic tastes and aromas in your spices, you can invest in this product, without any second thoughts. Here is why:


Comes with unique pounding technology, made possible with a pounding blade with a thick edge; this brings out the aromas and textures of spices during dry grinding them
750-watt powerful motor with 30 minutes continuous running time and robust nylon copper windings for extra durability
Active Flow Breaker technology enables uniform grinding of ingredients, thereby making the batter fuller and softer

Bosch TrueMixx Style MGM8832WIN Review

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  • You will also get a juice extractor along with this mixer grinder
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Lock lids and suction feet make the hands-free operation possible
  • Good value for money


  • Blades sometimes get jammed, as reported by few users
  • Noise is more than the expected levels

Again, to have a closer look at this product and its features, do watch the complete video below.



Who should buy this model?

The Bosch Truemixx Style 750-Watt Mixer Grinder is a high-performance model that gives you an excellent pounding effect. While the price is quite attractive, I feel that the noise generated is quite high on this model. You could invest in this if the noise of the mixer doesn’t make any difference to you.


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Conclusion – Bosch Mixer Grinder Review

All the Bosch Mixer Grinders discussed here are known for the unique pounding technology inbuilt in them. However, that’s not all about these models. I hope the features, pros and cons that I have explained about each of these models give you some clarity while buying a Bosch mixer grinder for your home.

This brings me to the end of my article on Bosch Mixer Grinder Review in India. I hope, I was able to help you select the right model for your home. So which one did you opt for? Do share your review in the comments section below.


  1. I have been eyeing on Bosch mixer grinder for a while now, and your answer will help me decide. So far how is it working for you? If the chutney jar breaks do we get to buy an independent chutney jar?


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