Butterfly Smart vs Matchless vs Rapid Mixer Grinders

Butterfly Smart vs Matchless vs Rapid Mixer Grinder

This review post will compare Butterfly Smart vs Matchless vs Rapid Mixer Grinders. I compared their features, price & performance to help you decide which one of them is a better buy for your kitchen.

Before I begin with the comparison, let me briefly introduce you to the brand. This company was established in the year 1986 and have been serving customers for over three decades now. It is listed on both Indian stock markets NSE & BSE.

This shows you that Butterfly is not a fly by night mixer grinder brand. They are an old brand with an established offline customer support network.

Note – Butterfly is a known brand in south India. The above information is for those people who have not heard about them.

With the brand introduction taken care off, I will now jump into the comparison of the two models in question.


Butterfly Smart vs Matchless vs Rapid

It is quite evident that these are amongst the best selling mixer grinders in India. You can easily make this out simply by looking at the number of user reviews that these products have on various market places.

Don’t believe me? See them yourself Here, Here & Here.

However, one of the problems is that all three models look so similar and also there is hardly any difference between the features mentioned on Amazon and Flipkart.


Butterfly Smart vs Butterfly Rapid:

I looked at all the information available on online marketplaces. Unfortunately, both these models are not even listed on the official butterfly appliance website (at the time of writing this review).

So, with whatever limited information at hand, I made the following comparison table.

Feature Butterfly Smart Butterfly Rapid
Wattage 750 Watts 750 Watts
Number of Jars 3/4 Jars 3/4 Jars
Overload Protection Yes Yes
Juicer Jar Yes Yes
Atta Maker No No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years


As you can clearly see from the comparison table, there is hardly any difference between the two models.

Even the 4 jars that come along with the mixer have the same dimensions (Given below)

Grinding Jar Capacity – 0.75 L
Liquidizing Jar Capacity – 1.5 L
Chutney Jar Capacity – 0.4 L
Juice Extractor Jar Capacity – 1.5 L


Which one to Buy?

Given these factors, I would recommend you to buy the Butterfly Rapid. It is available in both 3 Jar version and 4 Jar version. So do make sure you compare the prices of the two by clicking on the links provided.

Preethi Smart Mixer Grinder Review

Key Factors to Consider:

  • You need to keep in mind that build quality of both these mixer grinders is not that great.
  • The main problem that I would like to highlight is the lids of the jar not doing their job properly. If you are not careful the food will get spilt very easily from the lids.
  • However, given the price, you are getting a really good deal. So if you have a tight budget you can go for the mixer grinder recommended above.
  • But if you can extend your budget a bit. I recommend looking at my comparison post of Preethi Zodiac vs Zion and buy one of the two models as per your requirements.



Butterfly Smart vs Butterfly Matchless

Matchless is the only mixer grinder in this article that is actually listed on the official Butterfly website. Matchless is a more premium version of the Smart and Rapid mixer grinders.

Like the two other models, this one is also a 750 Watt mixer grinder (Click here to check out my highly recommended 750 W mixer grinders)

I will proceed by comparing the two models in the table below:

Feature Butterfly Smart Butterfly Matchless
Wattage 750 Watts 750 Watts
Number of Jars 3/4 Jars 4 Jars
Overload Protection Yes Yes
Juicer Jar Yes Yes
Atta Maker No No
Design Regular Better Looking
Warranty 2 Years 3 Years
User Reviews Amazon | Flipkart Amazon | Flipkart


Which one to Buy?

I would surely recommend buying this particular model. There is hardly any difference in the price point at the time of writing this review. So I would surely buy the better-looking model with better quality jars.

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder Review & Price in India

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Similar to what I said in the comparison above, the build quality of these products is not that great.
  • I am especially worried about the lids not fitting properly which leads to food being spilt while the mixer is on.


Butterfly Rapid vs Matchless:

By now you already know a lot of features of these three models. Hence, I will not do a detailed comparison.

Between these two models, I would recommend going for the Matchless as it has a slightly better build quality and design. However, do consider these Preethi mixer grinders before you press the buy now button.


I hope this comparison post between these best selling Butterfly mixer grinders helped you decide on the right product for your kitchen.

Which one did you decide to go for? Do let me know in the comments section below.


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