Preethi vs Philips – Better Mixer Grinder Brand in India

When it comes to the home appliances market in India, it is clearly divided into the north and south segments. While Philips is a well-known brand across India, especially in the north, Preethi is known for its dominating presence in the south. So for people who are aware of both brands, I decided to write this comparison post, Preethi vs Philips Mixer Grinders, Which one to buy.

To bridge the gap between the two geographies, Philips acquired the Preethi brand a few years. Today, Preeti continues to operate as an independent brand in spite of this acquisition. With both the parent company and the acquired company rolling out one quality product after the other, you can get confused while shopping for the best mixer grinder. Keep reading to get some clarity on this.

Preethi vs Philips Mixer Grinders in India - Review, Comparison & Differences


Summary – Preethi vs Philips, Which one to Buy?

It is very difficult for me to pick one brand over the other because both Preethi and Philips are good brands that manufacture durable mixer grinders. Their products are available in various price ranges and sizes to suit the diverse needs of customers all over India. Since they are both brands by the same company the quality is also quite similar. However, what you can do is opt for the best model between these brands.

Below are the models that I recommend buying.

If you are particular about choosing Preethi brand of mixer grinders, you can invest in this model by Preethi.

For those of you who don’t mind spending slightly more, I would recommend this model that comes with 5 Jars including a MasterChef Jar for complete food processing options. Since this is an expensive model and is available on Flipkart too, do compare prices on both sites.

For the Philips brand lovers, I would highly recommend this affordable yet efficient Model by Philips with 3 jars. The same model is also available on Flipkart, so do click here to compare prices on both websites before buying.

Another Philips mixer grinder that I like and would definitely recommend to my readers is the Philips HL 1645 750-Watt 3-Jar Vertical Mixer Grinder and Blender Jar with Fruit Filter.


The brands of Philips and Preethi – An overview

Why are the Preethi and Philips brand so popular today? Now both these brands have the same parent company, but still, they are quite successful in churning out innovative and different products frequently. How is that possible? This is because both these brands have a great history and legacy to carry forward.

About Preethi:

Preethi was started in the year 1978 with only 850 employees on board. Today, thanks to its joining hands with Philips, it has grown to become the largest mixer grinder brand in India. All the products from Preethi are known for their user-friendly features, affordable price and top-notch after-sales services.

This brand has also been the pioneer of many technologies that you see in most of the mixer grinders today. Extractors, Lid Locks, Jar locks, etc. are some of the trends that Preethi invented in India.

About Philips:

The Philips brand is one of the most respected brands in the world. Philips Consumer Lifestyle division acquired the Preethi brand in the year 2011, to strengthen its presence in the South Indian market, where Preethi was already the dominant player. The worth of this acquisition was pegged at around 350crore INR and was one of the biggest mergers & acquisition finalised during that year. Refer to the following section for more details about this deal

An insight into one of the biggest M&A deals ever

The Indian home appliances market in India was surprised by the news of Philips acquiring the Preethi brand in the year 2011. In spite of acquiring Maya Appliances ( the company that manufactures and owns the brand name of Preethi), manufacturing facilities and after-sales division of Preethi, it was clearly stated at the time of the deal that Preethi will continue to operate as a separate company.

This deal proved to create a win-win situation for both companies. For Preethi, it was the ideal opportunity to enter into the North Indian market, thanks to the excellent network of Philips’s dealers. On the other hand for Philips, this was a golden chance to strengthen their home appliances segment in the South Indian market, by partnering with Preethi.

While speaking about the deal then, the MD of Preethi, Mr TT Varadarajan stated that the future of his brand looked bright and that the deal with Philips could hugely benefit his customers and employees. Mr Pieter Nota, CEO of Philips Consumer Lifestyle had commented that his brand could benefit hugely from Preethi’s local presence and excellent distributor/dealer network in the South.


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How do the two brands fare on various factors?

How do you get to compare two really good brands? It is difficult, but I have tried my best to compare the Preethi and Philips mixer grinders on the basis of a few factors, as seen below:


One of the best things about both brands is that they cater to various people with their wide price range. The starting price range of both the brands of mixer grinders is close to 2200INR, which is an excellent deal for people on a tight budget.

Watt Capacity

Most of the mixers grinders have a power of 500 to 750 W. In terms of functionality, they don’t make much of a difference in your day to day use (wet grinding and dry grinding). However, when you plan to use it for preparing the batter, you need a 750W mixer grinder.
More often than not, bachelors don’t use their mixer grinders for batters. So, a 500W motor is good enough for them. When you compare products in this capacity, I feel Philips has the better quality of products. Though Preeti and Philips have about 6 mixer grinders in the 500W capacity, the quality and durability of the Philips models are far better than Preethi.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750 W - Best Mixer grinders in India

Buildup quality

In the Preethi and Philip mixer grinders, you will find an excellent quality of stainless steel jars & blades. Therefore, I wouldn’t say one brand is better than the other in this department.


From the many models that I reviewed, I found the Philips mixer grinders to be loaded with more features and automatic functionalities than the Preethi models. Yes, there may be a slight price difference, but I feel that it makes sense to invest that slightly bigger amount in a Philips model to get more out of your appliance. We will know more about these features in the next section.

Noteworthy technologies used

Both the Preethi and Philips mixer grinders are one of the most sought-after products in the Indian home appliances market. This is because they are continuously innovating and launching models with the latest technologies.

Some impressive technologies you can find in Philips mixer grinders are:
  • Automatic shut off functionality to prevent the appliance from breaking down due to overload
  • Advanced designing on the stainless steel blades to enable noiseless operation
  • Anti-Slip Vacuum Feet in most of the models for stable positioning of the jars
  • Click Lock technology to enable safe locking of the jars
  • Advanced Ventilation System to cool down the jar after use
  • Removable Coupler for easy washing and maintenance
Some of the innovative technologies you can find in most of the Preethi mixer grinders are:
  • Rust-proof and shock-proof exterior to ensure the longevity of the product
  • Flexi Lid Technology, which helps you to adjust the capacity of the jars
  • Vega WS Motor in some of the models, to ensure super-quick grinding of spices

The test of a good mixer grinder is its capacity to grind wet & dry ingredients to just the consistency that you want. I can confidently say that both the Philips and Preethi mixer grinders will not disappoint you in this regard. If you have old people at home who don’t want to be disturbed, you can opt for the Philips mixer grinders, because they are known for their noiseless operation.


A must-buy Mixer Grinder model from Preethi and Philips

I am personally impressed with two mixer grinders (one from Philips and the other from Preethi). So, I would like to recommend them to you. You could compare the features on Amazon and choose the one that suits your needs and budget constraints.


1. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond – 750-WattPreethi Blue Leaf Diamond vs Philips mixer Grinder

  • Machine-ground, polished and super-sharp stainless steel blades that grind even the toughest ingredients quickly and easily
  • Rust-proof and shock-proof body made from high -quality ABS plastic
  • Three-speed variations possible
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Flexi Lid allows you to adjust the capacity of a jar
  • Highly durable stainless steel jars

If you wish to have a close look at this model, you can watch the unboxing video below.



2. Philips HL 7720 – 750 Watt

Philips HL 7720 vs Preethi Mixer Grinders in India

  • A powerful 750-W motor comes with a 3- speed regulator and overload protector
  • Durable stainless steel jars for mixed, dry and wet grinding
  • Auto cut-off technology to prevent overloading problems
  • Rust-free and sturdy exterior to ensure the durability of the product
  • Easy-grip handles for holding the jars with comfort
  • Click lock system for securely positioning the jars

Again, if you wish to have a closer look at this model before buying, do watch the unboxing video below:



Which is the better model of the two?

Both the mixer grinders that I have recommended are known for their high-precision performance. When comparing their features, I found that they are both are similar in terms of efficient grinding, super-sharp blades, secure locking of jars, ease of use with the front-control knobs and the like. However, I always like a mixer grinder that doesn’t emit a lot of noise.

Therefore, when given a choice between the two, I would always opt for the Philips HL7720. There is hardly any difference in the price of the two models, HL 7720 looks classier and more elegant.


Conclusion – Preethi vs Philips

Honestly, comparing these two brands was quite a challenging task for me, because both of them are well-respected brands in the mixer grinder market in India today. By a slight margin, I feel that the Philips brand won this race because of two reasons – technological sophistication and noiseless operation. Do you agree with me as well?

This brings me to the end of my article comparing Preethi vs Philips mixer grinders in India. So, which one did you decide to opt for? Do share your review in the comments section below.


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