Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys in India - Review

Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys in India

Kitchen chimneys are in demand because, like me, a lot of people are genuinely concerned about creating a perfect smoke-free environment at home.  There’s a lot of cooking going on in my home so I, like a lot of families need a quick fix. I reviewed the Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys in India with a few of my friends and noticed that they share the same concerns as I do when it comes to creating a kitchen that is the cleanest breathing space in the home.

I tested a range of models from Faber’s extensive and impressive range of kitchen chimneys. Here’s a brief review of the products I tested.


Summary – Which Faber Chimney to Buy?

Before I get into the detailed review, let me quickly give out my product recommendations.

This Faber Chimney is the product that stood out from the rest. I would strongly recommend buying this model.  The same model is also available on Flipkart. So do ensure you check prices on both portals by clicking here before you buy.

Although this second 3-in-1 model with 2 baffle filters was also impressive, the model above provides a complete package at a very reasonable price.


Is Faber an Indian Brand?

Faber is a historic Italian machinery company. Its Indian branch has gained a lot of success because it’s a trustworthy brand that provides the best customer support and durability options. Currently, they are the only brand providing 3D kitchen hoods with motors that have silent and tornadic suction power.


Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys in India

I will now start off with my list of products that I have shortlisted. To ensure that I meet everyone’s need, I have selected products across different categories and price ranges.


Best 60 cm Faber Chimney

1. Faber HOOD ARCO 3D Plus

The first thing that attracted me to this model was the stylish look. I was happy to discover that this compact product was the perfect fit for my small kitchen. What made the experience even better was that the Noise Level never reached above 58Db–a fast, smooth and efficient cleaning experience.

Best 60 cm Kitchen Chimney by Faber

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Key Features:
  • 3D Suction Capacity – 1150 m3/hr suction power in itself for a 60cm model is impressive. In addition to that this model definitely had the most efficient hood, cleaning grease and dirt residue air with its unique 3-way suction chimney.
    • 25% higher suction force
    • 15% better dirt reduction
    • 10dBA Noise reduction
  • Comes with 3-layered stainless steel baffle filters – a patented baffle filter technology to improve filtering efficiency.
  • Made of steel and glass, giving this black model a classy look.
  • LED bulbs
  • 12-year warranty on motor
  • The model doesn’t have a touch panel or gesture control. But for fans of traditional push-button chimney sets like me, this wasn’t a major put-off.

This unit from Faber is a safe bet if you’re specifically looking for super-efficient cleaning in a 60cm unit.


Best 90 cm Faber Chimney

2. Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK

If you have ample kitchen space, this model from Faber is definitely one to consider. I was blown away by some of the amazing features unique to this product.

This product is also a must if you use a 5 burner hob in your kitchen and cook multiple food items at one go. The large span of this chimney helps clear the smoke quickly.

Best Faber 90 Cms Chimney in India - Filter-less

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Key Features:
  • Filter-less Chimney – A step ahead of auto-clean technology, chimneys with no filters have completely eliminated the need to manually clean the unit. Zero maintenance cost or effort.
    1200m3/h suction power severely enhances the speed with which the motor gets rid of the oil and smoke particles.
  • Gesture Control – I love this feature. While cooking I can just move my hand and the unit takes simple instructions like turn suction on, etc. No more touching the chimney with damp hands!
  • Auto-clean technology
  • Touch control panel
  • This chimney reached a maximum noise level of 58db; quite impressive for a unit running so many operations at a high speed, simultaneously.
  • In short, this is a fantastic product. Priced at around 16,000 INR this product is ideal if you have a big kitchen space and a vent.

No cons, just positives for this set!


Best Auto-Clean Faber Kitchen Chimney

3. Faber Hood Primus Energy Tc Hc

This chimney unit from Faber is impressive in a lot of ways. Designed with thick tempered and curved glass, this sleek-looking unit comes with Thermal Auto Cleaning.

This model is available in both, 60 as well as 90 cm variants. So you can buy one depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen.

Best Auto-Clean Faber Kitchen Chimney - Hood Primus Energy Tc Hc

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Key Features:
  • Runs in 3 speeds. Maximum suction power is 1500 m3/h which is the highest in all the products I reviewed
  • 3-layered stainless steel baffle filters for added smoke filtration
  • Glass Touch Panel – Auto Clean your chimney with simple touch control
  • Energy-efficient LED Bulbs
  • Extremely low noise levels (less than 56dba)
  • Strong motor
  • The advanced heat auto clean technology is supported by oil accumulators. Along with the 3-layered baffle filters, they eliminate oil and dirt particles with ease.
  • Warranty – 1 year on the set, 5 years on the motor

Although the standard installation was supposed to cost me near about 700 INR (as mentioned on the website), I had to pay twice that amount. But still, I would say this product is a great long term buy.


Best Model with Gesture Control

4. Faber Hood Crest Touch & Gesture Control

I love gesture control chimneys. It is such a simple yet magnificent feature that gets better every time I use it. When it comes to chimney models with gesture control, there’s none better than Faber’s 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Touch & Gesture Control, Black).

Faber Hood Crest Kitchen Chimney Review

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Here are some of the key product features that I really loved.

Key Features:
  • Filter-less and Gesture Control – Two features every chimney model must have
  • Reduced noise level – With a strong suction power of 1200m3/h you’d expect the unit to make a lot of noise, but the motor’s design makes sure that noise levels do not cross the 50db mark.
  • Comes with Oil Collectors for easy disposal
  • Energy-efficient LED Lamps
  • Auto clean technology

If cutting edge technology is what you want in your chimney, it does not get better than this. This unit from Faber is priced at around 17,000 INR, which I feel is quite reasonable.


Best 3-in-1Faber Kitchen Chimney

5. Faber Hood 3 in 1 Aerostation Glamour

By far the best 3-in-1 Model I tested, this unit is equipped with Faber’s exclusive 3-in-1 hood aerostation technology.

Faber Hood Aerostation Glamour Chimney Review

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Again, this model too is available in both 60 & 90 Cms models. Even better, there are two colour variations available to help you match them to your kitchen’s styling needs.

To have a closer look at the mode, make sure you watch the video below:

Key Features:
  • 3-layered stainless steel baffle filters
  • Hood with fan for added smoke filtration
  • Bio Colour LED Indicator and Touch control panel
  • Air Purification Technology with spot cooling
  • 12-year warranty on motor

With a decent suction capacity of 1000m3/h, you can’t go wrong with this standard and reliable 90 cm model from Faber. Priced at around 23,000 INR, this is a great long term purchase.

Faber India manufactures modern chimneys with unique designs for various types of kitchen requirements. Unsurprisingly, all of these 4+ rating products on Amazon were very impressive.

You can’t choose wrong with Faber!

I hope this article “Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys in India” helped you select the right model for your kitchen. Which model did you opt for? How were your purchase and installation experience?

Do let me know in the comments section below.

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