Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney Comparison & Review India

Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney

Indian food is as diverse as its culture. Different foods from different parts of India make up the famous Indian cuisines. Our cooking style may be unique to each distinct ethnicities and cultures. However,  spices, ghee and various oils are the necessary ingredients of most Indian dishes.

Keeping in mind the way Indian households cook, kitchens in India need efficient ventilation.

If we look back, people before us have tried numerous ventilation methods but nowadays chimneys are the most effective when it comes to ventilation. They are vertical columns over stoves, furnaces and fireplaces to provide an outlet for the escape of smoke and hot gases.

Two of the most popular and hot selling brands dealing in Kitchen chimneys are Elica & Faber. I get asked a lot via emails about doing a detailed comparison of Faber vs Elica Kitchen Chimney. Hence I decided to come up with this post.


Summary: Elica vs Faber – Which one to buy?

I am a firm believer of not being a brand loyalist. I believe, brands and companies are in the market to fulfil your need. You should opt for the product that best fulfils your needs and the price point of your choosing.

Having said this, you also need to factor in serviceability of various brands in your area. Brands in India are notorious for being very inconsistent in servicing their products after they are sold.

So do get in touch with your neighbors and/or friends to get some feedback about the service quality of a particular brand in your area.


If I have to recommend just one product that will suit well for most Indian households, then it will be this particular model by Elica. It is amongst the best-selling models online and has a good suction capacity. It comes with auto-clean functionality.

For someone looking for a bigger and more powerful chimney, this product by Faber will work really well.

Do note that both these auto-clean chimneys are a bit noisy, especially at high speed. If you are looking for quieter options, do have a look at this model by Elica.

Having provided my recommendations, I will now proceed with the comparison.

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Elica Vs Faber Chimneys – Comparison:

Elica and Faber are the two famous kitchen appliances brand of India. Unlike other brands that are imported from outside India, these two brands have manufacturing plants in India.

Whenever Indians buy something for their kitchens, Elica and Faber are often discussed among family members. So if we compare these two brands, who will take the lead?


Elica prides itself to be the no. 1 brand but is it really the best brand among all brands for kitchen appliances?

  • Longer Warranty: Elica provides longer warranties compared to other brands.
  • Silent Chimney Range: This range is unique to Elica.
  • Price Range: Elica offers a different price range for customers with different budgets.
  • Performance: Elica’s performance is good and it gets the job of ventilating your house done.
  • No- replacement policy: it has come to my knowledge that Elica has no return policy even if they deliver a faulty product. You must-read through Elica’s return policy before making your purchase!
  • Repair service: Elica is not a brand that has the best service. All the repairs are done by local agencies and engineers that work for multiple other brands.

Customers have suggested Elica for beautiful aesthetics and longer warranties.


Note – Do consider check out Best Kitchen Chimney & Hob Combos in India.



Faber is a household brand that most Indians are familiar with. Why most Indians trust Faber so much?

  • Warranty: Faber offers the longest time warranty on motor and rotor.
  • Noise-free: Faber Chimneys don’t make loud noises but they are not as silent as Elica’s silent range chimneys.
  • Price Range: Just like Elica, Faber also caters to customers with different economic and social status.
  • Performance: Faber is praised by many customers for its efficient ventilation.
  • Replacement Policy: Faber will replace the part of your product that’s troubling to restore it back to its working conditions.
  • Repair service: All brands of household appliances have this downfall. Their repair service is not as hassle-free as they make out to be.

Faber is known for its unique functions like 3-way suction power. If you want your kitchen to be free of each and every oil and smoke particle then Faber is your brand!


Products to consider:

Weighing the pros and cons of both brands, I have recommended chimneys from both and now you have to decide which one is best for your kitchen!



This elegant-looking chimney comes with a free installation kit as well as a 5-year guarantee. Its features include touchpads, easy-to-clean baffles filters, and energy efficiency.WDFL 606 HAC LTW MS NERO - Best Elica vs Faber Auto Clean

Check the Latest Price – Amazon 

Key Features:
  • This is a wall-mounted chimney with auto-clean functionality
  • This kitchen chimney is good for 2 to 4 burner kitchen hobs (60 cms)
  • Has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, which is enough for a 200 sqft kitchen
  • Elica offers a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 5 years warranty on the motor


2. FABER Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 60

However, if your kitchen is slightly bigger or if you have the need to get an even more powerful chimney, then this is the product for you.

FABER Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 60 Review + Price in India

Check the Latest Price in India – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The size of the chimney is the same as Elica above (60 cms)
  • This is also a wall-mounted chimney with auto clean functionality
  • Comes with a powerful 1500 m3/hr suction capability. Ideal for a household with heavy frying needs
  • Uses baffle filter to separate the grease
  • Faber too offers a one year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor.


3. Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB – Deep Silence

This is an ideal product for someone who is willing to compromise on the performance to get a silent kitchen chimney.

Kitchen chimneys are notorious for making a loud noise, especially at full power. Elica’s deep silence range removes this hurdle for you.

Elica Spot NG EDS LTW PB deep silence chimney

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Amazon

A few more products that you can consider are as below. Click on the name of the product to get more details about the same.


4. Elica GLACE SF ETB PLUS LTW 60 NERO PB (Clickable)

With an elegant pyramid design, this chimney offers a 5- year warranty and a powerful suction feature.


5. Faber HOOD FEEL 3D (Clickable)

This is one of the most trusted chimneys Faber offers that comes with a gesture control panel. It is filterless which means oil particles and smoke particles won’t affect its suction power.


6. Faber HOOD GLASSY 3D, 2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters (Clickable)

This chimney comes with 3 layer baffle filters which are design specifically for oily Indian cooking. Its features include controlled noise levels as well as a 12-year warranty on its motor.

This brings me to an end of my product recommendations.

However, if you need to know some basics about buying kitchen chimney, then you can continue reading the article further.

Else, feel free to explore the chimneys I recommended above by clicking on the links provided.


Not all chimney types are sufficient for all houses. Installing a chimney suitable for your house’s architecture is of utmost importance because if your chimney fails to ventilate your house properly then you’ll be subjected to various fire hazards.


Different Kinds of Chimneys:


To understand what type of chimney is suitable for an Indian house, I have analyzed different chimneys and their pros and cons to letting you know what will work best in your house.

Masonry Chimneys:
  • These are the traditional chimneys that most of us have seen firsthand. But even if we haven’t seen them, we are familiar with their aesthetics because of books and movies.

They are made from bricks, blocks and stones and are best suited for houses that use the same material in the construction.

These chimneys are good for a house with a concrete foundation. Though it looks like they don’t need much space because of the perception that they are built inside walls or on the roof but that’s not true! Masonry Chimneys need more space than any other type of chimneys.


Factory-built Chimneys:
  • These Chimneys are mostly seen in modern houses. They are fixed over fireplaces made from metal sheets. That’s why they are also known as prefabricated Chimneys.

Just what its name suggests, these chimneys are built inside factories and are taken to houses for installation.

In this in-depth review of factory-built chimneys, there are many types that you can choose from.

  • Air-cooled Chimneys: these chimneys use metals that absorb heat and dissipate it in the environment.
  • Double-wall Chimneys: these chimneys have double walls and insulation material is used between them.
  • Air-insulated Chimneys: These chimneys are built like air-cooled Chimneys but unlike them, they do not dissipate heat in the environment but air trapped between their metal plates is used for insulation.

After reading about the different types of chimneys, you will have an inkling as to what you will need for your house. But do not just believe my word! There is no harm in consulting a professional and getting his opinion on the matter.


Chimneys if maintained and cleaned regularly will work efficiently but they won’t perform their best if they are not taken care of. Cleaning chimney is time-consuming and requires much effort.


Manual Chimneys:

  • These are traditional chimneys that are cleaned manually and almost every other week for them to function properly.
  • Oil particles from smoke get stuck in the filters and slow down its performance.


Auto-Clean Chimneys:

  • These chimneys are digitally equipped. You can clean your chimneys just by pressing the auto-clean button. Oil particles from smoke are separated and stored in oil containers and from there they are removed through two different processes.

There are two different types of auto-clean chimneys that are:

  • Thermostat auto-clean chimneys: They have a heating coil that gets heated and melts the oil particles inside the oil container and from there, these particles are stored in the waste tray or cup.
  • Wet auto-clean chimneys: These chimneys have water containers that sprinkle hot water whenever you press the auto-clean button. The waste is collected in a cup or tray attached separately with the chimney just like thermostat auto-clean chimneys.

Auto-Clean Chimneys are expensive compared manual chimneys but they are worth your money. These chimneys not only save your time but they are easy to maintain.


What to look for in a chimney?

Now that we know all about different types of chimneys, we must know what kind of additions and services we need for a chimney meant to facilitate an Indian household.

  • Brass burners: it is preferable if your chimney’s hob is with brass burners to get the right flame.
  • Suction power: Since Indian cooking is really complex with different oils and hot fluid gases then its better if the suction power of your chimney is unbeatable. Faber brand from India offers 3-way suction that will ensure that no dust and oil particles remain in your kitchen.
  • Efficient Filters: Filters that don’t clog easily are the best choice for an Indian kitchen. You should buy chimneys with efficient Filters depending on the number if times you cook.


Choosing a chimney for your household is a significant decision. You must know what is fit for your house as well as what suits your family. Poor ventilation in your house subjects your family to various breathing disorders.

The best way to go about buying a chimney is to do thorough research and talk with professionals that can advise you what to look for in a chimney. If you keep in mind everything I told you so far, you are ready to buy your chimney!


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  1. I don’t know about Elica, but FABER is worst product with my experience I’m saying every 5years we have to invest thousands of money to replace hobs and hoods.
    No service, service person comes to collect visiting charges and say parts has to come than only we can replace it. After that he won’t lift phone also. If we call to local customer, he is saying it is old product. No spares.
    We are spending 70 to 80 thousands of money but no spares. So I’m going to throw in dustbin both hobs and hoods after replacing with new one.

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