Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro

Are you planning to buy a mixer grinder for your home? Two of the most popular brands in the market are Sujata Dynamix and Bosch TrueMixx Pro. If you are confused about which one to choose, then read on to know more about these two mixers and which one is better.

Comparing Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro

I would choose this model because it offers features like low noise, a high-speed motor, and high power. It is slightly more expensive but it also has a few additional features like five different speed and pulse settings and an extra-large jar.

As an alternative, I would suggest this model by Preethi (Not Zodiac). It comes with a  750 Watt Motor and 4 Jars. It does your everyday grinding and mixing jobs superbly.


Comparison Table

Features Sujata Dynamix Bosch TrueMixx Pro
Power 900 W 1000 W
Number of Jars 3 4
Weight 3.8 Kg 4.3 Kg
Material Used Steel + Plastic Steel + ABS
Speed Settings 3 3

Overview of Sujata Dynamix

The Sujata Dynamix is a powerful juicer mixer grinder from the well-known appliance maker Sujata. This advanced kitchen appliance is designed to take care of all your grinding and blending needs effortlessly.

It comes with an efficient 810 watts motor that delivers the perfect amount of power to churn tough ingredients with ease. To ensure maximum ease of use, the appliance comes with a unique 3-speed motor control.

This allows the user to choose the speed according to their needs. The Sujata Dynamix also features an advanced auto-cut-off mechanism for maximum safety and convenience. Moreover, the appliance comes with an extra-large jar capacity of 1.5-liters, which makes it ideal for mixing and mashing.

Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro - Feature Comparison

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Along with this, the appliance comes with a unique double-lock safety mechanism. This ensures that the lid is locked on securely and there are no chances of any leakages or spillage while operating the appliance.

To make the appliance even more user-friendly, it is equipped with an innovative power switch to start and stop the motor. The Sujata Dynamix also comes with a stunning three-year warranty that makes it a great appliance to invest in.

Overview of Bosch Truemixx Pro

The Bosch Truemixx Pro is an advanced food mixer that has been designed to make kitchen tasks easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. This versatile appliance features a powerful 800-watt motor and six easily adjustable speed settings, allowing you to mix, whip, and knead efficiently and to the desired consistency.

The four-quart bowl is made from stainless steel for strength and durability, and it has a wide-mouth opening for easy food processing and quick cleanup. An additional processing bowl, with a capacity of two quarts, is also included for added convenience.

The Truemixx Pro offers a variety of attachments, including beaters, a whisk, and dough hooks. The beaters are made from stainless steel for superior performance, while the whisk and dough hooks are made from durable plastic.

Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro - Price Comparison

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Additionally, the appliance features an integrated pulse setting for added control when mixing ingredients. The mixer also has a safety lock feature for added security, and a non-skid base to keep it steady on the countertop.

In terms of design, this mixer grinder by Bosch is sleek and modern, with a stainless steel finish and blue LED speed indicators. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and the wide-mouthed bowl opening and easy-clean function make cleanup quick and easy.

Other features include a soft-start function to minimize splashing, and a timer to ensure ingredients are mixed thoroughly. The mixer also comes with a seven-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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Motor Comparison – Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro

  • Type of Motor: Sujata Dynamix features a powerful 900-watt motor and Bosch Truemixx Pro features a 700-watt motor
  • Voltage: Sujata Dynamix requires 220-240 volts and Bosch Truemixx Pro requires 230-240 volts
  • Speed Settings: Sujata Dynamix has 3 speed settings and Bosch Truemixx Pro has 2 speed settings
  • Overload Protection: Sujata Dynamix is equipped with an overload protector and Bosch Truemixx Pro is not
  • Cord Length: Sujata Dynamix has a 2-meter cord length and Bosch Truemixx Pro has a 1.5-meter cord length
  • Noise Level: Sujata Dynamix produces less noise and Bosch Truemixx Pro produces more noise.

Speed Settings

  • Sujata Dynamix – It comes with three options of speed settings – slow, medium, and high. With the slow setting, you can run the mixer at half speed, while the medium option is best suited for tasks such as chopping and mixing. The high setting is ideal for whipping and aerating.
  • Bosch Truemixx Pro – This model offers four speed options – slow, medium-low, medium-high, and high. The slow speed is great for smooth blending, while the medium low and medium-high settings are suitable for tasks such as chopping and blending. The high setting is best used for whipping and aerating.

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Jar Comparison – Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro

  • Number of Jars: Sujata Dynamix comes with 3 jars – 1.5L Wet Jar, 0.8L Dry Jar, 0.3L Chutney Jar, whereas Bosch Truemixx Pro comes with 2 jars – 0.9L Wet Jar and 0.5L Dry Jar.
  • Capacity of Jars: Sujata Dynamix dry jar has a capacity of 0.8L, whereas Bosch Truemixx Pro also has a dry jar capacity of 0.5L. Sujata Dynamix wet jar has a capacity of 1.5L while Bosch Truemixx Pro wet jar has a capacity of 0.9L. Further, Sujata Dynamix has a chutney jar with a capacity of 0.3L, while Bosch Truemixx Pro does not have a chutney jar.
  • Material: Sujata Dynamix jars are made of Stainless Steel and polycarbonate while Bosch Truemixx Pro jars are made of 100% stainless steel.

Safety Features

  • Sujata Dynamix:
    • Overload protection prevents motor from over-heating.
    • High quality stainless steel blades ensure no rusting.
    • Separate jar for grinding and liquidizing.
    • Automatic shut off feature when jars are overloaded.
    • Sturdy base and shock resistant ABS body for a safe operation.
  • Bosch Truemixx Pro:
    • Smart voltage protection which prevents from any voltage fluctuations.
    • Geared lid lock safety with interlock feature.
    • Heat sensitive cut out for motor safety.
    • Stainless steel blade for durability.
    • Ventilated body for protection from over-heating.

Additional Features

  • Sujata Dynamix
    • Sharp stainless steel blades with a 4200rpm motor
    • A powerful 900 W motor for better grinding and liquidizing
    • Unbreakable polycarbonate jar enhances durability
    • Unique locking system prevents splashing of content during operation
    • Patented sugarcane juicer attachment with Sujata Dynamix
  • Bosch Truemixx Pro
    • Sharp stainless steel blades
    • Powerful 1000 W motor
    • Unbreakable polycarbonate jar
    • Unique locking system for safety
    • 4 speed level settings
    • Puree, smoothie and mincing options
    • Multi-functional Super Food Processor for chopping, shredding, grating
    • LED display with indicator for overload

Price Comparison

  • Sujata Dynamix: priced at Rs 5999, it offers a 900-watt motor with a 3-speed setting and a 2-year warranty.
  • Bosch TrueMixx Pro: priced at Rs 7179, it offers a 1000-watt motor with a 7-speed setting and a 3-year warranty.

When it comes to price comparison between Sujata Dynamix and Bosch TrueMixx Pro, the Sujata Dynamix is cheaper than Bosch TrueMixx Pro by approximately Rs 1180. However, Bosch TrueMixx Pro offers a more powerful motor with higher wattage and more speed settings for a slightly higher price tag.

If you are looking for a powerful motor with higher wattage and more speed setting, Bosch TrueMixx Pro is the best option for you. It also comes with an additional year of warranty compared to Sujata Dynamix. This makes Bosch TrueMixx Pro the more value for money option.

User Reviews – Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch Truemixx Pro

  • Sujata Dynamix – It has a powerful motor of 900 W with three-speed settings which ensures faster and more efficient performance. The speed settings can be adjusted as per the requirement. This blender also has an overload protection feature that ensures the durability and safety of the motor. This blender also has a unique jar design with an anti-skid base and a vacuum lid that provides a better grip.
  • Bosch Truemixx Pro – It has a powerful motor of 1000 W with four-speed settings and three special functions which makes it suitable for a variety of blending tasks like blending green smoothies, ice crushing, and more. The mixer also comes with a unique Vacuum Sealing technology which helps to retain all the flavors and nutrients of the ingredients. It also has a splash guard to prevent the mixture from spilling while blending.
  • User Reviews – The Sujata Dynamix has an overload protection feature which makes it very reliable and safe to use. The jar has an anti-skid base and a vacuum lid which provides a better grip. The Bosch Truemixx Pro mixer has four-speed settings and three special functions which makes it suitable for a variety of tasks. The Vacuum Sealing technology helps to retain the flavors and nutrients of the ingredients. Customers also appreciate the splash guard which prevents the mixture from spilling.
  • Both the models have good user reviews with customers appreciating their performance and features. However, the Bosch Truemixx Pro mixer has more features which makes it more suitable for those who are looking for a more versatile blender.

My Ratings – Sujata Dynamix vs Bosch TrueMixx Pro

Parameters Sujata Dynamix Bosh TrueMixx Pro
Motor Capacity 9.5/10 9.0/10
Power Consumption 7.5/10 8.0/10
Durability 9.5/10 9.0/10
Design 9.0/10 9.5/10
Noise 8.5/10 9.0/10
Performance 9.0/10 9.5/10
Price 8.0/10 7.5/10


Overall, both the Sujata Dynamix and the Bosch TrueMixx Pro are excellent food processors that help make all your kitchen tasks easier and faster. Depending on your needs, one of these two is sure to be the perfect fit for you.

Whether it’s the Sujata Dynamix with its powerful motor or the Bosch TrueMixx Pro with its versatility and range of attachments, you can be sure of great results every time.

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