Sujata Dynamix vs Powermatic vs Multimix

Since you have landed on this page you already how good Sujata Mixer Grinders are. They dominate the commercial market in India and for reason. Their mixer grinders can crush anything that you can throw at and will last you for a generation. Hence, I wrote this comparison post on three of their best products, Sujata Dynamix vs Powermatic vs Multimix.

p.s. – If you do not know much about this brand, then you wish to read my article on Sujata Mixer Grinder Review.

Before I proceed with the detailed comparison, let me put out my recommendations for those people who do not wish to go through the minor details.


Summary – Which Model to Buy?

Let me put it this way, all three products are really good but very distinctive. So I recommend buying the model that fits your requirements the best. I have categorized the three of them below help you select the right one.

  • For most Indian households, wherein you need the mixer grinder to carry out a wide variety of tasks such as making chutneys, grinding turmeric or making the occasional juice, this is the right product for your needs. The same model is also available on Flipkart, so do remember to click here to compare prices before you hit that buy now button. Overall this the best model out the three in question in this review.
  • If you can afford to spend a bit higher, I recommend going for this 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder instead. Its build quality is much superior compared that to the Sujata model I recommended above. The same model is available on Flipkart Here.
  • However, if you looking at a simple but efficient & powerful mixer grinder, then I strongly recommend buying this model. Again, check out the price on Flipkart too.
  • Buy this model only if you are looking specifically for a juicer first. Even though you can use it as a regular mixer grinder, it will simply take up a lot of space in your kitchen. As with both the model above, do not forget to check for more reviews and compare price here.


SUJATA MULTIMIX 900 Review in India
Sujata Multimix 900


Sujata Dynamix vs Powermatic vs Multimix

I will now begin with a detailed comparison between these three models. To make things easier to understand, I will show the differences between these models using the comparison table below.

Comparison Table
Power900 Watts900 Watts900 Watts
Jars3Juicer + 3Juicer + 3
Conti. Usage90 mins90 mins90 mins


As you can see from the table above, on the technical front there is hardly any difference in the models at hand. However, all three of them are built for specific requirements.

I will touch upon them in the section below.


Sujata Dynamix vs Powermatic & Powermatic Plus

Before we get in this comparison. Let me clarify something about the Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder.

There are two variations available in Powermatic. The simple version (Powermatic) and Powermatic Plus. The simple version only comes with the juicer. However, the Powermatic plus comes with extra mixer grinder jars too.

For this comparison, we will be considering the Powermatic Plus variant.

Sujata Powermatic plus review India

Dynamix and Powermatic Plus are two very different models by Sujata. Dynamix is more like the traditional mixer grinder. While Powermatic plus can act as both a Juicer as well as a mixer grinder.

So, if you consume juice frequent and need to extract it for the entire family, the Powermatic plus version will best suit your needs. However, if you need only a mixer grinder, then Dynamix will be a better buy.


Sujata Powermatic Plus vs Multimix

Both these products are juicer mixer grinder. However, Multimix comes with additional features like a centrifugal juicer jar. You can use this product to even extract coconut milk.

Powermatic Plus, on the other hand, is a regular Juicer Mixer Grinder. So, if you are looking to buy something that is value for money, you can opt for Powermatic Plus.

But, if you are looking for all-round performance, the Multimix is a better buy. 


Alternatives to the Sujata Models:

We have spoken a lot of Sujata Mixer Grinders.  However, if you can extend your budget by roughly a thousand rupees, then you are better off buying this model by Bosch.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder

It comes with 4 different Jars and has a much better build quality compared to Sujata. Even though I feel performance wise both these mixer grinders are at par. I would surely buy Bosch just because of the robustness of the product.

Do keep in mind that this a 1000w product and is a bit noisier compared to the Sujata models.


This brings me to the end of my review comparing Sujata Dynamix vs Powermatic vs Multimix. I hope I was able to help you select the right mixer grinder for your kitchen.

So, which model did you opt for? Do you have any further question? Use the comments section below to further communicate with me. I will surely respond at the earliest possible time.


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