Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines in India

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines in India

Dipping your hands in ice cold water flowing directly from the melting glaciers to do your laundry, how does that sound? Sounds old and almost impossible in this era. Neither do we do laundry by the river nor do we do laundry by hand. Due to the crazy inventions that emerge every day, there’s no place for human labor.

Laundry that takes place in every household is a mere human labor now. Everything is done by the machine and all that a human needs to do is check. Pretty easy for the human right? With the present washing machines, laundry is now easier and quicker than ever.

Washing machines have been existing since the early 20th century and have been impeccably evolving till date. New models, new sizes, new features and new everything. For about a century, it has shown his capability to make mankind invest in it. It has even secured its position as a family member in most households. All hail the inventor of washing machines! But the fact that washing machines have truly saved you or your family from massive workload is an undeniable truth.

So these miracle workers called as washing machines are quite competitive among themselves too just like the human race. Surviving amidst several candidates and dashing their way through the finish line is the top loading washing machine and front loading washing machine.

These two are like your left and right hand but you don’t know yet which one is which. Some may say top loading washing machines are better while some may argue that front loading washing machines are better.  So Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines in India, which one exactly is better? Now we bring you the list of their characteristic traits completely revealed like a school report card. Here we go!


1. Top Loading Washing Machines

These are washing machines with an opening on the top and are classified into traditional top loading washing machines. The wash drum is vertically aligned for washing laundry.

Pros of Top Load Washing Machines:
  1. Easy to load and unload as one doesn’t have to bend like in the case of front loading washing machines.
  2. They are very cost efficient as the average price for the machines is lower.
  3. More sturdy with more lasting capability.
  4. Does not need much care and maintenance.
  5. Does not have much smell issues as the moisture evaporates.
  6. Washing cycles are shorter.
  7. They are less bulky and take up smaller space in your homes.
  8. These washing machines are more energy efficient.
Cons of Top Load Machines:
  1. Does not remove stains as efficiently as front loading washing machines.
  2. Cannot save as much detergent and water as the front loading machines.
  3. Not possible to stack your dryer on top of the machine.
  4. Have lesser features when compared to front loading machines.
  5. Noise is higher compared to Front load machines.


2. Front Loading Washing Machines

They have an opening on the front side and have extra capacity to fit more laundry. These more technologically advanced with more wash cycles. The wash drum is fitted horizontally.

Pros of Front Load Washing Machines:
  1. Are known to save more water, energy, and detergent.
  2. A separate dryer can be stacked on top of the machine
  3. Are more gentle to your clothes
  4. Are better at stain removals and cleaning than top loading washing machines.
  5. Less noise during washing cycles so no problem doing the laundry at any time.
Cons of Front Load Machines:
  1. Are a bit more expensive compared to the other machines.
  2. Bending over to load or unload can be tiring.
  3. Can produce bad smell due to moisture retention.
  4. Overloading can damage the washing machine.
  5. Adding laundry during a cycle is prohibited as they are locked.
  6. They are bulky and take up more space in your utility area / homes.

Although most households are now mostly opting for front load machines as they are more efficient at cleaning laundry. But the competition here is real and it’s actually hard to decide but it depends on your preference. Everyone has different preferences which are why these two washing machines still exist as rivals.

But additional features, best brands of washing machines, quality and all can also determine their position and price. While we might not be thinking about comparing the two types of washing machines, we already know the field they excel in. Excelling in helping out mankind. To do laundry ourselves wit out the help of a washing machine is a nightmare. It is an idea that cannot exist in this era. Therefore the idea of buying the unfit or wrong washing machine should not exist either. One should look into carefully and purchase the right kind of washing machine accordingly. They might not last a lifetime but they do know how to find their place in the family. So next time you choose a washing machine, keep in mind that you choose a family member. And family members always look after each other.


By now we assume you have gone through the article above and understands differences between Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines in India. Summary of the comparison is as below:

Top Load Washing Machines should be preferred by:

  1.  Families who are looking for budget washing machines.
  2. College students looking for temporary laundry solution.
  3. Families buying washing machine for the first time & do not want complicated options
  4. Families constraint by space.

Front Load Washing Machines should be considered by:

  1.  Families not constraint by budgets and go for a more efficient machine
  2. Some in the house who is willing to understand and use the different wash cycles and options offered by Front Load washing machines
  3. Some one looking for a long term laundry partner

We hope by now you would have decided on what type of washing machine you should be buying. You can read our article to now decide which brand of washing machine you should buy in India.

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