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MarQ Washing Machine Review

MarQ had launched semi-automatic washing machines sometime back. However, lately, they launched a couple of fully automatic washing machines. These models have been an instant hit with the consumers. But are they really worth buying? Read this MarQ Washing Machine Review below to find out.



So, Do I recommend buying MarQ washing machines?  Yes – for the right consumer

Will I rate them at par with LG, Bosch and IFB Washing MachinesNo, Not yet

Are they a better bet compared to some of the other value (Cheaper) brands – Definitely yes

Which of the Models do I recommend buying?  – Go for this Model (This one is a front load washing machine).

If you wish to buy something more value for money but are willing to sacrifice on the wash quality and feature available, then you can go for this Top Load Model.

I hope this gave you a gist of my rating of MarQ washing machines. Do read the complete article for detailed answers to the question I referenced above.


Update: – As per the latest court ruling, Flipkart won’t be able to use the MarQ brand name any further. I will keep you updated once Flipkart rebrands their product. You can read more about the ruling – Here


MarQ: Company Details:

As some of you might already know that the brand MarQ is owned and serviced by Flipkart. This is the reason that MarQ washing machines are exclusively available only on Flipkart. The installation and service of the product are carried out by Jeeves (Another Flipkart company).

The product comes with an at-home repair warranty. Flipkart also provides an option to extend this warranty by 2 years on most MarQ washing machines.

This is the reason you won’t find any details about MarQ service centres or call centre numbers. You have to call the Flipkart customer service number and register you complain. Jeeves executives will come down to your home and address the concern (at the time of writing this review)


Review of Best MarQ Washing Machines:


1. MarQ 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load – MQFLXI75

As you would have noticed above, this is the washing machine that I recommend to buy. This is the latest model launched by Flipkart. It has all the features that any washing machine by a premium brand in the range of Rs. 30,000 would have.

Have a look at some of the User Reviews & Latest Price – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic front load washing machine with a laundry capacity of 7.5 KGs
  • The dries can operate at a max speed of 1200 RPM. This is one of the highest speed available in this price range
  • This product offers 15 different wash programs including an 18-minute quick wash functionality
  • The washing drum is made using stainless steel
  • Uses a powerful belt drive motor. However, it would have been better if they would have offered a direct drive motor.
  • A tub clean functionality is available to keep your washing machine hygienic and germ-free
  • Anti-crease function comes inbuilt into the machine
  • Options available to select wash temperature and spin cycle speed


  • A few users face a delay in installation
  • The machine is relatively new. Hence its durability is still unknown

You can watch the video below to see this washing machine up-close. There is also another smaller version available for this washing machine. The model will be covered in details below:



2. MarQ 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load –MQFLXI65

This is a slightly smaller model of the washing machine shown above. Hence, it is priced lower accordingly.

6.5 kg MarQ MQFLXI65 washing machine review

Check the Price difference between the two machines – Flipkart

Comparison: MarQ MQFLXI75 vs MQFLXI65

  • The most obvious and visual difference between the two washing is the colour of the door. The MQFLXI75 has a much better looking black door while the MQFLXI65 has a regular door
  • MQFLXI75 has a higher wash capacity of 7.5 Kg, while the MQFLXI65 has a 6.5 kg wash capacity
  • The MQFLXI75 has a higher spin speed of 1200 RPM while the MQFLXI65 is limited to 1000 RPM
  • Similarly, MQFLXI75 has 15 difference wash cycle options compared to 10 wash cycles available with MQFLXI65
  • There is almost 2 to 3 thousand rupee difference between the two washing machine. MQFLXI65 obviously being the cheaper

So if you have a limited budget and can make good with a smaller capacity of the washing machine, you can surely opt for this one.



3.  MarQ 7.5  KG Semi Automatic Top Load – MQSA75

However, if your budget is under Rs. 10,000 this is the washing machine that will suit you the best.

This is a semi-automatic washing machine with a good 7.5 KG laundry capacity. The build quality of the machine is really good compared to the price that you pay for this. This machine also features in my list of cheapest washing machines in India.

MarQ 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine MQSA75 REview

Key Features:

  • Semi-automatic top loading washing machine
  • Made using high-quality ABS plastic. This makes the washing machine more durable and rust proof
  • Three different wash functionalities for the different type of clothes along with a pre-programmed pre-soak feature
  • Has air vents that help get clothes to get dried up quickly even during monsoons
  • Comes with a lint filter and buzzer alert for denoting completion of the wash cycle


  • Can get a bit noisy and vibrate a bit if the machine is not adjusted correctly

You can also watch the video below to see the washing machine up-close and understand the features offered by the same.



This brings me to an end of my review of the MarQ washing machines by Flipkart. I hope you were able to make up your mind on which is the right machine for your household. If you are still not sure, do refer my guides on the best washing machines in India and Top brands that you can opt for.

You can reach out to me using the comments section below if you have any further questions about MarQ washing machines.

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  1. I have order a MarQ washing maching from flipkart after 12 days they are telling our delivery patner is unable to deliver so your order has been cancelled. Worst service i would never expect from such a big companies.. When i was ordering again the company has increased the machine price.

  2. Marq 7.5kg doesnot come with speed regulator. So when spinning it goes to maximum speed the motor spins the drum. Hence motor belt and main bearing are worn out first time right at the end of 1year usage bearing failure and later belt problem covered in warranty. Now after 2 years of usage of weekly twice under normal wash program (never changed since brought) its bearing problem again. Which makes me wonder is the bearing quality poor and when asked private washing Machine repair person he said “only marq doesn’t have speed regulator and runs MAX speed and so wear and tear”. Then i came to realisation i should have purchased other washing machines as they have 4 years on washing machine and 10 years on motor. But marQ only 1 year warranty on washing machine and 3 years on motor. If i calculate replacement of parts price it comes to more pricey than other washing machines.

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