Best Washing Machine & Softener for Hard Water in India


A lot of users are lately contacting me to ask which is the best washing machine for hard water in India. So I thought it would be better to write a detailed post on the issue. Generally, if you use borewell water, there are good chances that you are using hard water in your washing machine.

Hard water not only damages your clothes but also your washing machine. The scale that builds up in your machine clogs up parts, slowly impacting the performance fo your machine.

I will also cover details about what a water softener is and how you can use it in your household with a washing machine.

So, let us get going with the review.


Which is the best Washing Machine for hard water in India?

Short Answer – Go for either  

  1. Senator Aqua SX
  2. IFB Senorita or
  3. IFB Diva Aqua Washing machine 

Some IFB washing machines have Aqua Energie feature built in them (Mentioned above). IFB has developed a powerful technology using a magnet to dissolve and extract the minerals that make water hard. This great reduces the impact of hard water on your clothes and washing machine.

But I also have actually got some bad news for people who get hard water in their home. Buying the above-mentioned washing machine only makes your situation a little better. You will need additional protection if the salinity of the water content in your area is really high.

So how do I counter hard water in my washing machine? Just follow the steps below.

So, there are 4 basic steps you can take to counter hard water:

  1. Buy a good washing machine as per your requirements from our list provided below.
  2. Buy a good hard water softener and attach it to your washing machine (Links given in the post below).
  3. You can then use specific products/detergents to further counter hard water during the wash cycle (Suggestions provided in the relevant section below).
  4. Use a good scale remover every few months (Depending on how bad the situation is at your location) to get rid of any scale that has built up in your washing machine.


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Hard Water Softener/Filter for Washing Machine

So, once you have bought a good washing machine of your choice. You should now go step two. This means you should get a good water softener/filter. This equipment gets attached to your washing machine water supply and removes the excess minerals & calcium that causes damage to your machine and clothes.

I suggest you buy this particular softener by WaterScience. You can buy the same online on Amazon  (Click on the link for the latest price and user reviews)

This filter cartridge will last you for 6 months if you have a top load machine and 9 months if you have a front loading machine (Because front load washing machine uses less water)

If you want to know how to install water softener on your washing machine, just watch the video below. (It is very easy)



Which is the best detergent for Hard Water in India?

Installing the filter should solve a large percentage of your problem. On top of that, if you use detergent from any leading soap company, it should be able to wash your clothes clean. However, if the problem is really bad in your area. I would suggest you add IFB limescale presenter (Click here for more details about the product on Amazon)

You can mix this powder with your detergent in the quantity mentioned on the pack. This product will not only help clean the clothes but will also prevent scale built up in your washing machine.

IFB Descaler - Best washing machine for hard water in India


Is hard water bad for Washing Machines?

Yes, It is.

A research done in 2009 shows that a washing machine using soft water lasts for around 11 years. While the same washing machine lasted only for 7.7 years if it was using hard water. (Source)

Hard water comes with a lot of heavy minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals get deposited in every nook and corner of your washing machine. This is known as scale build up.  The scale clogs down all the filters and wears down parts of your machine.

The solution to this problem is the use of descaler (As mentioned in step 4 above) – You can buy some good descaling powder online on Amazon and Flipkart. Some examples – Here & Here


Impact of hard water on your laundry

Hard water is nothing but a sort of salt water. These salts have a direct impact on the wash quality of your clothes. They not only don’t get cleaned properly but also get faded fast. I will list down some problems below:

  • You need to use more detergent to clean the clothes in hard water
  • Your clothes become dull and fade out fast
  • Clothes don’t come out clean even after a full wash cycle
  • Clothes cause skin irritation
  • Bigger clothes like bed-sheets, blankets, towels etc become a bit hard as if you have applied starch to them


But if you follow all the four steps mentioned above, I am sure you will not face any issues with hard water. Do remember to change the cartridge of your water softener every 6 to 9 months.

This brings me to an end of my review of the best Washing machines for Hard Water in India. Do leave your feedback on this post about the best washing machines for hard water in India and the use of water softener to counter it.

Which washing machine did you decide to opt for? Do you have any further questions? Let me know in the comments section below.



    • Hi Archana,

      As of now, I haven’t come across a machine from Bosch that has inbuilt features to tackle hard water.

      However, you can use the filter I mentioned in my article above at your water inlet. Plus don’t forget to descale your machine every couple of months. It will keep you machine in excellent condition.

    • You can buy the descaling powder by IFB above in the article. Instructions on how to use it will be provided on the packet.


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