Samsung AddWash Price in India

Samsung AddWash Washing Machines – Review & Price in India

This review will cover the best Samsung AddWash Washing Machines. I will be reviewing the top 2 washing machines from Samsung that have the “AddWash” or “Add Wash” functionality. The article will talk in details about the features, performance and price in India.

If you want to skip reading the review and just want to know the best Addwash machine. You can go for the Samsung WW90K6410QX (Compare Price – Flipkart | Amazon)

The summary table below will give you an overall comparison of the three AddWash washing machines. I will be writing a detailed review on each of them in the article to follow. Do make sure you check the user review on each of the machines as well (Links are available in the table)


Best Samsung AddWash Washing Machines:


Summary Table:

Product Feature WD90K6410OX / TL WW90K6410QX / TL WW80K5210WW / TL
Capacity 9 Kgs 9 Kgs 8 Kgs
Drier Speed 1400 RPM 1400 RPM 1200 RPM
Power 2400 Watts 2000 Watts 2400 Watts
Dryer Yes, 6 Kg Capacity No No
Colour Inox Grey Inox Grey White
Super Speed Yes Yes No
Warranty 3 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor from Samsung 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty by Samsung 3 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor from Samsung
User Reviews Check on 

 Flipkart | Amazon

Check on 

 Flipkart | Amazon

Check on 

 Flipkart | Amazon


Ok, So before I proceed to talk about technical details about each of the washing machines, let me briefly touch upon the AddWash technology itself.

So, what is Samsung Addwash and How does it work?

AddWash is a trademarked technology by Samsung. It literally means add (Clothes/Softner/Washing Powder) to your wash during an active wash cycle.

The only limitation to this is that the temperature inside the wash drum should not be more than 50°C. This limitation has been added to their products for safety purposes.

Samsung AddWash Price in India

In simple words, AddWash is nothing but a door inside the door of your washing machine. The image above will help you understand it better.

The door is really well designed. It does feel sturdy and will last you for a long time unless misused. All three washing machines look beautiful.

You can even use this door to dry your washing machine post the wash cycle. You need not leave the main door open as we do otherwise.


Is the AddWash functionality Useful?

I do feel it is very useful. I normally tend to forget a few clothes which I could have washed in the current cycle but there is nothing I can do once the washing machine has started. This product surely fixes that problem.

Have a look at the video below to see the product in action. I am sure you will notice how good looking the product is. But I also suggest keeping an eye on the easy of use. (Or just watch the video couple of time over 🙂 )

Note – Not all functions shown in the video are available in these model. Check the features on the product page before buying. Use this video only to understand how AddWash works.



1. Samsung WD90K6410OX /TL – 9Kg

The Add Wash WD90K6410OX is a Washing Machine & Dryer Combo product. The capacity of the washing machine is 9Kg. However, the dryer has a lower capacity of 6Kg. So if you are planning to use the washing machine and the dryer in one go, I suggest you use only 6Kg load.

The product looks amazing and is very sturdy. The control panel also looks really good and is well organized. This washing machine has all the features and more than an average household in India would require.

Samsung AddWash WD90K6410OX TL 9 Kg

Check Live Price – Use the link in the table above


Apart from AddWash. The washing machine has the following features:

  • Eco bubble technology: This is one more technology pioneered by Samsung. I will be doing an article separately on the same. However, this feature helps generate bubbles in the washing machine. These bubbles easily mix with the clothes, thereby removing dirt from them more effectively.
  • Bubble Soak –  This feature is useful if you need help removing stains from your clothes. The clothes get soaked in active bubbles before the wash thereby removing the stains easily off the clothes.
  • Diamond Drum – The drum used in this washing machine is made using stainless steel. The design of the drum is such that it does not harm any delicate clothes during the wash cycle.
  • Last memory Feature –  This is really useful functionality. This feature helps the washing machine remember the last setting used during the wash cycle. So, if you are planning on washing multiple batches of clothes, you don’t need to programme the washing machine each time.

The washing machine is really silent during operation and remains stable compared to other regular machines. It also has multiple wash cycles that you would need on regular basis like the quick wash, baby care, cotton etc.



2. Samsung AddWash WW90K6410QX TL – 9 Kg

This I believe is the best Samsung AddWash Washing Machine in India. Unlike the model on top, this product does not have a dryer (hence cheaper). This model is almost Rs. 10,000 cheaper. Use the links below the picture to check the latest price.

Plus it has almost all the functionality of the product above. It also looks equally good.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machines India WW90K6410QX TL

Check Live Price – Use the link in the table above


The model has almost all the feature like Stain removal, Eco bubble technology, Easy troubleshooting etc.



3. Samsung AddWash WW80K5210WW TL – 8 KG

This is a good washing machine for someone who wants to buy the AddWash technology on a budget. This product is not as good looking as the two products above.

It also lacks some of the features. The spin RPM is also lower compared to the other two machines at 1200 RPM. However, it does have all the basic functionality that you would need. The machine also works really well.

Samsung AddWash India WW80K5210WW TL - 8 KG

Check Live Price – Use the link in the table above

This machine also has a slightly lower load capacity of 8 Kgs. However, the price difference between this machine and one above is substantial. There is almost a difference of Rs. 12,000 to 13,000 at the time of writing this article.



Most users would be happy with the second model (WW90K6410QX). This model has all the premium functionality but is priced well. The model also looks really good and will be amongst your prized processions.

Few users, who stay in areas with frequent and/or heavy rainfall might want to go for the first model (WD90K6410OX). The dryer would really help them dry the clothes easier and faster.

However, if you are looking for a cost-effective model you can for WW80K5210WW.


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