Best Washing Machines in India 2017

Best Washing Machines in India

This is the era of modern technology. As time is moving at a fast pace, so are the demands of the people. Science has made life much easier in this regard and the people are more than thankful. One of the most appreciated scientific development includes the invention of household appliances. And we can safely say that Washing Machines are the winners in this regard.

The days of negotiation with our local laundry men aka ‘dhobis’ are finally ending. The endless loads of laundry are no longer a hassle for all the frantic women out there – well, men too of course. This is one problem we’re all immensely pleased to have solved.


But now arises a new question – Which is the Best Washing Machine to Buy in India?

Washing machines to date have gone through many changes in terms of features, the size, the technology, the capacity and many others. From basic models which also require quite some manual effort, to the fully automated machines where you put the clothes and just literally forget they exist. Washing machines have really come a long way.

Now coming to the heart of the topic, how on earth do we decide which washing machine to buy? The increasing popularity of washing machines has led to numerous uncountable business enterprises drifting into the washing machine industry. This has left us with many hundreds of choices.


The Guide below should hopefully help you select the right machine for your home.

I have broken down our review of the best washing machines in India by various needs. I have highlighted the best machines for a small family, best machines for larger families, Best value for money washing machines and lastly I have an overall winner.

The Best Washing machine in India – Winner

With so many options in the market, you can’t help but want a choice that is one-size-fits-all. The best of the best washing machines that I would be recommended for anyone.

The machine below ticks all the right boxes in size, performance, efficiency, reliability and affordability.

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic – WAK24169IN/WAK24168IN


The Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine comes in a superb silver colour. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the motor.

Click Here to Compare WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN

Some of its unique features are its pre-activated Speed-perfect facility, Foam Detection System, Vario Drum LED display, Sari washes facility, Unbalanced Load Detection as well as a Multiple Water Protection.

Best Washing Machine in India - WAK24168IN

Check Live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

  • The efficient and quick way of washing clothes and can be pre-activated SpeedPerfect.

  • The user can load as well as unload the clothes anytime, even in-between washing cycles without harming the machine. The WaterPlus feature helps to wash clothes with a detergent residue on the clothes.

  • The VolaCheck feature helps it to function well, even when there are voltage fluctuations. It gives a blink signal when there are voltage fluctuations. The Vario Drum helps in the thorough washing of the clothes without harming the fabric. It distributes the detergent and water evenly to help in the thorough wash.

  • The Anti-vibration technique helps in keeping it noiseless. The monsoon program keeps it free of the damp and foul smell that usually comes with the monsoon season.

  • The Foam detection function detects the extra foam; the front-loading helps in consuming less electricity and water. It can detect unbalanced load and has multiple protection levels to help in the balance of the machine.

  • It provides facilities for washing various clothes like silk, wool, synthetics and daily wash clothes.


Best Washing Machines for Small Family

When you are shopping for a smaller family of 4 people or less, an important thing to keep in mind is that your needs are not as intense. The washing machine only needs to be consistent with its performance. It should be cost-effective, with efficient wash cycles and reliable because ultimately that is the purpose of the washing machine fundamentally.

1. LG 6 kg- FH0H3NDNL02

This is a fully automated washing machine with the front load from LG and has a maximum capacity of 6 kg. It uses a new feature called the Tumble Wash for its wash cycles and provides a comprehensive warranty for 2 years. It comes with free installation and demo. LG also provides a 10-day replacement policy. The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. It comes with a drain pipe, the inlet pipe and user manual. It uses an inverter direct drive technology and a 6 motion direct drive technology which are some of its unique features.

LG 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine FH0B8NDL22Check live Price – Flipkart |  Amazon

  • The Inverter Direct Drive Technology uses less energy with less noise and vibration, and the 6 Motion DD Technology helps in stepping, scrubbing, rolling, swing, tumbling and filtration motion. The motion can be set according to the type of clothes to be washed and the amount of dirt on the clothes.

  • Special facility for baby clothes with Baby Care. Digital display with features like remaining time display, remaining time delay and fault diagnosis.

  • It has Program Selection, Jog Dial, and Anti-Rat Cove. It comes with a child lock as well as a Smart Diagnosis system.


2. IFB 6 Fully Automatic (Diva Aqua SX/VX)


The fully automated front load washing machine from IFB has a maximum capacity of 6 kg with a spin speed of 800 rpm and 2150 watts. The washing method used is the tumble wash. It has a 15 wash program and a comprehensive warranty of 4 years.

Click Here to Compare Diva Aqua VX vs SX

The company offers a free installation and demo facility and a 10 days replacement policy. It comes with a drain hose, water inlet pipe, and a protective rat mesh. This model comes with a silver sheet and a control console which is fully automatic and 930 watts. The door material is made of plastic while the body is of metal.

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  • It has a built-in anti-crease function, which makes it easy for ironing when dry. The built-in Aqua energy filter removes bicarbonates to treat hard water and to remove tough stains. You can read about the best washing machines for hard water if you have this specific problem in your area.

  • It comes with a crescent-shaped stainless steel drum. The crescent shape protects the clothes from rubbing against its walls and to provide a thorough wash of the clothes.

  • The 2 D shower system to circulate the water with a 360-degree movement to give a good wash. It has a protective rat mesh at the bottom. With the Laundry Ad feature, you can add clothes in the middle of the washing process.

  • The child lock is a safety feature to protect the settings from the hands of the children. It gives an alert when the lock system is activated. This can also help you prevent a countless number of accidents that used to occur with washing machines.

  • The wash program makes it suitable for all types of clothes that require gentle, hard and soft washes. The Auto Restart facility helps the machine to resume its work when the power is on. The Crescent Mood Drum provides a soft water cushion to protect the fabric from damages.

  • The 2D Wash System uses a shower system that helps to ensure good soaking and cleaning process.

  • The Ball Valve Technology helps to let out the water while holding on to the detergent to enhance a better wash. The Auto Balance System helps to detect and redistribute the unbalance clothes to provide a stable wash.



Washing Machine for a Large Family

The needs of a large family are very different from the needs of a smaller family. It needs to be everything from fast to clean really well in the shortest time. This is also why they need to be extremely durable and efficient.

1. IFB 8 kg –Senator Aqua SX


The fully automatic front loading washing machine, in model Senator Aqua SX, Silver, from IFB has a maximum capacity of 8 kg under the model Senator Aqua SX.

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Its water consumption is 60 Liters and has the maximum rotational speed of 1400 RPM. It comes with a silver coating with 240 Volts.

IFB 8 KG Senator Aqua SXCheck Live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

  • The Air Bubble Wash System helps to create and release air bubbles into the water to activate the detergent and clean stubborn dirt. The Aqua Energie filter helps to convert hard water to soft water and dissolves detergents well for a proper wash.

  • The 3D Wash System helps in the dynamic movement of water for the detergent to penetrate deeper for a clean wash.

  • The Crescent moon shaped inner drum provides protection to the clothes from rubbing on the steel drum directly. The Auto Imbalance System helps in even distribution of clothes for a greater balance of the machine.

  • The Laundry Add helps in adding additional laundry during the wash cycle. The Tub Clean helps in eliminating impurities, bad smell, and bacteria from the machine.

  • The Foam Control System helps to activate a dilution system if the excess foam is generated to maintain the quality of the wash. The Protective Rat Mesh at the bottom helps to prevent damages that may be caused by rodents.


  1. LG Washing Machine (FHT1409SWS)


This fully automatic front loading washing machine is from LG, with a maximum capacity of 9 kg and maximum spinning capacity of 1400 rpm. It uses a tumble wash system. The company provides a 2-year comprehensive warranty on the machine. It comes with a drain pipe, inlet pipe, and a user manual. It comes in a silver shade.

FHT1409SWS - LG 9KG - Washing Machine for Large Family in India

Check live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

  • The technology used here is the 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology and Inverter Direct Drive Technology. It has Baby Care and Crease Care as well as wash modes for various types of fabric.

  • It has 6 types of motions for scrubbing, stepping, rolling, filtration and tumbling according to the dirt level and washing needs. The Tub Clean facility uses hot steam to keep the tub disinfected.

  • It has Chrome on its door. It uses a Digital Display that features, remaining time display, remaining time delay, fault diagnosis and time delay.

  • The washing machine contains the Tub Clean to keep the tub free from bacteria and bad odour. It has a Smart Diagnosis System, Inverter Direct Drive, and Inverter Control.

  • It used fuzzy logic and the spin can be controlled to an extent. The temperature that it handles ranges from cold water to temperatures as high as 95 degree Celsius. Other features like pre-wash and intensive wash are also available in this system,

  • The Inverter Direct Drive Technology helps to attach the drum to the motor directly to reduce noise and vibration. The Inverter Control saves water and energy by controlling the speed fluctuations.

  • The Rinse Hold makes the clothes suspends the water to facilitate an extra rinse cycle to prevent bad smell.

  • Baby Care feature, helps to remove harmful bacteria and enzymes while taking care of the clothes. The Smart Diagnosis System helps in providing easy service in case of any problems.

  • The machine uses different intensities, such as baby care, cotton, wool, delicate, etc. There is also an anti-rat cover that keeps pests out and keeps the equipment safe.

  • Has the latest SmartThinQ Wifi technology by LG



Best Value for Money Washing Machine in India


  1. Samsung 6.2 KG – WA62M4100HY/TL


The fully-automatic top-loading washing machine from Samsung has a maximum capacity of 6.2 kg. It comes with a diamond drum and a pulsator clean technology. The machine has 5 different water level settings, led display and a tempered glass door.

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It comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product. The washing machine comes along with a user manual, drain hose, and a water inlet pipe. It has an inbuilt heater and comes in a silver/grey shade.

Samsung 6.2 - WA62M4100HY TL - Best Cheap Washing Machine in India

Check live Price – Flipkart | Amazon

  • It has a powerful motor to last for many years. The anti-rust fibre body on the outside and durable tempered glass door. It can be moved easily on its wheels.

  • Comes pre-programmed with 6 different wash cycles and 5 different water levels. Helps you clean a wide variety and quantity of clothes.

  • Waterfall provides powerful water spray falls down from the ducts at the top and mixes with the rotating current below. This unique feature ensures detergent is distributed evenly to clean your clothes thoroughly, and also, helps more effective rinsing

  • Effectively filters all the impurities, lint & fluff. Thereby protecting the washing machine and also cleans the clothes more effectively.

This brings me to an end of my product recommendations. However, if you are still not convinced on which washing machine is right for you? Read on for the factors to consider you make that purchase decision.

The right washing machine can serve your needs for years to come. Hence, it is justified considering everything before you decide on the right one for yourself.


Washing Machine – Buyer’s Guide


What are the factors to consider before buying a Washing Machine?

Washing machines should only be purchased based on the consumer’s needs. There are three aspects to consider when purchasing a washing machine. They are the cost, the performance, and the purpose.

1.  Cost/Budget

The cost is the first factor that almost all washing machine consumers look for. It is always good to pre decide the amount that you want to spend on the product. This helps you curb overspending. Also, Everyone wants the best value for their money.  So it important to do a detailed comparison amongst machines in similar cost range. Cost also varies greatly based on the brand that you opt for.

2. Performance

The second factor is the performance, which for someone in the know is very important. A person with adequate knowledge of electrical and electronic equipment would look for the safety statistics in the equipment, such as the voltage range required and the current that passes. They could also potentially look for details like safety measures at the time of a circuit short and the controller used in the programming of the washing machine.

3. Size of the machine

As you can clearly see from the way we have structured this post. Size of the machine is one of the most important factors while deciding which one to buy. Say you are a family of two people, It does not make sense for you to buy a 9 KG machine. Most of the times the machine will run with not even half the capacity of clothes it can hold. This will not only waste your money but will also cause higher water consumption and electricity bills.

The last factor is the purpose which can also be considered by the degree to which it cleans. If the washing machine cleans really well and is extremely high on the performance, but costs a tad bit more, the machine just might be worth it.

4. Water Supply

Although not that important a factor. You would still like to keep in mind the water supply that you have at your home. If you have a shortage of water. It will make sense for you to buy a front load machine.

So if you do live in an area with water supply issues, do consider buying a Top load machine. You can read a detailed article on the best top loading washing machines in India.

5. Washing Machine Brand

When we talk about the brand, we are not talking about the inspirational value of owning a premium brand. Although this might a factor for a few. What we are talking about is the quality of service in your area/city.  A few brands may or may not have a dedicated service centre in your town. So we suggest you talk to your friends and neighbours about their experience with the service centre.

6. Size of the space

With houses getting expensive in almost every part of India, the living spaces are growing smaller. One very important factor people forget is to measure the space they have at their home to install the machine. So we urge you to bring out that measuring tape and check the space you have available before shortlisting a machine to buy.

7. Design / Own preference

Last but not least, do listen to your heart. Do not overboard just looking at the specifications of the machine. This machine will part of your home for years to come. So do give some weight to the colour, design, looks, how well it goes with the decor of your home etc.

So when you buy a washing machine, what is important is not what type of washing machine but what type of washing machine is good for you. The machine should also fit your budget, and out of all three factors, this is the single most important factor.

We really hope this guide on selecting “The best Washing Machines in India” has helped you zero in the machine that you would like to bring in to your home. Do let us your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Semi-Automatic Vs Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Washing types can also be distinguished on automation. Automatic machines have made life a hundred times easier than before. The automated machines do not let you do anything at all. From soaking washing to spinning the clothes dry all is done by just a press of a button.

The main difference between automatic and semi-automatic machines is the amount of manual labour required in the semi-automatic ones. Semi-automatic washing machines need supervision. First one has to fill up the water required for the wash. After soaking the clothes inside, you can cover the lid and press start. Then, next, you need to manually remove the clothes and put them into a spinner for removing moisture. So you’ll have to help the machine from when the clothes are being washed all the way to when they’re ready for drying. This might seem quite cumbersome but it gives you a more personalized washing experience. And of course, it is a cheaper option for those who want to stay budget friendly.

Fully automatic machines, on the other hand, don’t need all that hassle. They are the latest in their generation and have all that you need. You can select the program of your choice and press start and then completely forget about your clothes for the next half hour or so. And yes the timing totally depends on the weight of clothing. The more you put the more time they will take. Some high-quality brand washing machines have beautiful digital displays to let you know what’s going on inside and how long you have to wait.

Automatic and semi-automatic washing machines both have almost a similar energy saving ratio. Water saving is done better in semi-automatic, but this also is debatable and depends on a lot of other factors.

Do read our detailed guide on front load vs top load washing machine – You can read our detailed review to decide which one is the best for you.


What size washing machine do I need?

This is the first thing almost everyone worries about while going out on a washing machine hunt. You have to keep a few things in mind for that.

For your information, India has washing machines ranging from 5 kgs to 10 kgs are available in various types and different brands. A small family of two or a single person household should go for the 5 kg washer. They are small and easy to handle and can fit anywhere easily.

For large households, typically found in India should then aim for 10 kg washing giants. They provide you with enough space for your laundry needs. You should, however, keep a check before buying if you have the required space for installation of the machine. A minimum of 6 inches should be left behind the washing machine for water pipe fixtures. A nice and wide space is recommended for washing machines protected from excess sunlight and shelter from rains. Maintenance is also necessary, but we will come to that later.


Top 5 Washing Machine Brands in India

It is crucially important to know the specifics of the brand you are purchasing. Some of the top-notch companies also lack the basic features needed for a good washing machine. While some underrated ones offer commendably attractive features. When investing in a washing machine, it is essential that you observe the smallest of details.

From the hardware and spare parts used to the built-in latest software. The choice entirely is proportional to your requirements. For example, a few people are still in favour of the use of agitators in the washing machines even though it’s an outdated system but have great washing efficiency. One of the best brands in India consists of a varied combination of such features.

Do look out for the ones best suited for you. Here is the list of top five washing machine brands in India.

Refer our detailed guide on the best machines by different brands in India.

1. LG Appliances

From all the high-end brand names, the most impressive range of washing machines in the market is undoubtedly LG. When looking for the latest most advanced features in a washing machine you will only find LG to be dominant. LG washers range from semi-automatic to automatic and are available in both top load and front load washing machines. Best known for its new technology inhibited machines, their fully automatic range has simply amazing properties. One example would be the LG- FH0G7WDNL52. A class in its range. It is a fully automatic front loader with quite exciting features such as the inverter technology. It makes the washing time all the more efficient and durable. The machine has a fancy all touch button system and a digital display. Top loaders are also completely over the top with unique designs and latest technology washing systems.

2. IFB 

IFB is an Indian brand which has risen itself enough to compete effectively with even the international brands. If we talk about its washing machine models, they are the ones you should be definitely watching out for. The IFB initially started off with Bosch, a brand we will be talking about soon and then climbed the success ladder making it the second-best washing machine brand

What makes IFB so special from others is that being an Indian brand it designs it’s washing machines in accordance with the needs of the local people. For instance, Aqua Energy Technology. The latest tech works to keep the cleaning effective even on days when the water pressure is not so great. Where you would not worry over water shortage days. Such features make it more on demand amongst customers.

3. Bosch

Bosch is one of the biggest German multinational giants based in India, better known for its electronic goods and appliances. With a huge brand tag, the washing machines by Bosch would be expected to have high price ranges but it’s shockingly impressive to find out that they are quite light on the pockets. Their washing machines have the latest technology systems built-in and ready to take on your laundry challenge.

The Active water sensor technologies found in Bosch washers make sure water is utilised in the best way without wastage. While the speed perfect technology makes the laundry periods very much faster than before. The most interesting is the AllergyPlus, a system that literally pulls off all allergy-related toxins from the clothing that you might get affected by. Talk about amazing!

Bosch washing machine is no doubt the best combination of economy and cleaning efficacy all in one. The German brand name also adds a glint to this choice.

4. Whirlpool

This is another high-end brand that has made it to this list. Fortunately, something that is good about this foreign brand is the alterations over the years done in the washing machines to suit Indian customers’ needs. The brand has been here for years and why it is loved let’s find out.

Whirlpool washing machines can work extremely well with hard water with the pressure being as low as 0.17. Special detectors for water proportion and washing detergent proportion is also a part of the system. This helps retain clothing quality. The use of agitators is also something to note here. The plus side is that the agitators have an incredible scuba technology which is good for washing but cloth tangling could be a problem. All in all, Whirlpool is a good option.

5. Samsung

Samsung with its wide range of electronics is also known for it’s washing machines. They offer great new features and attractive external aesthetics. The washing machine by Samsung has commendable drying systems, with driers being both electricity efficient and fast too. Samsung fully automatic washing machines are more preferably demanded than others. Latest features and quality have led Samsung to become a part of the top notch. There is the reliability of the brand name too of course. So leaving out this brand out of the league is not quite possible.


Features to look for while buying Washing Machines

There are a number of things we should always have in mind while we are out to purchase a washing machine. Here are some we recommend.

  • Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Washing Machines
  • Front load and Top Load Washing Machines
  • Washing machine size and capacity
  • More movement better cleaning
  • Hard Water system
  • Bubble Wash
  • Cleanliness and sanitisation of the washing machine
  • Inverter technology
  • Direct drive technology
  • Agitators or Pulsators
  • Energy efficient
  • Water saving capacity
  • Maintenance features
  • Price



Washing machines are an integral part of our households and thus should be chosen with care. Factors stated above should be kept in mind. But aside from all that, your choice matters most. Different features suit different people and so the choices vary. Economical points are there too, for which there are numerous latest options available. But don’t compromise on some basic features just for a few rupees.

Whenever you do go to purchase one always ask for the specifics in detail or for a company manual. This way you would be able to analyse all the details. You can by now understand the systematic features listed above so it will easy to comprehend those. Als,o do check for warranty details though you needn’t worry about that in the case of high-quality brands.

Finally, make sure that the concerned engineers come to your house for the washing machine fittings. It is always good to learn the fitting basics but it is best to let the professionals do the job. For any concerns and issues, later on, you can contact the customer care centre who will cater to you immediately.

I hope after having a thorough read, you would be able to find the washing machine which is perfect for you without any problems.

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