Meyer - Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands in India

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands & Products in India

A lot of people in India consider stainless steel as best cookware material for Indian kitchens. Aluminium is now considered unsafe due to its impact on one’s health. While cookware made using Iron or Cast Iron is simply too heavy. I have hence compiled this list of best stainless steel cookware brands & products in India.

Before I proceed with the list, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using stainless steel cookware.


Benefits of using Stainless Steel Cookware:

  • As said above, steel utensils are much lighter compared other traditionally used safe materials like Iron, Cast Iron or Bronze
  • It does not impart or infuse metallic taste to food, unlike iron cookware. Can be used to cook any type of food (Even citrus)
  • Stainless steel vessels look much cleaner, shinier and classier
  • It does not rust or gets dull after sometime
  • Steel utensils are very durable. It does not crack, dent or gets scratched easily
  • Easy to clean since it has a smooth and non-porous surface
  • Stainless steel is also easily recyclable


Cons of using Stainless Steel:

  • Cheap Stainless steel cookware is not great at providing uniform heat transfer
  • You might need a cookware with a thicker base of one with an additional copper coating at the bottom
  • Good quality steel cookware is generally a little expensive


Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands & Cookware Sets:


1. Prestige Cookware

Prestige is a well know & one of the leading cookware brands in India. They have built their brand name over a number of years by selling excellent quality cookware that Indian love to have in their kitchens.

Prestige offers a wide variety of cookware in a lot of different materials. They also have an impressive collection in stainless steel.

Prestige Clip On Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Price & Review

Check out the entire range of Stainless Steel Cookware from Prestige – Amazon | Flipkart

Even though regular pressure cookers are the ones that get sold most online. However, I really like this innovative steel cookware.

This product has a clip-on lid and can be used as a pressure cooker as well as a deep pot to cook gravies in it.

This model is available in various different capacities. Do remember to check their entire range of cookware by using the links above.


2. Meyer

Meyer is an international company that owns a lot of leading cookware brands around the globe. Some of their brand names include Circulon, Faberware & Anolon.

These brands are not available in India due to the ever-expanding online retail market. Marketplaces like Flipkart & Amazon India now stock these brands on their platform.

Meyer - Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands in India

Check their product offering & user reviews – Flipkart | Amazon India

Their products are expensive compared to some of the other local brands. However, they are made using the highest quality Japanese steel.

The base of their cookware is impact bonded with aluminium core on the inside, which allows for an even distribution of heat and avoids burning of food.

The handles are riveted and will last you for a lifetime. You can cook with these utensils peacefully without having to worry about the handles coming off.


3. Bergner

Bergner brand was founded in Vienna in the year 1999. The brand was launched with the objective of providing European kitchenware across the globe.

Like Meyer, they too have multiple other brands under them like MasterPro, Infinity Chefs etc

View the entire range of Stainless Steel Cookware by Bergner – Flipkart | Amazon

Kadhai and Frying pans are amongst the best selling products that Bergner has in their product portfolio.

Most of their vessels are induction friendly and can be easily used on a regular kitchen hob or an Induction cooktop.


4. Hawkins

This list of best stainless steel cookware brands in India would have been incomplete with the inclusion of Hawkins in it.

Hawkins and Prestige are two signature brands in the India Cookware market. They have been around for decades and have earned their trust in the Indian kitchen.

Hawkins is more famous for its pressure cookers compared to any other product that they have launched.Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Price & Review

View the entire range of Hawkins Cookwares in India – Amazon

Hawkins recently had really good success with their sub-brand Hawkins Futura. They are known for their traditional designs, however, the Futura range of cookware had a very modern look to it.


5. Milton

A lot of people would be surprised to see Milton on this list. Milton is famous for their thermos and water bottle but now they are slowly launching cookware as well.

Since they are known in the market for producing amazing vessels that retain the temperature of the food/water stored in it, they have rightfully diversified into Casseroles.

Casseroles can be used to serve food on the dining table while keeping it warm for a while.

Milton Planico Clarion Casserole

View the entire range of Cookware from Milton – Flipkart

Milton casseroles have an inner and outer layer of stainless steel, there is insulating material between the two layers. This helps keep the food warm for long periods of time.

This particular model also has a lid made using toughened glass. This makes it easier for you to check the contents of the vessel without opening the same


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6. Solimo by Amazon

A lot of people don’t know this but Amazon and Flipkart have a lot of their own brands that they retail on their own platforms.

Solimo is one such brand owned by Amazon.

The quality of the products is not as great as Meyer or Bergener but the products are priced very cheaply. This is a good brand for bachelors who are looking to set up a kitchen for a limited budget and don’t expect the utensils to last really long.

Solimo Stainless Steel Sauce Pan

Check the Latest Prices & Discounts on Solimo products – Amazon


7. Vinod

Another brand that will entice the price conscious consumer. The products look really good and have a premium finish to it.

Unlike Solimo, Vinod has a wide range of cookware available with them. Their offerings range from Pressure cookers, Kadhais, Pots, Steamer, Bowls, Frypans etc

Vinod Cookware Set Breman Sauce Pot

Check the entire range of cookware sets from Vinod & User Reviews – Amazon


This brings to an end of my review of the top stainless steel cookware brands and their best selling products.

Which one did you like? Are there any other brands that you would like me to this post?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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