Best Dinner Sets in India

In this post, I will review the Best Dinner in India. Sets made using Bone China, Porcelain, Melamine & Steel covered. I have also made sure to include all the top brands that retail Dinner Sets online in India.

This article covers both types of dinner wares. One that can be used on a daily basis while the other set which can be used when you have guests over at your home.

I considered the following factors while compiling the list:

  • Quality of the dinner set vis – a – vis the price of the set
  • How good or well known the brand is. This also helps us ensure that the material used to make the dinner set is exactly that same as being advertised outside on the box.
  • Look and feel of the product
  • The durability of the product
  • Warranty on the product if any


Best Dinner Sets in India


1. Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set

If budget is not an issue. I recommend buying a Corelle for your home. Their dinner plates, curry bowls, dessert bowls, serving platter, quarter plates etc are all beautifully designed and easy to handle.

All their products are chip resistant and do not break if they have minor fall (Trust me on this. I have had this very design of Corelle with me for over 8 years now. I have lost only one bowl so far even after being dropped multiple times accidentally)

This design is available in various different sets of 14, 21, 30 & 57 piece sets. You can buy the one you need as per your budget and requirements.

Best Dinner Set in India - Corelle Livingware Country Cottage

Check Prices for Different Sets – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Highlights:

  • This is one of the best selling designs by Corelle. It has been available on the market for many years now. This gives you the freedom to keep buying more crockery later of the same design and add to your dinner set.
  • Corelle uses Vitrelle glass to make these utensils. It is a type of tempered glass which is made using three layers of two different glasses fused together. This process makes Corelle dinnerware break & chip resistant.
  • This product is safe to be used in a Microwave Oven & a Dishwasher.



2. La Opala English Lavender Dinner Set

If you are looking for a more economical option, you can opt for this product by La Opala. La Opala, as you would already know is a well known and an established crockery brand in India.

p.s – There are multiple designs available with this brand. Click on the links below the image to explore all options.

La Opala English Lavender Dinner Set Review

Check Prices & More Design Options – Amazon India | Flipkart

Key Highlights:

  • This design is available in a set of 35, 23 and 20 units of crockery. You can even buy loose plates if need be
  • Like the dinner set by Corelle above, this brand too offers break-resistant glass
  • You can safely use these utensils in a microwave oven & a dishwasher
  • Most dinner sets by La Opala is made using Opal glass



3. Dinnerware by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is a private label brand owned by Amazon itself. This brand offers a wide variety of Home and Kitchen related products.

This brand is known for providing a great quality product at a very affordable price, which is what we really want.

AmazonBasics 18 Piece Dinnerware - Cursive - Best Dinner Set for 6 People

Check the Latest Price – Amazon India

Key Features:

  • All the designs offered by AmzonBasics are very elegant, minimalistic and modern looking
  • The brand offers multiple designs, use the link above to check them all
  • Freezer, Microwave & Dishwasher safe
  • Made using high-quality AB grade Porcelain
  • Backed by reliable service by Amazon
  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty on the product



4. Classic Essentials Dinner Set – Stainless Steel

This is the first stainless steel dinner set on my list. You will find many sellers offering regular steel utensils online. However, the reason I choose this brand is due to the laser etching done on top of the product.

This laser crafted design helps this product stand out compared to regular plain ones. This is a good dinner set for daily use in your household.

Classic Essentials Stainless Steel Dinner Set Review

Check the Latest Price & More User Reviews – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Highlights:

  • Available as a set of 16, 28 or 61 utensils
  • The design is etched into the utensils, so you don’t have to worry about it going with usage or wash
  • Can be safely used in dishwashers & freezer. However, you cannot use them in a microwave



5. Larah By Borosil – Multiple Designs

Borosil is known for its amazing glass bowls and bakewares. It is a well establish and a trusted brand in India, especially for glassware.

Made using good quality bone ash free glass, this dinner set will surely impress your guests.

Larah By Borosil Dinner Set with 14 Pieces

Check all Available Designs – Amazon | Flipkart

This product is available in a wide variety of designs and colours. I am sure you will find one design to your liking.

It is break and chip resistant. However, you will need to be careful as it does break if the fall is from a great height or at an odd angle.



6. Sabichi Dinner Set – Stoneware

If you do not any restrictions on budget and don’t mind handling your dinner set with a bit of love and care, I would highly recommend considering this product by Sabichi.

As of now, there are 4 sets of designs available on Amazon India. All the pieces are hand painted with love and care.

This can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Sabichi Stoneware Hand Painter Dinner Set for Gifting India

Check all Available Designs on Amazon India



7. Cello Tropical Lagoon

Made using Opal ware, Cello offers this beautifully crafted and designed Tropical Lagoon range of dinner set.

The entire package contains 37 pieces of glassware consisting off  6 Dinner Plates, 6 Quarter Plates, 6 Vegetable Bowls, 6 Soup Bowls, 2 Serving Bowls,  1 Rice Plate with a plastic lid, 6 Soup Spoons and 2 Salt Pepper Pot.

Cello Tropical Lagoon 37 Piece Dinnerware set India

Check the Latest Price on – Amazon | Flipkart


8. Cloudsell Dinner Set – Melamine

Before you proceed further, let me clarify that I do not recommend buying a Melamine dinner set. A lot of studies have shown that this material can potentially cause harmful damage to your health.

Still, if you buy one, you should not use these utensils in the microwave at any cost. You can read more about this material further on Wikipedia.

Cloudsell Melamine Dinner Set

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Amazon


This brings to the end of my review of the Best Dinner Sets in India. I tried to cover a wide variety of products ranging from Opal Ware, Corelle, Porcelain, Stone Ware, Bone China, Steel & Melamine. If you want me to include more options, do let me know in the comment below.

So, which one did you opt for? Have you used any of the brands mentioned in the article above? Share your thoughts and feedback with other readers by commenting below.




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