Best Induction Pressure Cookers in India

Pressure cookers and Indian cooking almost go hand in hand. It is impossible to imagine an Indian kitchen with a pressure cooker in it. Today we bring in review of the Best Induction Pressure cookers in India 2018.

If you just want to quickly glance at the top induction pressure cookers, have a look at the summary table below. If you are looking for a detailed review, keep reading below.


Product NameMaterial UsedCapacityPictureCheck Live Price
Pigeon Special Combo Pack
Aluminium2, 3 & 5 Liters set Pigeon Induction cooker set@Flipkart

Prestige Nakshatra Alpha
Stainless Steel5 LitersPrestige Nakshatra cooker@Flipkart

Hawkins Standard Cooker
Stainless Steel5 LitersHawkins standard cooker@Flipkart
Prestige CliponStainless Steel5 LitersPrestige Clipon Cooker@Flipkart

Prestige All in One SuperAluminium5 LitresPrestige All in One Super Cooker@Flipkart

Prestige Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized4.8 LitresPrestige Deluxe Plus @Flipkart

Hawkins Futura F56Stainless Steel5.4LitresHawkins Futura F56@Flipkart

Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Hard Anodized3.3 LitresPrestige Deluxe Duo Plus@Flipkart

Prestige Nakshatra AlphaStainless Steel3.5 Litres LitresPrestige Nakshatra Alpha@Flipkart

Prestige CliponStainless Steel3 LitresPrestige All in One Super Cooker@Flipkart

Prestige Alpha HandiStainless Steel1.5 LitresPrestige All in One Super Cooker@Flipkart


What size of pressure cooker is right for me?

Buying the right size of cooker for your needs is really important. You can decide on the same basis the number of people you cook for on regular basis. The cooker size is generally measure in litres.

  • 3 Litre Cooker – Good if you cook for 2 to 3 people.  Perfect for a small family
  • 5 Litre  Cooker – Can serve for 3 to 5 people. Right choice for most households
  • 7.5 Litre Cooker – A must have for a large family of 5 to 7 members

You may want to have 2 to 3 cookers for different sizes in your house hold for various needs. You will need them when you have guests over or are planning have a pot luck.


What Material Pressure Cooker Should I Buy?

Although aluminium pressure cookers have been the most popular. Simply because aluminium is a cheaper metal compared to steel. However, new research shows that aluminium might have a harmful effect on our health due to prolonged use.

Hard anodized is a process of subjecting aluminium to build up a natural coating of oxide on it. This makes the metal stronger and is less reactive with the food. This process also adds a non stick property to the utensil and makes it easier to clean. This process also makes your cooker scratch resistant. You can prefer a hard anodized pressure cooker over the regular aluminium one.

However, if budget is not a constraint, we would suggest you go only for a stainless steel pressure cooker. It might cost a a bit more but is a much more healthier option to cook your daily food in it.



Best Induction Pressure cookers in India:

1. Pigeon Special Combo Pack:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Pigeon Induction cooker set of 3

If you are looking for standard pressure cookers for your kitchen, you should go for this. This combo pack is one of the hottest selling cookers online in India. The product is really good quality and value for money.  The lid has a knob lock system, which is easier to use compared to the traditional style pressure cookers. The only drawback is that these cookers are made out of aluminium. If you do not mind this material, this is the most value for money cooker set out there. This product has over 12 thousand 5 star reviews on Flipkart alone at the time of writing this review. This alone says a lot about the popularity and quality of these pressure cookers.


2. Prestige Nakshatra Alpha:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Nakshatra Alpha 5 L

A great looking standard pressure cooker from Prestige. This is a 5 litre capacity cooker. As you already know Prestige is a very well know brand in India and are know for their quality kitchenware. This particular model is made out of stainless steel and hence we prefer it compared to the pigeon cooker shared above. The lid uses traditional inner lid locking technique and might need some getting used to it if you are a beginner at using a cooker. The induction bottom also looks great. These cookers can also be used on a regular gas stove.


3. Hawkins Standard Cooker:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Hawkins standard induction pressure cooker

A great product from another well know brand from India. The have lost some popularity online but they still have some great products. This is a beautiful looking standard cooker from Hawkins. The finish is great and looks very premium. It is made from stainless steel. In terms of cost this is the most expensive of the products we have reviewed so far. The lid has a inner locking system. Works really well on an induction stove.

This same product is also available in a 3 litre model. Click on the link above to view more details of the variation.


4. Prestige ClipOn 5L:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Clipon 5 liters pressure cooker - Best Induction pressure cooker india

We now start with more modern looking pressure cookers. The first one being Prestige ClipOn. This cooker comes along with two lids. The first one is a standard outer locking cooker lid. It is very easy to use this lid. The second one is more like a lid you have on your regular kadhai. This product can used in two ways, as a cooker or even a pot because of this dual lid functionality.

The product is made out of stainless steel. The height of the pot is 1.9 Inches. The base is both compatible with a induction stove as well as a regular gas stove. It has been designed to give uniform heating across the base.


5. Pigeon All in One:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Pigeon All In One Super Cooker - Best Induction Pressure Cookers in IndiaPigeon All in one pot cookerPigeon All in One Lid - Best Induction cookers in India


If you need a little more inexpensive pressure cooker compared to Prestige ClipOn but also want all the functionality. Then you should go for this pressure cooker by Pigeon. It comes with not two but three different lids. So in addition to a cooker and a cooking pot this product can also act as a steamer. The only draw back is that it is made out of aluminum. The product is well designed and of good quality. We would surely recommend this to someone who does not want a lot of different utensils in their kitchen. This product is available in 5 Litre as well as 3 Litre size.


6. Prestige Deluxe Plus:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Deluxe Plus Induction pressure cooker

For someone not looking to buy aluminium cooker but is still looking for something in a budget can for this hard anodized Cooker. The cooker capacity is 4.8 litres. The design looks really nice and sleak because of it black colour. The lid closed on the outside and hence is easy to operate.  All other benefits of hard anodization like scratch resistance, non stick and easy to clean apply to this induction pressure cooker as well.


7. Hawkins Futura Stainless Steel Induction Cooker:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Hawkins Futura F56 Induction Cooker

This is one of the most unique product in our list of best induction pressure cookers in India.  It looks like a pressure cooker straight from a science fiction movie. This induction cooker will most likely fall in the category of either you love it or hate it. However, our team simply loved the design and the performance. The induction cooker is really well made. The capacity of the cooker is 5.5 litres.

The product  comes with a magnetic induction base made up of AISI 430 grade stainless steel. This high quality material makes it ideal for use on gas stoves, electric hobs, ceramic hobs and halogen cook tops.  The company claims that this cooker cooks 46% faster compared to your regular microwave. The pressure cooker also has a easy to use steam release / regulating system which can used simply with your finger tip.


8. Prestige Deluxe Duo:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus induction pressure cooker

This product is very similar to Prestige ClipOn that we covered earlier. The main difference being the material used. This cooker is hard anodized. The capacity of the cooker is 3.3 litres. This too comes with two lids which are very similar to ClipOn.


9. Prestige Nakshatra Alpha 3.5 L:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Induction Pressure Cooker India

We have already covered this product at the beginning of the post. The only difference is the capacity of the pressure cooker.


10. Prestige ClipOn 3 L:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Clipon 3 liter induction pressure cooker india

This is a smaller version of the prestige ClipOn cooker we discussed earlier. It is also made up of stainless steel.  Comes with similar two lids so can be used for multiple purposes while cooking. This is the best induction cooker in the 3 Litre range.


11. Prestige Alpha Handi 1.5 L:

Check Live Price: Flipkart

Prestige Alpha Handi

This is the cutest product we are reviewing in this list of best induction pressure cookers in India. You may want to own this even if you cook for more people. You can use it when you want to make small portion of food and dont want to wash the regular cookers you would have already used.

This is a perfect induction pressure cooker for someone who stays alone and mostly cooks for him/her self. Product is made out of good quality stainless steel. It comes with two lids so you can also use it like a small handi on your induction stove.


We really hope this review helped you select the right Induction Cooker available in India. Do let us know you purchase experience, product review in the comments below (You can simply say  hi to us too 🙂 )

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