Whirlpool vs Samsung – Better Refrigerator Brand in India

The Whirlpool vs Samsung, “which refrigerator is better” debate is relentless. Customers of both brands tend to argue a lot and it seems like there is no clear winner.

However, having tested a lot of models from both brands, I can confirm that they both offer different advantages. Apart from just the maximum load size requirement, consumers should look into features like energy efficiency, freshness settings options, engine heat reduction, etc. before making a decision.

These are all areas of engineering both the brands are heavily invested in. Their race for superiority is truly an advantage for the average consumer as they get to choose from a range of feature-heavy washer models.


Summary – Samsung vs Whirlpool, Which one to Buy?

I am a strong believer that brands are out there to serve our needs. We should always choose the product that serves our requirements the best as opposed to a brand. Going by the same logic, I looked at all the models by these two brands to come up with the best one.

After assessing a range of products, it was clear this Samsung double-door refrigerator is a model that is a cut above the rest. Offering some amazing features such as digital inverter technology, high energy efficiency (4-star rating) and all-around cooling, this modern fridge is surely the best bet for an average Indian family.


Introduction to these Historical Brands

As home appliance demand climbed sharply during the post-World War 2 economic boom, in 1946 a brand name Whirlpool-Seeger started dominating the refrigerator market. Whirlpool constantly leads the ranks in customer surveys about refrigerators, washers and dryers. Their products are reliable and offer amazing cooling.Whirlpool Logo

Samsung started in 1938 as a small export business in Korea but is presently the world’s biggest electronics company. Samsung refrigerators have a lot to offer their consumers. They score well in most consumer surveys, mainly in the value-for-money category. Almost all new models from Samsung come with easy troubleshooting, smart-settings and in-built stabilizers.

Samsung Refrigerator Logo


Whirlpool vs Samsung – Test Parameters

I looked at some of the models. I analysed some of the most important features every consumer must keep in mind before buying a refrigerator from either of the two brands. Unsurprisingly, both brands offer models that fulfil almost every criterion. Let’s explore the key features that Samsung and Whirlpool offer.


1. Capacity

Normally, a 240-300 litre refrigerator is enough for a four-person household. Both Samsung and Whirlpool offer refrigerator models of various sizes that are directly proportional to the price. Of all the models I reviewed, the Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator offered an optimum size at a reasonable price.

Samsung vs Whirlpool Single Door Fridge

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So, if you are looking to buy a single door fridge, this is the model that you should opt for.


2. Star Rating and Energy Consumption

Star rating signifies how energy efficient your refrigerator is. The more the star rating, the lesser units of electricity your refrigerator model will use annually. Electricity bills are a major complaint about most consumers. So, it is best to pick a model with a good star rating. The more the stars the more energy efficient your fridge is.

Whirlpool vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerator Comparison

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Out of all the models, I found that Whirlpool’s 265 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (IF INV CNV 278 ELT (4S), German Steel) is the most energy-efficient. Given that the model is feature-heavy, its certified 4-star status makes it the least energy-consuming of all. However, one should also bear in mind that the energy efficiency of your refrigerator will also depend on how frequently you use your refrigerator.


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3. Compressor

Depending on the kind of compressor you want in your refrigerator– normal compressor or an inverter compressor, consumers will be spoilt for choice when choosing from either brand. Both the brands specialise in inverter compressors that run at varying speeds. Inverter compressors make refrigerators more energy efficient.

Samsung RT28M3424S8 Fridge Review

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Samsung has a slight advantage in this category because they invest heavily in Digital Inverter Compressors. These compressors run on 5 different cycles adapting to external humidity and user patterns. The Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator offers this technology. Most smart models from Samsung have shifted from the traditional start and stop cycle compressors. If you are looking for consistency in temperature, durability, and noise reduction, you can go for Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressors model.

4. Cool Pad Technology

Almost all refrigerator models from both brands have this vital feature. It’s the gel plate inside the fridge that keeps items cool during power cuts. Both brands do equally well when it comes to this vital feature.

5. Build and Design

Both brands offer exceptional engineering. A pro tip would be to go for German Steel. German steel is extremely durable and comes with a classy look as well. For example, Whirlpool’s 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator(FP 263D Protton Roy, Alpha Steel) is a good model if external quality and style along with optimum functionality are what you are looking for.

Whirlpool vs Samsung - Best Looking Refrigerator Model in India

6. Price

Both brands offer respectable prices based on the features and size of the refrigerator models. Pro tip- Wait for sales as both brands offer seasonal discounts on Amazon.


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7. Customer Support

Due to the massive size of both the brands, getting in touch with their repair experts is very easy. They also have an instant response policy when it comes to answering customer complaints. So, consumers needn’t worry about that.


Samsung & Whirlpool – Top Models

1. Single Door – Samsung RR19N1Y12RZ/HL / RR19R2Y12RZ/NL

This 192-litre capacity model from Samsung is definitely one of the best single door refrigerators in the market at the moment. The unit comes with an aesthetic bar handle that complements its charming crown design.

Samsung vs Whirlpool Single Door Fridge

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It has hardened glass shelves that can bear loads of 150 kg thus allowing ample flexibility. Capable of enduring high-voltage fluctuations. It doesn’t have a stabilizer because the refrigerator unit doesn’t need one to function efficiently.

Pros of this model:

  • Attractive and classy look
  • The toughened glass shelves are durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a child lock facility
  • Excellent storage space. The best amongst all 192-litre single door refrigerator models.
  • Anti-bacterial gaskets for preventing the entry and accumulation of fungi/bacteria inside the fridge.
  • Easy installation

Cons of this model

  • 2-star energy rating

The compressor only has a 4-year warranty, whereas you can get a 5+ warranty on other models

After doing a lot of comparisons I picked this model as the best medium-sized, single door, direct cool, and budget-friendly model. It is a good long-term investment for users.


2. Double Door – Cool Illusia

This is a compact unit from Whirlpool. With a capacity of 265 litres, this smart refrigerator comes with Whirlpool’s interesting 6th-Sense Deep-Freeze Technology.

This unit has a special Fresh Flow air tower that keeps the vegetables fresh. Along with that, the Vegetable Crisper technology in this unit makes it a very good buy for healthy eaters. The hardened glass shelves can bear big loads.

Whirlpool vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerator Comparison

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Pros of this model –

  • Comes with a special reciprocator compressor that helps in self-maintenance
  • Vegetable Crisper preserves the freshness of the contents of the fridge
  • Comes with an in-built stabilizer.
  • Uniform cooling thanks to the unique Fresh Flow Air tower
  • 6th Sense Deep-Freeze Technology – reaches coldest temperatures with minimum energy consumption
  • Flexi-vents on the unit enables the free flow of air into the trays making getting rid of stale smell very easy
  • Comes with Ice Twisters

Cons of this model

  • The freezer compartment does not have light

Since there are so many two-door models to choose from, it was a difficult pick. However, this model from Whirlpool is not only satisfactory in terms of its features, but the amazing customer and technician support I received when installing the product also made my purchase experience all the more pleasant. At a price range of 17,000-19,000 INR, this model is definitely one to look out for.


3. Convertible – Samsung RT28R3744S8/HL

This Samsung model is amazing. With a storage capacity of over 250 litres, it has frost-free defrosting and a stellar 4-star energy efficiency rating.

Samsung RT28M3424S8 Fridge Review

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Pros of this product –

  • More than sufficient storage capacity for a family of six.
  • Convertible Design for an added storage facility.
  • Convert the freezer to a normal section to get up to 90 litres of added space
  • LED lights
  • Door Alarm
  • The hardened glass shelves can bear big loads.
  • Moist Fresh zone to preserve fruits and vegetables for longer amounts of time.
  • Big Bottle Guard to store tall glass bottles
  • Movable ice maker
  • Digital Display
  • Finger touch control panel
  • Amazing twisted ice-dispensing process
  • Uses Digital Inverter technology for all-round cleaning
  • 4-star energy efficiency rating

With an average annual power consumption of fewer than 190 units, it is the ultimate product. Modern, sleek and feature-heavy, this model priced around 25,000 INR is an amazing purchase.

After closely assessing the features of some of the top refrigerators from Whirlpool and Samsung, it is clear that both brands are amazing at manufacturing smartly designed cooling units that advance the industry. As a consumer, you will feel spoilt for choice, so closely assess all features before buying your dream refrigerator.

So, this brings me to the end of my review of Whirlpool vs Samsung Refrigerator in India. I hope I was able to help you select the right model for your home. Which one did you decide to opt for? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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