Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra vs DeepClean vs Bloomwash PRO Washing Machines - A detailed Comparison & Review

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra vs DeepClean vs Bloomwash PRO

If you planning on buying a top-loading washing machine in India, Whirlpool will surely be amongst the top brands in your mind. Various Stainwash, as well as Boomwash models, regularly feature in the top seller’s list online. Hence, I decided to compare Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra vs DeepClean vs Bloomwash PRO, to help you select the right model for your home.


Summary: Which one to Buy?

If you wish to directly jump into my recommendations, then this is the section for you. After comparing all the model and their multiple variations, I feel, this model offers the best value for money for Indian consumers.

This machine is ideal for a family for 4 people & is durable. It also comes with some essential features like a built-in heater and ability to wash clothes even using hard/borewell water.

The same model is also available on Flipkart, so do remember to click here to compare prices on both website before clicking on the buy now button.

Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Washing Machine Review

However, if budget is not a concern then this model by Whirlpool is also a good option. It has a more premium finish and better build quality.


Stainwash Ultra vs DeepClean vs Bloomwash PRO

I will now begin with my comparison of these three product ranges by Whirlpool.

p.s. – Do keep in mind that each of these product ranges has multiple models. For example, the Bloomwash Pro is available in four different variations.

However, do not worry. I have done a detailed analysis of all these model and will be giving you the pros and cons of each of them below.

Comparison Table
Feature Stainwash DeepClean Stainwash Ultra Bloomwash Pro
Wash Capacity 7.5 Kg 6.2, 6.5 & 7.5 Kg Variations 6.5, 7, 7.5 & 9.5 Kg Variations
Heater No Yes Both Models (With & Without)
Cleaning 6th SENSE Technology 6th SENSE Technology 6th SENSE Technology
Express Wash Yes Yes Yes
Stains Removes upto 10 tough Stains Removes upto 25 tough Stains Removes upto 40 tough Stains
Hard Water Can wash cloths in Hard Water Can wash cloths in Hard Water Can wash cloths in Hard Water
Lid Regular Soft Close Lid Soft Close Lid
Drum Steel Steel Steel
Warranty 10 Years on Motor & Wash Plate 10 Years on Motor & Wash Plate 3 Years Comprehensive, 10 Years on Motor


Differences between the 3 Models

You would have already gotten a fair bit of idea on which machine is the right buy for your home. However, I will make it even easier for you to choose in the section below.

I will be detailing out the key differences as different points below:

  • As you would have already noticed, the Stainwash Deep Clean is the most basic of the three products at hand by Whirlpool.
  • It does not come with an inbuilt heater and does not have any other fancy features like a soft closing lid.
  • However, because of all this, it is also the cheapest of the three machines in question.
  • Stainwash Ultra, on the other hand, has the most number of choices (in terms of number of variations available for sale)
  • Ultra also offers the best value in all the three machines. It is economical but also comes with advanced cleaning features and in-built heater.
  • Bloomwash Pro is a good option for people looking for a washing machine with a premium look and functionality. It has the most advanced features amongst all the three models in question.

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Who Should Buy Stainwash DeepClean?

Bachelors or couples who are looking to buy a budget washing machine. This is a really good buy for someone wanting to buy a fully automatic washing machine on a really tight budget.

Whirlpool Stainwash Deepclean Review

Check Latest Price & More User Reviews – Amazon India 

Even though I say this is a budget buy but it will take care of all your regular wash needs. It comes equipped with 12 different wash cycles for different types of clothes. To get an overview of these cycles and other features of deep clean, do make sure to watch the video below.


Who Should Buy Stainwash Ultra?

If you have a decent budget, you should surely opt for Stainwash Ultra. This model is available in various wash capacities and you can choose one based on the size of your family and your washing needs.

Built quality and wash quality, both, are much better compared to Stainwash Deepclean Above.

I recommend, most people should opt for this model. Check Latest Price on Flipkart.

Watch the video below for a closer look at this model and also understand various wash programs.


Who Should Buy 360 Bloomwash Pro?

This is the most expensive model of the three but also washes the clothes most thoroughly. If you are looking for a premium-looking top load washing machine, then you should surely opt for this machine.

This model also offers the most wash capacity (one of the variations) amongst all three. So, if you have a large family (5+ members), then buying this machine will help you avoid running multiple wash cycles in a day.

To see the machine in action and understand all the features, watch the video below.


This brings me to the end of my review comparing Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra vs DeepClean vs Bloomwash PRO. I hope I was able to help you select the right washing machine model for your home. If not, do read this article on Best Washing Machines to Buy in India and it will surely help you.

So, which one did you decide to buy? Do you have any further questions or just want to leave me a message. Use the comments section below and I surely respond at the earliest.




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