IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg Review

IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Smart Touch 8 KG – Review & Price in India

This review post will be comparing IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Smart Touch. Both these washing machines have a load capacity of 8 KGs. The Senator Aqua SX is a more traditional looking washing machine and also one of IFBs top selling washing machine online. The Senator Smart Touch 8 Kg, on the other hand, is a modern looking washing machine which is still new to the market.



Both the washing machines are unique in their own way. For most people, IFB Senator Aqua SX will suit their requirements. The price is lower compared to the Senator Smart Touch. However, users who love the latest technology would love to get the new model.  Smart touch has some really smart features which I would be discussing later in the review.

Before you proceed with the article, I strongly suggest you go through some of the user’s reviews too, this will help you relate better to the review

Read User Reviews here –  Senator Aqua SX  |  Senator Smart Touch


IFB Senator Aqua SX Review:

The IFB Senator Aqua SX has an 8 KG load capacity and is ideal for a family of around 4 people. The washing machine comes with a load of features and functionalities. These features are more than enough to take care of you daily and special laundry needs.

IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg Review

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Key Features and Highlights:

  • The washing machine has an amazing dryer speed of 1400 RPM. This really helps during the monsoons, when you struggle to get your clothes dry.
  • The product has over 100 wash cycles (Possible due to a combination of various temperature, RPM and wash cycle setting you can select). This I feel is a bit of an overkill. I don’t think anyone who has bought this washing machine ever has used all the possible combinations.
  • However, this does give you an option to play around with the wash cycles and shortlist a few that work the best for you.
  • IFB machines are really good with delicate wash cycles. They have multiple features/options that take care of your delicate clothes. They have a couple wash cycles specially built in for the same.
  • One more distinguishing feature of this washing machine is the use of a large LCD screen. You can easily see the program selected, time left for the wash cycle to finish etc

The demo video below by Flipkart will give you a better look at the product and also explain few features of Senator Aqua SX.


IFB technologies used in this washing machine:

  • Air Bubble Wash System – This system forms multiple air bubbles during the wash cycle. This helps the detergent to get pushed into the fabric and release the dirt. This gives you a better wash quality without the need for a rigorous wash mechanism.
  • 3D Wash System  – A special nozzle system is built into the Senator Aqua. This helps circular the water 360° inside the wash drum. This gives better quality rinse.
  • Aqua Energie –  IFB washing machines have a special Aqua Energie technology which reduces the impact of hard water. If you do get hard water at your home, this feature will be very useful for you. If needed, you can read more about washing machine & softners for hard water in India.


Cons of Senator Aqua SX:

This is where your reading about the user reviews will help you. If you haven’t gone through them yet. Do read spend some time reading them.

The IFB washing machines are really good. They perform well and the built quality is excellent. However, they seriously lag behind their competitors like LG in the department of customer service. However, I must admit that the problem is acute in a few cities.

If you are concerned about their customer service, you can select a machine using the reviews below:



IFB Senator Smart Touch Review:

The design of the washing machine is what catches your eye as you as you look at  Senator Smart Touch washing machine.

ifb senator smart touch 8 kg review

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This model has almost all the features I discussed above. It additionally has a few more options for its users. They are listed down below:

  1. You would have noticed that this washing machine does not have its buttons and knobs on the front side like most machines. Instead, the smart touch panel is on the top of the machine, so do not have to bend down while setting your wash cycle.IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Senator Smart Touch 8 KG
  2. The washing machine also features a light inside the wash tub and a smart weight sensor.
  3. You need to feed in your regular wash cycles. This washing machine has an option to repeat wash programs used in the past.
  4. Lastly, if you would have a pet at home, you would appreciate the hair removal wash cycle. This wash cycle not only removes pet hairs from your clothes but also makes them hygienic.

Have a look at the detailed demo videos by IFB showcasing Senator Smart Touch and its features.




Cons of Senator Smart Touch:

Apart from the service issue I highlighted above, the door of this particular model does not open fully. This might be a concern for a few users. You can see the door in action in the video above.


Conclusion: IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Smart Touch

IFB Senator Smart Touch  – Users who love to the use the latest technology and don’t mind spending some extra for the same, can surely for this machine. The machine really looks good and has some innovative features.

IFB Senator Aqua SX – Most users who would like to value for their money, can for this model. This is one of the best selling IFB washing machines online. This should also give you the additional confidence in the quality of this product.


I hope this review of IFB Senator washing machines helped you make your purchase decision easier. If you have any further questions, do leave me a comment below.


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